• I know smurfing is bannable as I have been banned before and I’m not looking for an appeal. I am just wondering because even the admins that do the banning cannot tell me to join a regular server because all of them are dead. If the server isn’t dead, they are either in Russia or Denmark or somewhere else with 150+ ping. I just want to know how I am supposed to enjoy the game anymore if I can’t even play it. I don’t go on low rank servers to destroy them, I just want to play the game. I know I’m not going to get any justice here and will probably be threatened with another game ban just for making this post but it doesn’t matter. I love playing chivalry and I have gotten very good at it; I enjoy being able to play the game I’ve sunk countless hours into and no one has a problem with that except the admins. If anything I would just ask for some leniency in the smurfing situation because I can no longer even find one regular server that consistently has a population and plays the game mode I enjoy. Thank you Torn Banner for the game, but the admins are ruining it for the few of us who still enjoy playing.

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    I would say that smurfs are ruining the game, especially since you ruin the game for new players, dont complain about us removing smurfs by making it sound like you are the victim. Try to think about other players too and not only about yourself.

  • @homelesslenk I personally don’t agree with you. I don’t go into games trying to ruin it for lower levels. But keep thinking that that is every smurf in the game. Sorry you feel that way but it’s just not the truth.

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