Excited for this game!!! I have some questions.

  • Will this be pre made class based like the first game? And if so are any new classes up for consideration alongside the usual Knights, Vanguards, Men at Arms, and Archers? Or are you going with some kind of custom class system??

    Also if going with the previous game’s class system I do appreciate that from what I see in the trailer, that Knights will be able to use Heater Shields with whatever weapons loadout they got :3. Thank you for that, even if the first game won’t be updated to allow that.

    Will some new weapons be added alongside all the stuff being brought back from the previous game?? And maybe some name and other revisions to make certain things more accurate with irl terms? Such as making the Dane Axe longer and two handed like it is IRL and change the name for what the previous game called a Dane axe?? Or another example renaming the Broadsword to Arming Sword??

    How much will customization be expanded upon?? What’s new about it?? And like will we get misc cosmetics like capes/cloaks and the like? And will there be weapon customization options that are not locked behind micro transactions?

    And will weapon customization allow for full freedom in choosing each and which weapon parts you want to customize instead of weapon skins generally being full replacements.

    So like you could pick your blade/mace head/axe head/spear/pole arm head, then if customizing swords or daggers pick a cross guard, pick a hilt/haft style, optionally pick leather grip style/texture (such as a one piece leather stitched together on the palm side grip, or a leather strip/lace wrap around grip, normal texture or suede etc etc) and leather grip color, and when customizing swords and daggers pick a pommel. Maybe even being able to customize some colors and finishes for certain other parts.

    Any new modes being thought of???

    That’s all the questions I got so far.

    And also I love that horses are going in the game and are usable for cavalry combat :3. Thank you for that too

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    Check out the FAQ post!

    All else will be revealed with time.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Will there be custom game options? Such as creating a game lobby for friends to fill up and just play with each other? Adjusting lobby settings for in game experiences? And will there be map creation for consoles as well?

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