Alkar, another intentional team kill to low player

  • Nickname: Ałқαr
    Rank : 50
    Server: Official Server - SA - 712897
    Steam: Steam Profile
    Steam2 ID STEAM_0:0:63048146
    Steam3 ID (32bit) [U:1:126096292]
    Steam3 ID (64bit) 76561198086362020 (Dec)
    1100001078413a4 (Hex)

    Video: Youtube

    I reported this to h0ss but he blocked me of discord again after, so idk if the admins got the report.

  • First of all, WHIMP is a well known rdmer on server
    Second, ALL DEVELOPERS already said and ARE tired of your SPAM USELESS TOPICS in forum. You could just stop trying to look good person in forums, this kind of discussion don’t lead to NOTHING!
    Third, you could’ve just open a votekick against me (THATS WHY THE DEVS MADE VOTEKICK TOOL, DEMOCRATIC WAY. Because imagine, all TK that happens in all chivalry servers a person reports at forum, imagine the spam! That’s why a votekick TOOL)
    Fourth, YOU CAN’T try to be honest here. I talked with some DEVELOPERS about your case. The case that in 3 days your rank 40 has changed to 60. That glitch has been fixed, The only WAY to get it, is by doing it urself…
    Fifth, The reason that I never get kicked at servers, is because people likes me. And because I play the game serious, using real skill and teaching these Who need.
    Here my YouTube channel >

    Btw, I helped chivalry community, dragging 10 friends to play and training them.
    Goodlucky on your reports, really. I’m not replying anymore, this is totally no sense.

  • @Alkar

    you already were warned by admins to stop doing team kill, and you did it 2 times so far after your ban, is not so hard to understand a few words

  • At the end of the day tbh team killers intentionally that is should be reported tbh

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