Is CMW dead?

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    Did you say good chivalry players , meaning the tryhards of old running about at stupid high fovs in out combat dancing with roh spam and other scripted combat. There are very very few chivalry good players that don’t use such stuff at all
    let alone roh or abuse fovs. Do you really believe they will waste time playing or buying mordhau that is even more absurd .

    Its complicated to define a good chivalry player. I would say a good chivalry player is someone that knows what hes doing, Chivalry is a game that requires a calm mind as well fast reflexes to play on much higher levels of skill.
    (Calm mind to be able to read feints and parry slower attacks (Drags) fast reflexes to parry faster attacks suchs as reverse attacks or handle hits)
    A good chivalry player would have no trouble dealing with a dancer that spams reverse attacks (Consistantly playing the same style becomes predictable)
    The things you mention are balanced believe it or not. Having lets say high fov suchs as 160 fov has its pros and cons, Pro being more vision (Good for 1 v X) And a con feints become much harder to read. Most of these “Tryhards” play around 140 ~ 150 fov.
    Reverse attacks are good but only if somone is facehugging and when you do them rarely, If its get parried you can easely make them panic since well they cant see you, Having a little distance will also result in misses (Rip stamnia) all and all its not a good mechanic to use and thats why you also dont see them being used often by the better players.

    Its not a matter if i believe it or not, They will waste time playing mordhau, Most will and some already have.

    As for quote being good at by a good chivalry player that is rubbish also. Any hard core chivalry veteran excluding the generically weak ones described above will off course be excellent at mordhau against any other new player who buys it .

    I already said it indeed helps it will take a good Chivalry player less time to play Mordhau on a okay level however it will still take quite some time to become a good player, I have played mordhau i know this out of experiance while being good at Chivalry im by no means good at Mordhau but admitedly it wont take 1000 hours to reach the same kind of level in Mordhau as i have in Chivalry.

    Regarding new players the same goose for Chivalry now, There are many players with well over 3k hours this is a issue that will always exist, Me and i know many other “Tryhards” Will help new players to master at the very least the basics.

    as for adjusting to combat a chivalry veteran needs none. If your waffling on about a good chivalry player running into a mordhau tryhard of many I have seen already in various mordhau streams or videos then what do you expect as those
    plebians have already got 200 plus hours head start in mordhau even more. The ethos of good stocked veterans of quality
    such as myself won’t even buy or want mordhau at all as it has the same flaws already, 1 tryhard culture but from day one of purchase, 2 fov variences 3 third person and 4 op archers or ranged rubbish.
    I"ll wait until my own fps medieval game comes out as that will be of the highest AAA quality and class with no such
    pander to weak sub standard g eneric easy win fights wanted generations of acidic tryhards both games have atm.

    I dont know if you played mordhau but it seems not, Once you played it you will understand that there is alot changes in my view most notably the speed mordhau is quite slow phased compared to Chivalry (More preditable and footwork is significantly slower).
    Some people have much more then just 200 hours spend in mordhau as we speak, Though the game hours do not = Skill, Just as in chiv you have players with 7k hours yet some duelist that has only 800 hours would dominate over the one with 7k hours.

    You are not a veteran player, You may have spend alot of time in chiv but this wont make you a veteran (A soldier that has been cleaning toilets for 15 years isnt a veteran ether a soldier thats in the army for 5 years and gone to war is a veteran).
    Most veterans of Chivalry will if they already hanvt buy mordhau.
    Though i agree with you in someway, The onces i call “Tryhards” are those that actualy try and fail resulting in very toxic behavior we have seen them in Chivalry and will see them again in Mordhau im not a huge fan of that ether.

    I love Chivalry its a gem i hope TBS will give us a new title in the future something similar to what Chivalry Medieval Warfare is (Heck if you ask me they can just remake the game add some inprovements and ill buy it, Pretty sure many would).
    However thats not the case, As we speak Chivalry is a very old game the player base has shrinked alot and will continue todo so and i think its quite likely that it will die out once mordhau comes out.

  • Utter rubbish willi wonka dreamer that if mordhau comes out chivalry will just stop existing or die.
    Any developer team that can’t even grasp a simple concept as a christmas message to the community
    is just not worth an iota of my money . nb the Mord lot had no such qualms about no xmas messages in discord
    or spirit. Here is the big difference TB has stock and backing while Mord hasn’t. that kind of oversight as no christmas
    spirit or community comms at that time, let alone interaction can be very costly esp if they have no prior games or Stock
    ( funds in a nestegg to just learn and start over at cost )… This mord lot won’t get another bite of apple esp as even now
    in its test stages I read servers all over are empty so the future is not bright at all unlike Chivalry and any sequel they make aye.

