A little bit of positivity

  • I was greatly motivated by the backlash against Chivalry 2 announcement to make this post. I am not a hardcore fan of the fist Chivalry, although I’m absolutely in love with level and atmospheric design, but it pains me to see all the negativity. Of course, the fire has a lot of fuel: recently released Mordhau, Epic Store exclusivety, infamous “ballerina moves” from the first game, general outrage culture. I was sceptical at first too (I could not believe my eyes when Chiv 2 was announced), but developers adressed all these issues in such manner that it made me to strongly believe Chivalry 2 will be something awesome.

    So, I would like to say: thank you! Thank you for not giving up, standing up for a fight, learning from the past and thinking about future. Although, reading comments such as “dead on birth” and great amount of dislikes on the announcement video may make it hard to think positive about it. Do not succumb to the pressure, because I am sure when Chivalry 2 releases it will put things to its respected places.

    First Chivalry held its promise to deliver epic battles in the most beautiful, melancholicly-nostalgic and, somewhat, comical surrounding. Please, with the next title, make another promise: fight mechanics will be polished. I personally would put “polished” over “advanced, diverse, and complex”.

    The fight is not over, despite many claiming otherwise. You have more followers than you see. The rebellion has just began!

  • Thank you for ur aply sir Luke Puke

  • Developer

    Thanks Luke!

    I appreciate the kind words. You touched on part of the attitude we have that we actually picked the company name and logo based on. The concept of refusing to give in despite being battered and bloodied to ultimately emerge victorious is synonymous with having the spirit of a warrior. For us the symbolism of a post-battle scene with a lone banner torn and damaged yet still proudly waving in the wind as a sign of hard-fought victory is inspiring and something we rally around as a team.

    Your support and kindness is immensely helpful and valued by our team! We’ll do our best to ensure the quality and polish of Chivalry 2 makes a real statement about how much love and effort is being put into this project.

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