Racism, toxicity and exploits

  • @Retsnom That doesn’t change the fact that, in my experience, every single one of them are complete morons. Nor does it change the fact that unless it’s a private server, the standard rules are expected to be followed.

  • @Baron-Kreight
    Just so you guys know. I am Spanic and Brazilian.
    I’ll take 10 edgy kids calling me racial epithets over the guy posting this thread. Do not pander to the perpetually offended, they are not the majority, they are just loud and obnoxious.

  • Well… indeed being polite and friendly is good, however i’d prefer people screamin n-word left and right and some obscene lexics to this forced politeness - this is just garbage.

  • I wouldn’t say these games are inherently racist or sexist its just factual that there was not a lot of Black knights or Female knights now I’m not saying they didn’t exist but they was such a small minority personally I don’t have a problem weather they are in these types of games or not
    I’m just saying that the community who plays for realism and historical accuracy does as it not exactly realistic but I do agree that racism shouldn’t be accepted as well as sexism
    Nazi’s as mentioned previously don’t really exist as they did in WW2 some people still hold their ideals but these are in the very very few minority and some people act like they hold these ideals for the sake of toxicity.

    But I do agree genuine racism should be punished!

  • @Retsnom Have you played Mordhau? That community has a large amount of racism in game. The amount of it has actually diminished overtime, but it has been very prevelant. Yes, you can mute the chat, and yes a lot of what they say will likely be in jest, but it is really not nice to see. Toxicity generally is not nice to see. I don’t like ot see any of the racism when I play Mordhau, but I alos don’t like to mute the chat because sometimes

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    @JazzOnTheWeekend said in Racism, toxicity and exploits:

    prevelant. Yes, you can mute the chat, and yes a lot of what they say will likely be in jest, but it is really not nice to see. Toxicity generally is not nice to see. I don’t like ot see any of the racism when I play Mordhau, but it is really not nice to see. Toxicity generally is not nice to see. I don’t like ot see any of the racism when I play Mordhau, but I alos don’t like to mute the chat because sometimes

    I agree strongly with this statement, toxicity in this genre can ruin gameplay for many. I must mention Mordhau, by the developers choice was not moderated effectively. Initially they had very low amount of admins, some regions had none, and refused to increase this. In the oceanic region we have 3, 2 of which don’t play anymore. the TB team has many moderators and methods to get in contact with them. Regarding the aforementioned issues, current moderators/developers will work to ensure a better environment for all.

  • @JazzOnTheWeekend Ugh, I have over 7000 hours in Chivalry, I was an alpha tester for Mordhau with over 1000 hours in game as well as an alpha tester for Chiv2. I have been playing and testing video games, probably longer than you have been alive. The problem is that there are already tools in place if you are overly sensitive. Use them. I personally do not care how you feel because feelings are not tangible and they change like the wind. You do not feel the same you did 10 mins ago or even an hour ago. Most likely you don’t even remeber how you felt. How you think and what you think is far more important. If you do not know “how” to think then most likely you are being told “what” to think. That is the major difference here. Knowing "how’ to think you can critically understand how to use the tools already given too you. You would also know that words cannot hurt you and you can simply ignore them.

    If you are too busy worrying about what is happening in a game chat, then you are not actually playing the game. Chat has no bearing on game play or weather it is “toxic” or not. Team killing and playing against your team is far more toxic than words on a screen I barely have time to even look at. Why? Because I am busy actually playing the game to be distracted or offended. Thus if you live your life with racist or offensive colored glasses, that is all you will ever see is racism and all you will ever be is in a never ending state of being offended.


  • This has to be a troll post or a seriously misguided one. I found it rather ironic the user goes by the title “Baron”, a title given to nobility during the Middle Ages that often came with slave and serf ownership. A little racist don’t you think?

    The silver lining here is you’ve already provided yourself with a solution to your anguish! And I quote: “I just hope you will find a way to deal with this stuff or avoid it altogether in Chivalry 2.”

    When society values being a victim, its a race to the bottom.

  • alrightyyy!

  • “I think Mirage was a better really good game”

    Opinion discarded.

  • thisisbait.png

  • lmao the flood of overly zealous, negative responses to someone simply asking for more civility in an online game shows how much further the online community has to go.

    Yes, there are still Nazis around, you see them at marches and gatherings waving nazi flags. Being vigilant and taking strong actions against hate speech isn’t ‘pandering to the perpetually offended,’ it’s simply striving for a more equitable community that ANYONE can participate in. And arguably, the true snowflakes are the racist and misogynists who absolutely lose their shit when a woman, or a non-white person are put into a video game, which has no tangible effect on their lives.

    Saying that hate speech and racist language in an online game has “no bearing on the gameplay” is actually an opinion. The exchange rate of the dollar to the yen has no bearing on my life personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to a large number of people. Same thing here. Might not affect you personally, but doesn’t mean it’s not important. Is it really so much to ask for people to maybe play the actual game, and not be unnecessarily racist or offensive? The complete lack of self-awareness in people saying “stop being so offended” yet being so offended by a pretty simple ask. You’d think by these replies, they were asking to make Chiv2 into an on-rails shooter or something.

  • @thebestine agreed

  • @thebestine Sadly, I remember playing Novalogic F22 online way back when, and people were actually nice to each other online, after good dogfights you would wing wave in appreciation to the other guy… the real problem is (and I see this in my classroom, as I teach middle school) the majority of kids now, dont have manners, have no patience, have never been told no, and have always “won”. None of which helps in the long term, and leads to short fuses, meltdowns, and outbursts of some nasty, nasty behaviors. And consequences? forget it. What I end up doing often than not in Chiv, is just turning off the game chat. I miss some things people say, but the pure nastiness that people spit i dont miss. Maybe the language filter shouldnt be an option? maybe limit in game chats to specific game events only?

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