Cheaters caught using clumsy.exe

  • For the past couple weeks I have been recording what I suspect to be cheaters. I would really like for an official torn banner member or developer to look at my evidence. Clumsy Cheaters

  • Apart from the fact I know so many tryhards I have reported the packet scripts toggles for years at least 3 back
    sometimes aired in private chats to players and admins. Even going back to soldier and eternals with videos.
    seemingly out of snyc packets esp as they are on the board to lose a fight , toggle break wifi or any packet
    interupt. Having seen it back in quake 3 days of old with players coming in with pings 200 plus seemingly
    playing like pro gamers on a ping of 50 or visa versa if losing so its not new to me. , even videos showing players
    freeze up for seconds in fights they are fighting due to them packet script toggle manipulating but I wouldn’t get

    your hopes up anything will be done in this game but who knows what they release next might have more easily
    detectable things. Some players such as myself have always spotted them in close combat very fast but I am not
    digging up my old videos sent to admins of such stuff from 2 plus year’s ago now burried on hard disks here atm.

    TB if it choosed can resort to a undisclosed deeper look at said players ruining this game for years by this system
    with perhaps an outcome they deserve who knows. gl

  • Thanks, and yeah I don’t have a lot of hope for a patch that will auto kick or ban people, although that’s what I would like to see (If at all even possible). But with these players I would settle for an IP ban.

  • Off course another clue is as they use this stuff they also mid battle manage to pull of 3 plus or more chat lines
    from the toggle chat menu. The odd line on a bind is possible as in other games but many lines means it gives them
    time to spam more voice chats in fights as part of the all round package. The full monty as they say.
    i don’t use the chat thing but its a menu with 9 lines per class you can pick from so definitely gives the clue
    they are up to no good combined with ops mentioned clumsy.

  • Ty for report. You’re a bit off the money on most of them but two are toggling for sure: - micgeor / Rebadeaux is the same account

  • @Roag oops here .so only two? or only two that use it toggle it on and off. Because I am pretty sure that jack, yellowblood, flann are 100% using it. as well as rebadeaux and john rambo. blackknight, and oni raven are subtle but still use it with a lower ms rate and islamallah46 does a blatant glitch that only happens when you use it, moving in pose. I think you need to actually test this exploit yourself before you say I am wrong, and if you have then you must see how clearly the animations and movements appear break the turn cap speed and the movement speed, but don’t worry because I have sent an email to the developers who can professionally look at it instead.

  • @Roag said in Cheaters caught using clumsy.exe:

    Ty for report. You’re a bit off the money on most of them but two are toggling for sure:

    just look at this attack jack does o_o

  • Yes, I’m certain - there’s only two in the video. Redab isn’t cheating either.

    Devs don’t really know what they’re looking at when it comes to this kinda stuff, it’s left for us to deal with, I assure you I do know what is normal and what isn’t.

  • You clearly don’t.
    flann isn’t cheating? jack isn’t cheating? yellowblood? blackknight? it’s so obvious. rebad can out run people chasing him and he doesn’t cheat? flann teleports all over the place because he set it too high, jack and yellowblood appear to break the turn cap and attack speeds on multiple occasions. and blacknight kills and hits people out of range.
    You clearly don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t if you can’t see these cheats. You are only level 40 something. I have 4k hours in this game. If you can’t see these cheats it’s because of that reason. And I’m sure if the someone took their time to analyze the debug numbers it would be proof. IF you wont do anything about the others I suggest you watch them closely because I would bet my house they all cheat.

  • @Roag oh and fyi, the cheat itself isn’t called toggling, that’s when players refer to turning it on and off ;C

  • I’ve played the game for 4k hours over a few accounts, over half of which was competitive. There is a difference between the turncap breaking and bad internet/wifi than using clumsy, granted it isn’t always cut and dry.

    I’m not going to try and convince you that I know what I’m looking at as you seem to assume you know more, despite the fact that most of the players you’ve accused here are not cheating. Thanks for your report.

  • What then is the difference between bad internet and clumsy then? (where most players pings and packet loss was fine) and I do seem to know more then you about how clumsy works with this game. I would like a second opinion other then you no offense.
    Just it’s super obvious to me these are cheaters where I have actually tested this “cheat” and played around with it.

  • Also a veteran since game release knight class , 3.5k hours on main plus I actually have 3 others on various
    pc’s used in demos of low servers or others. I can likely name 30 plus players any day of the week ’ packet cheating ’
    also within a few swings of sword or combat withing a few clashes they stand out to me easily. oP you can’t undermine
    the Admin Roag at least some are on the case . these kinds of gamer’s I spotted yrs ago early solder or eternals clan shared the knowledge but moving to the next game is best way forward . doubt they will come at it as a retrospective
    project punishment btw I know every player on that server video of yours op plus 800 friends play chivalry on my list.

  • @Wilt Thanks Wilt, and yeah I was just a bit shocked at how lenient roag was being with some obvious cheats, everyone but micgeor and john rambo will not receive any punishment. which i thought was unfair because of how much more obvious flann, jack and yellowblood’s clips were.

  • @A-clumsy-player oops john rambo was obvious asf my bad

  • Hmmm no evidence of ranks or pings, thus this looks like typical Chiv lag with skilled players possibly playing in 3rd person as well playing on an alt account. There was also recent issues with internet outages all over the EU.

  • @A-clumsy-player

    Who are you?
    These guys clearly are not using toggles, And you seem very well aware of what it is rather suspicious especially when you use a account that is just 2 days old. You also seem to target very specific players those that often play on classic duels.

  • @Retsnom I guess I didn’t know you could record their pings somehow too (other then when I look in player list which I did), and a ping doesnt have to be high in fact it takes time for it to register to the server or it builds over time to your ping so if you switched it on just for a moment it wouldn’t even be noticed.
    The top left is my account name so I didn’t want to give out and I would agree except its very consistent lag not sporadic. I was unaware of outages of internet within the EU. But I don’t see how that means I am wrong… rank is nothing, you can use this and not get banned by vac.

    I suggest you actually look at the cheat yourself and test it on a private server. It really all becomes so much easier to see when you know how to set it up properly and what it really is they are doing to their internet connection. I just hope the developer’s respond to my email about a way to use the debug numbers in order to catch fishy things.

  • @Zany I don’t want to say who I am because of the backlash I would face. How can you not see how ridiculous you sound when two of them are already banned from this? and I never play in duels so I don’t get your point. This is not a malicious attack on people this is me exposing people abusing the games net code and if I’m wrong (which apparently I am on a few the admin said so himself) you can’t blame me being suspicious. Because I’m sick of people beating genuine players by cheating. I know players that shield feint glitch me, escape the map and shoot as archer into spawns, but nothing is worse then an attack going right through your block due to some bs tinkering of internet connections. Or someone who can outrun you by appearing to turn so fast you can hardly hit them as a MAA. This shit is real I suggest you open your eyes.

  • not worthy of reply tbh, birds of a feather flock together and always rush in groups to defend each other.
    always worth humor when a player wasn’t present on server or fighting gives opinion like ’ clearly not ’
    trying to under mind it further by suggesting a new account and bare hours plays also as if classic duels
    are a sign of integrity of a player, weak gamers using such gimmicks have no future in TB’s next game tbh.
    edit: opinion of a tryhard with a ban really has no place even commenting witnessed its traits on servers I add.

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