Official admins doing a poor job.

  • Ever so often you see people breaking the official rules, Votekick abuse, Racism, People clutching the server full with friends (Leading to a monopoly on the vote)(I have been asked countless of times by people to vote yes on a votekick because they dont like the person).
    You never see a official admin on the servers and when you do they do absolutly nothing, While inocent things are getting punished.

    Suchs thing i had as of recently, I got banned for a certain amount of time by a official admin for using exploits (double jump with the shield).
    It was a unreasonable ban for the following reasons. It was a free for all server, The double jump wasnt used to get into the spawn all i did was jump on a wall being passive waiting for the round to finish since the map that was currently on gives me issues with fps (dropping when animations play for no apparant reason) I got a warning for basicly nothing and later got banned yet again for basicly nothing (The admin has made a record you can judge it your selfs). The irony about this was a person doing a votekick for no reason as well there where people with high pings also did i mention somone was using the N word consistantly on a other server (evidence for it), The admin does nothing. I guess having a person just pasivly standing weighs much more then the other 3 things i mentioned prior.

    This is not something that happens rarely no this is something you see far to often. Its as if the official admins simply dont care and only act whenever it suits them or wether friends ask them (Common practice as well), For the years i have played chivalry medieval warfare i have seen this for far to many times.

    Alli can say is get your shit together focus on the things that matter and most importantly be active, If you guys cant do it get others that can.

    Greetings Zany

  • Yes but unknown to you the admins get around to the others eventually, it’s not like csgo tbh they ban swiftly 80k sometimes at once. Also you don’t know what is in the pipeline tbh or who is next for the ban as it’s a uniform process
    I do believe voted by a panel plus evidence is usually with depth and gathered over time so comments as they do a bad
    job are very thin as you don’t see the entire picture of the work they do as a unit behind the scenes imo.

  • The onces getting banned are the onces getting reported (Often by friends) or are a known name in the community. You dont see many admins if any at all actually moderating the servers, Wich is a huge issue.

  • Well these things happen when you consider using an exploit as “normal”. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish here, only after being caught yourself you are trying to divert the attention to others. Did you report the other rulebreakers to the admin and submitted evidence? (problaby not) I know I would, but you problaby would call me a friend of an admin. Not that it makes a difference because an admin would take any report serious if its backed up with evidence.

    You know, you could make the admins task a lot simpler if you didnt distract them by using exploits or doing other things that arent allowed. Let them focus on what matters by behaving yourself.



  • I actualy did dymus, Though per usual admins are not active.
    So inactive that i get sometimes asked for aid instead…

    And the point im making is how come they are so draconian if somone double jumps onto a fence bothering no one, While a lot of shit is consistently happening on team based servers and nothing is being done about that heck at that very moment i got a ban there where people on that very server abusing the votekick system as well pioneering high pings (Yet again i guess somone just standing is fastly more important then dsyncs ruining the gameplay for all and the likely hood of a false kick succeeding getting people kicked unjustified) Where is the action then?.
    Please dont pretend that they take up action because they dont, If they did how come i see those offences done by the same people for years in a row? Incredibly high team dmg by the same people over and over people staling lts matches by roleplaying to the very end (since you are a friend of catbug) thats the admin that is supposed to moderate those servers… Not once have i seen him putting an end to it.

    Doesnt tornbanner have anyone of their own staf watching the behavior of the admins? If not they should clearly this isnt working. And i can ensure you most of the community would agree upon this.

  • Also to clarify.

    I have my own servers in of it selfs the official admins realy couldnt bother me as im more on those then the official onces.

    This post is made simply because of others now this happens to me and this happens and has happened many times to others.
    Admins doing nothing about the real issues and as it seems just kick/ban those for toxic reasons (If that wasnt the reason the admin that banned me would have a hard time explaining of why he let those other matters slide wich did affect the people on the server).

