Nevermind we aint droppin anywhere bois

  • Well big rip to Chivalry I just saw that it got removed from PS4 and Xbox One libraries so Ima make a list of people I truly miss

    • | Kauser | aka Kooser
    • Winged Hauser aka Wing-ed Hooser
    • BigOlBoozeHound now known as “I call the herd”
    • RefugeeRecall aka by my different names
    • ShiWongDi
    • ATOM Kyle (Atiem Kylie)
    • ATOM Homura (Atiem Haeomurea)
    • GoW Whatever the fuck kids name was aka the “King of Chivalry”
    • Everybody in fake ATOM
    • GeneralGatelo aka Gelato
    • SP4CE C4K3
    • Sandwich Clan
    • Xylophone555
    • The EU Syndicate Team
    • Moleyrobinson aka Moldynipples

    If I missed your name then my bad its been a good 1-2 years since I hopped on

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