• I read in the FAQ “We have added a variety of new attack types and adjusted the flow of combat to be more natural, flowing, faster and dynamic”. I hope this doesn’t mean that chambering(Mordhau) is going to be a thing in Chivalry 2. Adding chambering in Mordhau and pretty much completely removing trade blows was a mistake in my book. Trade blows was a big tactic in chiv, especially when fighting multiple opponents where you could trade some damage to get that first kill in. In Mordhau trading is now replaced with chambers so a hole layer of the combatsystem is gone, and when fighting multiple opponents you get stuck in a block/chamber loop and with no stamina. I suppose the point is to make combat 1v1 a bit faster with chambers replacing block-into-riposte but I’d rather have trade blows if I have to choose one or the other. To clarify, trade blows still exist but very rarely occur.

  • I don’t think chambering would be that much of a problem provided they added the counter morphing to it but either way I’m sure they’d find some unique way to balance it either way if they was to add it.

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