Where are the Official Crypts Servers?

  • I enjoy and play crypts frequently. It has not been up for several days. Where has it gone? Please do not remove official Crypts servers. Long time player for years, thank you.

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    @Zara-Malak The servers have all been re-organised. It’s possible that the Crypts servers were left out so I will check with the devs about getting some online. I know there are HordeTown servers available.

  • Thanks, still none up now though and havn’t been in about a week or at least 4 or 5 days.

  • Hordetown is Okay, but it’s my least favorite of the horde modes. There is no way to make that map hard for me anymore at any stage. The user created ones like Sandcastle are cool with the more difficult ai but with all their bonuses, exploits, weapons, etc. they become too easy as well. It’s that perfect combination of enclosed space, quick spawns with hard, tiered and progressive leveling system, no purchasing weapons, etc. that uniquely give Crypts it’s appeal and difficulty. Everyone can crush Hordetown, Most can crush Sandcastle, only a few can legitimately crush Crypts.

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    @Zara-Malak Don’t worry, this is being looked at by the devs. They’ll sort out a Crypts server as soon as they can.

  • @random428 Thanks man, they are back up. Still no rotation servers like before but I am very happy to have Crypts back up. Thanks again~!

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