    Again just get your shit together focus on the matters people complaining about everyone would have a much greater time in the game we all love.

  • I usually don’t reply to posts like this but I’ll make another exception to clarify some things to the people reading this thread.

    You have received a global ban as of today and are no longer welcome on the Official servers. This was not just the exploits, but also the toxic ingame behavior and mapvote abuse. When you have already been global banned in the past you should be extra careful not to break the rules and let’s be honest; it’s really easy to play by the rules!

    Instead of taking responsibility for your actions you decided to blame it on the admins and other players. We do our best to catch all rule breakers but without the help of the community it’s just a lot of work. Just throwing “admins aren’t active” in the air while we’ve rarely seen you post anything in the steam admin chat is no excuse to break the rules yourself.

    If you see others break the rules and don’t report it, you only have yourself to blame if you see them do it day after day. If you break the rules and someone reports it, you have yourself to blame. Stop blaming other players and take some responsibility.

    Everyone who knows me can tell you I don’t allow teamdamage done on purpose by anyone, not by friends, not by other admins and not by developers. I can’t end roleplay on servers as it is not against the rules and also hard to moderate if it was. We take every report seriously on the admin chat but you have to report before we can act, it’s not that hard. I can find no truth in any claims you make regarding me not taking action on rulebreakers, of all the players you should know.

    Side note, we help new admins do the right thing and teach them how to moderate the servers. It won’t be perfect at the start but that is also no excuse for you to blame others.

  • 0_1547939954631_35d4c3db-6a9e-4834-823f-6cc80760956b-image.png

    Yea sure you are mate ^,
    So now im globally banned huh? Based on what. You just made extraordinary claims well you need a whole lot of evidence for that but only further my point.
    You get criticism and boom a ban this is what you guys do not fit for admins what so ever, I would like this to be forwarded to one of the dev, And lets see what they have to say about this.

  • and btw about the points i made earlier for that ban.
    I can do this all day long if i need to, My claims are not based out of thin air.


  • 0_1547940824493_dca6d3cf-a2e7-4d64-9c4f-d133671906e5-image.png
    Literally never have there been taken actions. Doesn’t matter what admin you contact they never come, And sure im getting globally banned again. Toxic behavior well thats very interesting im not known for being toxic sure i complain about team damage alot but what does this even mean if you guys know i complain about it than that means you where there when it happens yet you do absolutely nothing about it…

  • So yea @CATBUG Seems you are the one now flat out lying there is evidence that i indeed did report people, And also evidence that admins arnt doing anything about it regardless if you send video proof or screen shots.
    I would be by no means now in the wrong to miss trust your claims about toxic behavior vote exploits.

  • Admins: Youtube

    they do what they can and they need more evidences to take actions, you can help reporting people with videos/screenshots, recording videos helps more

  • They dont, Just look at this. I just got a global ban.
    If evidence is what they need than i wouldn’t have been banned.

    Toxic behavior i never insult people in game, The only time they could use this against me is when i play with a few friends and call them nerds, Thats literaly the only time they could say about me being toxic (even though are just friends mocking eachother).
    Same goose for the excuse exploiting map votes, I never start votes at max once a month this is not even a joke i literaly dont vote, Chiv voting system is rigged, If somone is lmbing (slashing absolutly anoying especialy when you see these people played well over 1000 hours and should know that lmbing while team mates are around is a very very bad idea) you consistantly doing high team dmg but plays with like 7 friends on the server the vote wouldn’t pass so i decide to let it go all together.

    The so called evidence they could muster up would be less then 10 seconds on content.

    So no i dont think thats a validation at all.

  • Before you got your first global ban you:

    • Teamdamaged other players on purpose
    • Used discriminatory language “because others were doing it too”
    • Abused the votekick system
    • Used a VPN to play on an alt account
    • Threatened an admin (doxxing)

    You were not banned for the last offence but it’s worth mentioning to show what kind of player we are talking about here.
    After you appealed we gave you an unban, you promised us:

    “If i were given a second chance i will ensure that i will follow the rules and if there are any sort of activities happening on the official servers which go against the rules i will inform a admin instead of taking matters in my own hands.”

