Don't play this game, move on to others

  • The whole community is toxic and shit. The game will eventually die because of it. I was playing and was target be an elitist and was team killed by him, I tried to vote kick them, they pleaded in chat no… no…no… then I was vote kicked by this same player, I had 0 % team damage and was kicked. This shit will continue until this game is dead, which is the best option for everyone. I have already permanently removed this game from steam inventory. Thank you for the 800+ hrs of fun, but the company has failed us along with the community.

  • true words my friend, mods/Devs are shit too

  • Oh yes as if banned cheaters have any opinion of worth tbh. Try to keep it out of your libraries do us decent folks a solid
    don’t bother to return ever aye.

  • played 1887hours and regret every one of it. Just a big waste of time. Only one good thing is that i found a good friend in this game and we still are but we wont play this crap anymore. Hope this game will die.

  • Still here? If whatever your playing is so good then go away your making the place dirty atm hehe. plebbypeonpeasants tbh.

  • With Luck the devs/admins might even give you both the much need game bans to avoid such hardships for you in future tbh.

  • one **** su**** here, sweet (Wet Wet Wet - Love is All Around)

  • Why are you appealing then you said i hope game dies plus seemed very toxic on this thread imo.
    wilt hides behind hector lel

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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