Racism, toxicity and exploits

  • Games like Chivalry back in the day and now Mordhau appear to be attracting nazis racists and similar sort of people.
    You did so much better with Mirage by including women and blacks there and I think Mirage was a better really good game.

    I just hope you will find a way to deal with this stuff or avoid it altogether in Chivalry 2. Make it a game easily accesible for everyone to play. No racism no exploits.

    All the best

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    People breaking the rules on Official servers on Chiv 2 will be warned and removed if they don’t listen to the given warning.
    That is our current policy on Chiv 1.

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    @Baron-Kreight Valind is correct, we do not tolerate that behaviour in Chivalry 1 and it won’t be tolerated in Chivalry 2 either. There is no place for it here and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the game without having to be exposed to hate speech. TBS is very lucky to have a great team of volunteer moderators that have helped us considerably over the years to keep things as clean as we can while still allowing players the opportunity to express themselves.

  • @Baron-Kreight said in Racism, toxicity and exploits:

    You did so much better with Mirage by including women and blacks there and I think Mirage was a better really good game.

    With all the respect, that type of diversity belongs on a game like mirage not on a dark age / medieval themed game. Unless of corse they added moorish soldiers, ethiopian soldiers etc. It wouldn’t make sense having a caucasian zulu warrior just like having an african european knight wouldn’t make sense.
    And racism is present in all games, adding “diversity” to the game would only atract more hate and give them reason to sperg out on the game.

  • @Celso said in Racism, toxicity and exploits:

    And racism is present in all games

    *And racist players are present in all games / communities …

  • @Baron-Kreight
    I think you are confusing edge lords with reality. CLUE BOMB: There are no real Nazis, (regardless of what you are being told by all forms of media) they were wiped out in WW2. Sorry you are easily triggered and emotionally scared by words but sadly you equated racism with toxicity with exploits in terms of gameplay. The overwhelming majority of players are NOT RACIST. Regardless of how you have been indoctrinated to believe. Not every game has to be a politically correct cringe fest of social justice indoctrination. Most people are tired of being lectured to about the preferred group think and simply, only require an in game MUTE button and vote kick options if players are being retarded.

  • @Retsnom That doesn’t change the fact that, in my experience, every single one of them are complete morons. Nor does it change the fact that unless it’s a private server, the standard rules are expected to be followed.

  • @Baron-Kreight
    Just so you guys know. I am Spanic and Brazilian.
    I’ll take 10 edgy kids calling me racial epithets over the guy posting this thread. Do not pander to the perpetually offended, they are not the majority, they are just loud and obnoxious.

  • Well… indeed being polite and friendly is good, however i’d prefer people screamin n-word left and right and some obscene lexics to this forced politeness - this is just garbage.

  • I wouldn’t say these games are inherently racist or sexist its just factual that there was not a lot of Black knights or Female knights now I’m not saying they didn’t exist but they was such a small minority personally I don’t have a problem weather they are in these types of games or not
    I’m just saying that the community who plays for realism and historical accuracy does as it not exactly realistic but I do agree that racism shouldn’t be accepted as well as sexism
    Nazi’s as mentioned previously don’t really exist as they did in WW2 some people still hold their ideals but these are in the very very few minority and some people act like they hold these ideals for the sake of toxicity.

    But I do agree genuine racism should be punished!

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