To high rank in game, can't play on servers with people

  • Hi, I reached high rank in Medieval Warfare, and I can’t find server for me with people and sufficient ping. Can someone reset my rank? I want to play, but I can’t.

    Is this possible to solve my problem? Please

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    You’ll have to play the game with players better than you, including high skilled ranks.
    Try to learn the deep mechanics of the game instead of looking for easy kills.
    Ask to high level people, some of them will help you to get better and increase your skill.

  • @Deakir If you’re NA, we generally get on TO once every night. You likely wont find any servers populated during the day.

  • I checking everyday servers. And I havent any one, where I can play, because ping +400 is not playable. I have bought game and I cant play, Its ridiculous

  • @Valind You don’t understand me :c

  • It is not allowed to reset your rank. It would also not solve the problem, the game is old and there are a few servers left which are full during the day. For next time: I would advice you to check wether or not the game has an active/steady multiplayer scene before you buy it. You can still find active servers in Chiv but mostly EU or NA im afraid.

    EDIT: added “for next time:”

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