SkillzThatKillz and Radzig harassing me

  • I play ffa with my buds and they just join to kill me 0_1549846032244_20190210161138_1.jpg The line i joined i seen u here 0_1549846083284_20190210161108_1.jpg Calling my friend a s*x slave 0_1549846123503_20190210162826_1.jpg Radzig also said i have down syndrome 0_1549846180019_20190210162631_1.jpg 0_1549846237580_20190210161423_1.jpg I am tired by constantly being harassed by these people and would not like to see them ever again.

  • That’s how it is but be assured admins always get them in the end. Let alone that hacked rank levels I suspect.
    recalls myself being stalked harrassed many times just for beating a player posturing his toon moves rank 85
    level hacker also. It’s fair to say not all caught banned plebs op don’t even make an appeal but take comfort
    in knowing they will be on this players trail and conduct .

  • Now he changed his username in-game and became a neo-nazi 0_1550021249026_74cfe8b8-9849-47f5-8d8f-614a8f1e9c44-image.png 0_1550021316085_90466b37-6853-4520-9e0e-d6f833d277d0-image.png

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