This game will die on arrival.

  • Between releasing on epic games launcher and taking out ROH’s to appeal to the casual community of players. This game will be a total failure among the melee community.

    I only come here to shit talk it, but as you all already know considering the comment section on your youtube trailer and the dislikes this game will be a total FLOP.

    Torn banner has betrayed it’s TRUE veteran fans of Chivalry so that they can make some EZ cash with the casual fanbase. And for that I will be sticking with mordhau.

  • @White-horse Taking out reverse overheads means the game will become more casual? I think you mean LESS casual. ROHs weren’t exactly skillful or difficult to counter if you had any idea how they worked.

  • @Bandit-Hadron sure if you take 5 minutes to figure it out. 99% of noobs see this and leave. My whole point is they clearly didnt take any time to talk to the competitive players that have at least 1000 hours in the game. They just decided to go with removing anything scary to noobs so that they can sell sell sell and MAYBE keep a playerbase. But I doubt it honestly. Mordhau is miles ahead of anything this game is claiming to be.

  • crass , trashy rubbish tbh. Game looks good as for Mordhau that is good also, keep your bile in mordhau discord
    where with luck those admins can ban you lot imo. No point dwelling in the past your just rot in salt as you do.

  • @White-horse How do you know Mordhau is “miles ahead of anything this game claims to be?” They haven’t exactly dropped copious details.

  • I completely agree @White-horse … They may as well change the URL to Mordhau2. I believe the only reason Chivalry: MW wasn’t the most largely competitive game is because the ROH and dragging mechanics were never embraced. When I first purchased Chivalry: MW, I quit the game shortly after graduating from the 1-15 servers because I was getting destroyed. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Teripper on youtube, who I thank dearly for explaining the mechanics of the game, for if it wasn’t for that I would’ve never gleefully wasted 1300 hours on this beautiful broken masterpiece. The mechanics are so unique and skillful (if you disagree you’re probably out there raging about getting your head clunked off by messers). If these mechanics were embraced and explained in the tutorial it would empower the players who wouldn’t bother to do research on how to play. Another huge problem with these mechanics was having servers that enables 1st and 3rd person views. Servers should have been locked to views because the 3rd person view is an obvious advantage over 1st. There is no Medieval game that compares to the skillful Chivalry: Medieval Warfare art form of spinning around in 1st person leaving yourself vulnerable if losing vision placement and leaving your back exposed. When you add 3rd person into this mix it shrivels the experience and reduces the difficulty of mastering the art.

    My number one bet with Chivalry 2 is that this game will be abandoned by its player base because of this thirst for “realism” emphatically added to the game, but Chivalry: MW will continue live on. Chivalry 2 could be the chance to reignite the entire player base that truly love this game and the broken un-embraced mechanics.

    So, in a nutshell my only issues with Chivalry:MW that should be corrected with Chivalry 2 is:

    1. Not embracing amazing unique game mechanics that make the game super interesting, challenging, and fun.

    2. Dirty 3rd person view abuse that ruins the immersion into the game and mechanics.

    Besides these 2 things, the fundamentals of the game were beautifully majestically broken that had character and was an amazing experience.

    • Slinghangtomydangalang_0

  • The voice acting and hilarity is really what made Chivalry. It’s what made me keep playing as a noob when I was going 0-19 all the time.

  • I’d rather pour rat urine onto my eyeballs than support Chivalry 2.

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