Ranked Suggestion

  • Hey there, first I’d like to start by saying what you have at the moment is a great start of a game. It’s potential is enormous. And from what I’ve played it’s really enjoyable. Although I’ve got the impression that at it’s current state it isn’t not that re playable, in the sense that I can’t see myself slashing heads for long hours.

    I’ve come here with a few suggestions, whether or not they get implemented is fine. I would just like to be heard, in hope to somehow influence your game. First off I thought some form of ranked, competitive team play would make this game a lot more popular. Where you’ll have a captain who forms a team with 6-10 people and play together against other formed teams, the winners will receive an increase of rating and vies versa for the loser. There may have to be some form of matchmaking system to place the two teams together. The ranked system could be divided into three sections, the top 10% of ranked teams, the top 40% of ranked teams, and anything below that. Each tier would receive the option to use cosmetic armour changes, respective to the tier (Top 10% looking the best). This armour can only be worn during a ranked game. Another thing would be cloaks, when you create a team you create a crest. In a ranked game every player automatically wears their cloak which displays their crest on it.

    This was just an idea I had that could give the game some more appeal from the e sport fanatics. I hope you liked it. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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