Problem with uploading a custom map to Steam Workshop

  • Hello.

    I’ve been tried to figure this out for few days already, but cannot find the problem… So i thought to ask some help!
    The error i get DW_MUS_MainMenu which is something to do with the mainmenu music i assume, but why would that be the problem/error?
    When trying to upload to Workshop, i get this :

    SDK Frontend started 21.4.2019 23.11.13…
    WSTOOL: Initializing Steam client
    Steam API initialized
    Waiting for Steam task to finish.
    If you’re new to the SDK frontend, please read …
    Quick start:

    • Make sure Steam is running on the account you want to upload to the Workshop with!
    • If you have an existing Workshop item you’d like to import, use “Existing Workshop Item”
    • Otherwise, to create a new item click “New Workshop Item” and give it a name
    • You’ll then want to add at least one map or script package (if you’re making a mod) to build
    • If you’re making a map that can be played on Chivalry without any mods, be sure to leave “Base Chivalry-compatible map(s)” selected
    • Fill in the Workshop title, description, and preview image path
    • Press Start
    • Once it’s done, your item should be in the Workshop, but set to Private so only you can see it until you’re ready
    • To access maps in-game right now, use the open command in the console. e.g. “open aoctd-mymap”
      No scripts selected; nothing to compile.
      [COMMANDLET ‘CDWEditor.exe CookPackages -nohomedir -platform=PC FFA-Duelyard_p.udk -final_release -multilanguagecook=INT -ModName=AOCSDKLevels’ STARTED IN ‘’] huhti 21, 11.16 ip.
      Init: Version: 10246
      Init: Epic Internal: 0
      Init: Compiled (64-bit): Aug 15 2014 14:17:28
      Init: Command line: -nohomedir -platform=PC FFA-Duelyard_p.udk -final_release -multilanguagecook=INT -ModName=AOCSDKLevels
      Init: Base directory: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\CDW\Binaries\Win64
      Init: Character set: Unicode
      Log: Executing Class UnrealEd.CookPackagesCommandlet
      Log: Read config file: …\Engine\Localization\INT\UnrealEd.INT
      Generating new guid: 7CE0AE2A4A2D107E6937B08A7F97EF53
      Generating new directory: AOCSDKLevels_7CE0AE2A4A2D107E6937B08A7F97EF53
      Cooking with SEPARATE Lighting TextureFileCache…
      Cooking with SEPARATE Character TextureFileCache…
      Ignoring multithreaded flag because shaders are out of date…
      PCD didn’t exist or was out of date ‘…\CDWGame\CookedSDK\AOCSDKLevels_7CE0AE2A4A2D107E6937B08A7F97EF53\COOKER FILES (NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION)\GlobalPersistentCookerData.upk’.
      Material shader hashes have changed, forcing a recook of all packages.

    GeneratePersistentMapList> Clearing existing lists
    There are 1 levels to process
    Loading base level …\CDWGame\ContentSDK\FFA-Duelyard_p.udk
    Warning, Forcing UseTextureFileCache to FALSE for CookedPC…
    Running w/ PMap Object size optimization DISABLED.
    Fontlib/IME package UDKFrontEnd not found
    INT resources will be substituted for missing LOC packages
    Materials will be cleaned up…
    StaticMesh materials will be cleaned up…
    StaticMesh CleanUp: Adding Class : Engine.ActorFactory
    StaticMesh CleanUp: Adding Class : Engine.SequenceObject
    TagCookedStartupObjects> Using Shipped PersistentCookerData - this must be DLC…
    Tagging 0 already handled materials
    Tagging 0 already handled material instances
    Error, Failed to find package ‘DW_MUS_MainMenu’
    Cooking FFA-Duelyard_p
    Copying shader cache SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk
    Copying shader cache SDKShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.upk
    Copying shader cache SDKShaderCache-PC-OpenGL.upk
    Warning/Error Summary

    Error, Failed to find package ‘DW_MUS_MainMenu’
    Warning, Forcing UseTextureFileCache to FALSE for CookedPC…
    Failure - 1 error(s), 1 warning(s)
    Execution of commandlet took: 20.04 seconds
    COMMANDLET ‘CDWEditor.exe CookPackages -nohomedir -platform=PC FFA-Duelyard_p.udk -final_release -multilanguagecook=INT -ModName=AOCSDKLevels’ FAILED

    [Skipping Upload to Workshop]


    Any help?

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