64 player map with limite cavalry for paid expansion?

  • I think it’d be great if you can make working cavalry system for expansion pack. (not free dlc)

    and have 64 player map with just huge battlefield and a castle.

    I think cavalry will work because a few cavalry will just keep darting around the battlefield, and a player won’t take a horseman as immediate threat as he’s got a footman in front of him.

    If anyone has played M&B warband, they would know how dangerous cavalry can be.

  • The devs don’t want to do paid dlc, because it will break up the community. And Cavalry will definitely break up community even its free because people like me won’t play in those servers.

  • I think cavalry is such a big thing to implement we will not see it in. The game is built around melee fights.

    64 players will be in I think.

  • Any kind of paid DLC will be something purely cosmetic, or at least not gameplay related. Nothing like new weapons, new maps, etc. will ever cost money.

    That said; cavalry will never be in the game. Tibberius made it very clear. It’s just not a possibility at this point; maybe in a sequel ;)

  • yep should have cav just like mount and blade it works well

  • They put calvary in every medieval game out now a days… Dont go trying to change the only medieval game I love into Mount and Blade… I just want to duel not have someone ride up behind me with a horse and stab me in the back.

  • Cavalry was part of medieval times. It is only fair to ask for it.

    If not now, maybe in sequel. When implemented it don’t have to be in masses. Maybe 1 horse on each side in a 32p map. At best 2 horses for 64p map on each side. Think of them like tanks in the battlefield series.


  • I would like some mode of transportation. Battlefield 1242, please.

  • @anothergod:

    I would like some mode of transportation. Battlefield 1242, please.

    You got feet, don’t you?


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