  • @wilt So players who use high fovs gain a LOT of vantage?? i mean the best it the best just because he use 150 155 160 170 Fov?

  • And the pass time of the veterans they train a LOT just for destroyng new players gameplay? i mean you are a veteran in a TO server, then a rank 10 crosses your way you will rekt him? or just let he kills you and your 120391923 hours of gaming because you cant “destroy a new player experience”? … its a skill based game a guy who spend more hours than you training he WILL be BETTER than you if you cant accept that then you are some kind of VERY spoiled child

  • I rarely warm up infact not at all also reking players is not my thing of any rank tbh. Secondly fov is a key feature
    what players want in any medieval future e-sports is level playing field. ie a fov 90 to 105 fighting a 130 up to 160
    is infact two entirely different games. As a player walks on a tiny part of map to find himself blocked at a wall say
    then a 150 fov player is not only blocked but seems to dance circles around him lel.

    Best example is go check csgo. set locked fovs and settings . players face off on equal playing fields. no scripted combat
    or rocket jumps or stupid fovs set higher to make you strafe run faster as that is perceived but still works to those players.
    to a fov lower of 20 or more your movement and other stuff seems very out of snyc and why should a few config changes
    effect the level playing field. Csgo has 630k players every night now based on level playing field , set fovs , configs.

    if you chuck a fov scale from 90 to 200 followed by 3rd person option also it would just fade out with its player base as
    has Chivalry. From what I understood mordhau initially was going to be a level field but turns out to have fov slider?
    plus 3rd person. Meaning any e-sports medieval scene is a non starter.

    Lastly by eg in ctf mode say the most or used to be successful esports type, fov and config limits got brought into
    play simply because of unfair advantages of so many variations of configs ie fovs not locked at one for all plus
    rates packets etc. This also explains when your on chivalry in a game that so many variations on configs
    actually puts more workload on the server. hence they can lag or seem to , opponents are out of sync
    gaming servers used to operate best at set locked player configs. it only takes 2 players to join a server at
    unusual fov/ settings, rates packets or even intentionally wifi toggle rejoins in combat as then the server has to
    compensate for that and it can effect an entire server and other players in just half a map.

    level playing field is what players want and when that basic thing is not provided they move on to other games.
    lastly not to publish here but some time ago to settle a point while arguing with a player of another fps type of game.
    I provided a specific config of weapon settings and other config settings and they returned afterward saying
    not only did they emerge the clear winner of a ffa on a server but infact whey at console of that game was typed
    ‘’ topshots ‘’ it displayed each weapons stats on that game. They got a shock to see their names in all weapon
    topshots . This proved beyond doubt to them and many others that configs shouldn’t be allowed to give such
    a game changing advantage to any player, esp those will lower skills.

    This basic concept is what has been missing from medieval games hoping to clime any esports or solid playerbase
    hence the esports never gets started and playerbases simply pitter away . Do you really think a player appreciates
    his foe coming up to him and basically running a figure 8 around him as if on skates at speed go check all those
    really stretched arms in chivalry and barely viewable maps through the extreme fov perspective then try to see what
    an earth he looks like through a player of lower say 105 fov or any 30 plus lower fov. Completely different games .

    I have seen entire clans kicked out of comps for fov abuse. when it was found out they infact had 300 fovs throughout the team. Much to the shock and horror of the other teams and organisers. they slaughtered all established sides so
    after discovering why they got turfed out of all leagues. nb pro fps ctf leagues.

    What medieval gamer’s want is a level playing field in the game they play esp in melee combat
    go check csgo any day of week even off peak 230k players peak 630k or any other fps game with set configs and fovs
    your find the same a stable player base of contented folk. At the present medieval games that we like Chiv , Mord
    doesn’t provide that so don’ t be shocked to find a year down the line an 8th or less players online playing or just none.

  • @wilt
    You havnt mentioned any real issue.

