Cheaters caught using clumsy.exe

  • @Roag oh and fyi, the cheat itself isn’t called toggling, that’s when players refer to turning it on and off ;C

  • I’ve played the game for 4k hours over a few accounts, over half of which was competitive. There is a difference between the turncap breaking and bad internet/wifi than using clumsy, granted it isn’t always cut and dry.

    I’m not going to try and convince you that I know what I’m looking at as you seem to assume you know more, despite the fact that most of the players you’ve accused here are not cheating. Thanks for your report.

  • What then is the difference between bad internet and clumsy then? (where most players pings and packet loss was fine) and I do seem to know more then you about how clumsy works with this game. I would like a second opinion other then you no offense.
    Just it’s super obvious to me these are cheaters where I have actually tested this “cheat” and played around with it.

  • Also a veteran since game release knight class , 3.5k hours on main plus I actually have 3 others on various
    pc’s used in demos of low servers or others. I can likely name 30 plus players any day of the week ’ packet cheating ’
    also within a few swings of sword or combat withing a few clashes they stand out to me easily. oP you can’t undermine
    the Admin Roag at least some are on the case . these kinds of gamer’s I spotted yrs ago early solder or eternals clan shared the knowledge but moving to the next game is best way forward . doubt they will come at it as a retrospective
    project punishment btw I know every player on that server video of yours op plus 800 friends play chivalry on my list.

  • @Wilt Thanks Wilt, and yeah I was just a bit shocked at how lenient roag was being with some obvious cheats, everyone but micgeor and john rambo will not receive any punishment. which i thought was unfair because of how much more obvious flann, jack and yellowblood’s clips were.

  • @A-clumsy-player oops john rambo was obvious asf my bad

  • Hmmm no evidence of ranks or pings, thus this looks like typical Chiv lag with skilled players possibly playing in 3rd person as well playing on an alt account. There was also recent issues with internet outages all over the EU.

  • @A-clumsy-player

    Who are you?
    These guys clearly are not using toggles, And you seem very well aware of what it is rather suspicious especially when you use a account that is just 2 days old. You also seem to target very specific players those that often play on classic duels.

  • @Retsnom I guess I didn’t know you could record their pings somehow too (other then when I look in player list which I did), and a ping doesnt have to be high in fact it takes time for it to register to the server or it builds over time to your ping so if you switched it on just for a moment it wouldn’t even be noticed.
    The top left is my account name so I didn’t want to give out and I would agree except its very consistent lag not sporadic. I was unaware of outages of internet within the EU. But I don’t see how that means I am wrong… rank is nothing, you can use this and not get banned by vac.

    I suggest you actually look at the cheat yourself and test it on a private server. It really all becomes so much easier to see when you know how to set it up properly and what it really is they are doing to their internet connection. I just hope the developer’s respond to my email about a way to use the debug numbers in order to catch fishy things.

  • @Zany I don’t want to say who I am because of the backlash I would face. How can you not see how ridiculous you sound when two of them are already banned from this? and I never play in duels so I don’t get your point. This is not a malicious attack on people this is me exposing people abusing the games net code and if I’m wrong (which apparently I am on a few the admin said so himself) you can’t blame me being suspicious. Because I’m sick of people beating genuine players by cheating. I know players that shield feint glitch me, escape the map and shoot as archer into spawns, but nothing is worse then an attack going right through your block due to some bs tinkering of internet connections. Or someone who can outrun you by appearing to turn so fast you can hardly hit them as a MAA. This shit is real I suggest you open your eyes.

  • not worthy of reply tbh, birds of a feather flock together and always rush in groups to defend each other.
    always worth humor when a player wasn’t present on server or fighting gives opinion like ’ clearly not ’
    trying to under mind it further by suggesting a new account and bare hours plays also as if classic duels
    are a sign of integrity of a player, weak gamers using such gimmicks have no future in TB’s next game tbh.
    edit: opinion of a tryhard with a ban really has no place even commenting witnessed its traits on servers I add.

  • @A-clumsy-player I got almost 7k hours in the game and run the oldest continuous clan in Chiv from AOC to Mordhau, over 13 years now. I also have hosted and managed servers for just as long. Thus I have seen about everything that can happen in game. I have seen real Clumsy players, played against them and this isnt it.

    Chiv has horrible net code. They improved it quite a bit over the years but everything in the video looks exactly like networking issues as well as manipulation of the animations with extreme drags and accelerations. Watching the video, you can tell that these players have skills.

    While yes rank doesnt mean all that much considering that players boosted their ranks or have ALT/smurf accounts, it could help if you looked at the number of hours they have in Chiv. Most all players with 1000-3000 hours playing the game know how to manipulate the animations exactly what you see in the video. You barely showed pings or packet loss nor did you show your ping which could also be a factor in what you are viewing. Chiv is so sensitive to ping that the game is dramatically different to play in timing with a difference of 20-50+ ping points. Packet loss is not much different to where even 2%-4% packet loss can have dramatically different effects in game that you do not need clumsy to see these effects.

    There are lots of videos showing ghost swings, hits through parries and delayed attacks. Clumsy look and responds much harsher than what you are seeing.

    In addition, players with potato PCs combined with unstable internet also has some dramatic effects because of frame rate and processing power when it comes to internet packets and how they are handled. This is why it can be very hard to prove cheating. Clumsy on the other hand is quite obvious if you have ever actually played against it.

  • over a year ago posted clumsy ;p

  • @Wilt top kek

  • Guys I’ve responded to the video and those who were cheating have been logged, nothing more to be said here.

  • Idd Mr Roag is right. Admin has responded with thanks idd. I was just pointing out to clumsy my earlier gif/art about
    this posted a year ago and a year or more after my bringing it to the community’s attention. Preeety preety sure as
    Curb Your Enthusiasm larry david says our hero that we can all agree perhaps in any future game they have this for
    knowledge so Chiv ii should be better in these problems or any game they make. Retrospective action now is
    pointless in chivalry as is hunting these down unless one is silly enough to walk into an admin on a server hehe.
    dust settle water under the bridge now imo. eagerly waits TB’s next project tbh.

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