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    What is Chivalry II?
    Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles.

    What are its new features?
    Chivalry 2 advances the vision of the original game with a true sequel. If you follow our development you’ll come to a better understanding of what all the below means, but in a quick list…

    • Massive scale: 64 players in sprawling, multi-stage Team Objective maps, complete with epic castle sieges, forest ambushes and good old medieval pillaging.
    • Next-gen visual leap: AAA presentation. Unreal Engine 4.
    • Revamped Combat System: All new combat moves, a weighty and physical animation system and new, faster and more natural combat flow re-establish the Chivalry franchise as the best melee combat system ever made.
    • Expanded sandbox: Battlefields are littered with things to interact with. Grab a chicken, set it on fire and throw it; catapult a corpse across the field; improvise a new fighting style with pitchforks – or tomatoes!
    • Enhanced player expression: What fun is stabbing without screaming? All new over the top characters and thousands of voice lines along with deep character customization provide incredible options for player creativity and roleplaying.
    • Battered and bloodied: Keep fighting with missing limbs or even if downed and gasping your last breath. Chivalry 2 is about the feeling of survival against the odds and – if you do go down – the opportunity to make it a glorious death.

    How does combat work?
    Chivalry (2012) pioneered a combat system that brought sword fighting to the multiplayer FPS genre. For Chivalry 2, we have taken the foundation of Chivalry 1’s combat and revamped it to allow for far more dramatic and engaging fights at all skill levels.

    Left click to swing, hold for a heavy attack, right click to parry. The mouse wheel performs stabs and overheads. Duck under swings or leap into strikes. Combo attacks – flowing from one to another in a whirlwind of steel. Riposte as a fast counter after blocking. A revised feinting system lets you play intense mind games with foes and gives another layer of control for the master swordsman.

    Weapon attacks and blocks are weighty and satisfying, adding the proper amount of crunch as your sword sinks into your opponent’s skull.

    We have added a variety of new attack types and adjusted the flow of combat to be more natural, flowing, faster and dynamic. Whether fighting in groups or 1 on 1, the rush of combat will leave your heart pounding and provides a true opportunity for players to create their own playstyle and master the system over time.

    What about the ballerina moves / dragging exploits?
    Right, we’ve fixed those. A major development focus for Chivalry 2 has been a complete rework of the animation and movement systems to ensure that combat both looks and feels weighty and satisfying like a medieval game should. In a multiplayer game it is critical that when you die you feel you understand how you could have done better. Visual indication of all actions must be clear and readable. Chivalry 1 did not meet these standards, and over time combat became understandably frustrating – especially against high skill opponents.

    Our new approach is focused on ensuring that the transfer of momentum from strikes and adjustments players can make in real-time is at the right balance of visually understandable, physical in appearance and still gives players a true sense of control over their swings.

    Chivalry 2 will capture the promise of what Chivalry 1 should have been in terms of its hit detection reliability and combat depth, without forcing players to resort to silly/frustrating tactics.

    Will there be mouse dragging?
    Yes, accelerating or slowing down your attacks by moving the mouse as you swing (simulating the torquing of your hips) remains an important part of Chivalry 2’s combat system. It is what makes it feel like you can lean into your strike, and aim with the precision you would expect from an FPS.

    Dragging is an essential feature which separates our combat system from a canned animation system. However we have taken great efforts to make sure that combat looks realistic and have avoided moves that are confusing or look like exploits. As such, reverse drags will be limited. Swings will have a higher sense of momentum, able to be adjusted but not without commitment during a swing.

    Maps and Modes
    What game modes and maps will there be?
    Epic battles that take place across sprawling, multi-stage Team Objective maps are a focal point of Chivalry 2. We’ll have more info to share about other game modes, maps and gameplay features in the future.


    What is the setting of the game?
    The Chivalry games are set in a fictional universe inspired by medieval Hollywood movies and TV shows. We are not tied to strict historical realism but instead are attempting to capture the romance of the era.

    Chivalry (2012) told the thrilling story of the Mason Order rebellion led by Malric Terrowin against the ruling elite Agatha Knights. We are excited to reveal the continuation of that story, 20 years in the future from the events of the first game.

    What are the teams?
    Mason Order – For the Red and Black! Inspired by the virtues of strength, merit and dominance, the Mason Order has no respect for the weak and seek to crush any who oppose them.

    Agatha Knights – For the Blue and Gold! The Agathian Knights are instilled with a strong sense of loyalty, duty, and honour and believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of the land.


    What’s the max number of players?
    64 players.

    Will there be voice-commands that I can activate with keyboard commands, just like in Chivalry?
    Yes milord!

    We have also added animated emotes and have improved Chivalry’s iconic battlecries.

    What technical requirements / options will there be?
    We’ll have more information about this in the future.


    How long have you been working on Chivalry 2?
    Development began in spring 2017. Chivalry 2 will release June 8, 2021.

    Who are the developers?
    Torn Banner Studios is an independent game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Our team is comprised of developers from as far back as the original Age of Chivalry mod, in addition to seasoned AAA industry veterans.

    We are working with Tripwire Interactive as publisher.

    What platforms will it be released on?
    Chivalry 2 will simultaneously launch on PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X in 2021. After one year, it will be available on other PC digital store fronts, such as Steam.

    Why is it exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year?
    Our goal is to create the best game possible – and that will always be our primary decision-making criteria. This financial deal allowed us to substantially increase our investment in the game that allows us to put more focus, time and effort into making Chivalry 2 as good as it can be. This partnership allows us to do more for players in order to bring them the best version of Chivalry 2 possible with no compromises.

    It’s also a decision based on our understanding of the store that Epic is building for the future, not just as it exists today. Our relationship with Epic Games as the creators of Unreal Engine 4, which we use to make our games, gives us the confidence that they will make the right moves in addressing both developer and consumer concerns with the storefront. In the long-term we are confident that players will be happy that our studio has been granted this opportunity.

    Will there be an Early Access release?
    No, we are not planning for an early access release for Chivalry 2.

    Will there be a public beta/alpha? How do I sign up?
    Alpha testing began in early 2020, and continues in alpha rounds every month (or so).
    The Closed Beta runs March 26-29 2021. The Alpha is under NDA, the Closed Beta is not.
    Pre-order Chivalry 2 on the Epic Games Store for guaranteed access to the Closed Beta.
    Sign up for both at Signups to that list will only be granted keys by random lottery.

    What’s the price?
    Chivalry 2 will be $39.99 USD on all platforms at launch.

    Can Chivalry: Medieval Warfare assets (such as maps, voices, art, etc) be used for game mods in other titles?
    We do not permit the use of our assets or IP in other titles.

    How can I keep up with development?
    Epic Games Store:

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