Racism, toxicity and exploits

  • Games like Chivalry back in the day and now Mordhau appear to be attracting nazis racists and similar sort of people.
    You did so much better with Mirage by including women and blacks there and I think Mirage was a better really good game.

    I just hope you will find a way to deal with this stuff or avoid it altogether in Chivalry 2. Make it a game easily accesible for everyone to play. No racism no exploits.

    All the best

  • Global Moderator


    People breaking the rules on Official servers on Chiv 2 will be warned and removed if they don’t listen to the given warning.
    That is our current policy on Chiv 1.

  • Developer

    @Baron-Kreight Valind is correct, we do not tolerate that behaviour in Chivalry 1 and it won’t be tolerated in Chivalry 2 either. There is no place for it here and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the game without having to be exposed to hate speech. TBS is very lucky to have a great team of volunteer moderators that have helped us considerably over the years to keep things as clean as we can while still allowing players the opportunity to express themselves.

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