    After this second chance you went on doing the following:

    • You were flaming at players for wearing peasant hats
    • Abusing mapvote, voting other gamemodes on TO server
    • Using exploits, double jump to places you normally cannot reach

    This should not be the behavior of someone who is on the end of his rope. To address your other points:

    1. I obviously can’t see reports you do NOT submit to the reports only channel you are already in. Those screenshots are from private chats and not from the report channel. The report you screenshotted that is in the reports channel is not your report but Gins’. You cannot blame the entire admin group for not taking action if you do not report to them in the report channel, you are already in it, all you had to do was post!
    2. You received a global ban before I read this post, this post has nothing to do with your ban and we can use all criticism we can get but it has to be well-grounded.
    3. You are still blaming everyone else, still not taking responsibility.

    This will be my last post here as we are just going around in circles, I wish you the best on your own server.

  • Catbug, All i can say evidence.

    Flaming players wearing peasant hats yet again only once i have done this to a none friend of mine. Also was something absolutely innocent. Something around the lines of Look at this fake peasant hat wearer, Incase you dont know people won peasant hats for winning tournaments the better players compete with eachother wearing a peasant hat is asking for comments, And by no means was it meant in harmful ways.
    1 map vote abuse, You literally only have 1 screen shot of me voting for duelyard (Also take in consideration what i said after that vote + how people where spamming map votes i think was 7 votes in a row) Something around the lines “oow i dint know that was a thing”, I voted for it for the memes i dint know that you actually could vote for duelyard.
    Fun part is the so called map vote abuse since you guys are very capable to moderate servers. Is so easy to fix have a TO server delete all the none TO maps ez pz people cant vote for that but will give you guys 10 more years see if you figure it out (Probably Not).
    Double jump yet again one other 1 time event, and once again a innocent one, I just double jumped onto a fence as well a flower pot, Unreachable you say? Wrong people could easely reach me with out the need of double jumps.

    So here we go, 3 minor events in a time span of what? i think we are talking about a year here. You dont have a case and the reality behind my ban is simple toxic, You have real criticism not some random criticism but criticism about admins not doing their tasks which is actually happening.

    And because of that you slap the ban hammer, While all those other things being mentioned are happily ignored only furthering my point, Continue focusing on matters that dont matter and leave the matters that matter pass.


    1. I obviously can’t see reports you do NOT submit to the reports only channel you are already in. Those screenshots are from private chats and not from the report channel. The report you screenshotted that is in the reports channel is not your report but Gins’. You cannot blame the entire admin group for not taking action if you do not report to them in the report channel, you are already in it, all you had to do was post!

    Very active… People are waiting days for a report to be handled, You would have a excuse if this was a few years ago when all the servers where filled up, These days only a handful of servers are actually populated and should be by no means a difficult task to moderate, This would be if most of the admins are inactive which they arnt.

  • This post is deleted!

  • deleting my posts? i dont even have the right to comment anymore?? its more easy to perma ban my account in this forum

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well admittedly the points catbug mentioned about be are loosely based on truth, Though he makes it sound as if i do this regularly as well fails to mention the whole story.

    Here i was getting labeled as a racist, The story becomes fastly diffrent when you hear the full story the case he talks about is 2 friends calling eachother jews (Also a 1 time event about 2 years ago), Not once have we attacked anyone based on their race.
    As well he says that i deliberately team kill players, Fails to mention or recognize that those i team killed are those that team kill or harass players in the first place.

    The list goose on and on, And i have heard similar stories from other players also backed up with evidence. Common practice i assume.

    anyways this tread wasnt about me being banned, But about admins doing not what they are supposed to.

    Yet again reports not being handled for multiple days in a row…

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