    Adjusting the fov is the last problem that this game has, increased fov doesnt give much of a advantage its a double edged blade, Higher more vision + hard to read feints (as the game appears to be much faster).
    Fov doesnt make someone good like magic, Time and practice does for all those that play at 140 or higher fov they would perform good on 120 (cap of the slider) fov as well.

    3e person isnt all that bad ether again a double edged blade, 3 person gives more vision but the cross section isnt centered making it less accurate (its also disabled at competitive scenes).
    300 fov is inaccurate you start getting bad artifacts at about 165 fov (Camera turns upside down while zooming in and out making the game unplayable).

    The reasons you mention has alot more todo with the players individuals skill then the game.
    I mean no offence wilt, I know you and you are a good lad but you are not a skilled player just stop complaining about the game mechanics when it is you that is just not good enough to keep track to what is happening.

    Real issue that this game has are dysncs and a few exploits (stun skipping with shield). That are things that truly destroy the gameplay.

  • Actually very wrong idd.You seem to have no gaming experience in other games but a tunnel vision chivalry.
    fov and other config variations make a big difference in comp games. If you read my post prior it cited other games
    with the issues they closed off. Also having seen you play myself I rarely wanted to get into a fight with some dancing
    clown van or any class fov dancer in a t/o so tend to avoid putting them down unless they come at me ott.

    Not only do i keep track of what is happening but rare as it is am a player using solid standard combat
    who can read any event or trick or roh, also a thorough understanding of all game mechanics to boot.
    Do you really think some 160 plus rank 58 dancing in out of combat relying on roh spam, faster swords
    longer range plus some out of snyc skullduggery winning most games simply due to that , banned also I add
    could even dispute a true highly skill veteran such as myself on any tech field or playing field.

    What ever inflated rubbish you smoking just go back to it. Enjoy your ban plus the next time we meet if ever in combat
    you won’t even be a player worth my time to kill or even say hi to aye.

    7 yrs as knight only btw solid indepth understanding of game and its mechs. with more many many screenshots of first place in t/o or ffa just rarely uploaded to seek or impress others. If you peruse some of uploaded ones I do sometimes
    upload one or two first place clearly saying in caption purely for the stats. even with hardcore servers full of vets I upload them sometimes for the stats. If you was banned for glitching jumping whatever then it follows you also used glitch stuff in combat and often as all do seeking to perfect glitches be that jumping or fighting , tryhards way tbh

  • @wilt
    Regarding experience in other games, I have played multiple title on competitive levels, shuchs as battlefield, Quake blacklight, war of the roses to just name a few.
    You name first person shooters Chivalry is a hack and slasher you cant compare counter strike with it that are 2 entirely different games (Btw since i also played FPS they also allowed to adjust fov and also there it doesnt make a big diffrence just as chiv a double edge blade).

    Can you please explain me in full what the “standard” moves are?

    “dancing clown van or any class fov dancer” Yes i can effortlessly doge attacks its my trade, This has nothing todo with scripts macros or fov i just spend alot of time to improving. PS i dint use a higher fov then 120 fov only since a half year ago i swapped over to 145 well before that i already could do these things :P.

    “Do you really think some 160 plus rank 58 dancing in out of combat relying on roh spam, faster swords
    longer range plus some out of snyc skullduggery winning most games simply due to that”

    Nope there are plenty people that use this play style and are not good at all.

    “7 yrs as knight only btw solid indepth understanding of game and its mechs”
    Clearly you dont otherwise you would have been able to handle it.

    “used glitch stuff in combat and often as all do seeking to perfect glitches be that jumping or fighting , tryhards way tbh”
    Nope, I did glitch but not to give a advantage i just jumped onto some obstacles (Reachable) in a ffa server just chilling.

    People getting banned is a whole other topic, I know what im about to say the admins will not like.
    Admins handle things on emotions not by set protocols.
    The admin that recorded me doing a double jump, Allows players to get into glitches within the map as archer shooting people (Actual exploit that gives a advantage).
    My case and im sure there are others, Was just a ban because of feelings not so much about the actual offence being done, If that where how things would have been handled (Protocols) you would have found your self’s banned as well wilt, After all 9/10 times you are on a server is you complaining and accusing people for “Tryhards” “Scripts users” “Exploiters” Just as you do here, Quite a toxic fibe you are giving.

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    Silence and more respect to the real daddy


  • you know the real Lucifer treponema the KING and ask who??

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    you know the real Lucifer treponema the KING and ask who??

    king of what?

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