Breakdown of the July 11th GIF

  • I still have quite a few questions about Chiv 2, and these GIFs are our only primary source, so I went frame by frame to gleam any information I could. Here are my findings:

    The first question is what kind of map it is.
    I’m guessing that it’s a team v team symmetrical map (TDM and LTS). In the image below, there’s a clear axis down the middle of the map with the two wooden structures on either side. I’m hesitantly assuming those structures are the Agatha and Mason spawns because of all the blue on the left one and the orange-brown colouring on the right one. The issue with this is that there’s actually blue flags on the right structure as well, which would be strange for a Mason spawn. It could be possible that the entire area is an Agatha-controlled arena of some sort (see the Agatha Lion emblem in the middle), but then that raises the question of why there are Masons there in the first place?
    You might notice that it isn’t perfectly symmetrical. There are some low stairs directly in front of the large door on the left. There’s also a block that’s partially covering the door on the right, which isn’t present on the left side. However, as we saw with Mirage, TB considers maps symmetrical as long as the objective is the same for both sides.

    Secondly, consider the wooden barrier in the middle:
    jousting maybe.JPG
    It’s a wooden fence that’s about as tall as that Mason MAA. This reminded me of a jousting field, which contain a similarly proportioned fence. We already know that horses and getting pushed down are mechanics, so combine those together and suddenly jousting is a gamemode. There’s no real evidence for this one; it’s just a thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    It would support my idea that this map is a tournament arena, and it might give a clue of how TB is desiging maps for horses.

    Thirdly, moving on to the real question: Is Chiv 2 going to have protected spawns?
    I’ve looked for anything that looks like an obvious drop-down in the trailer, but I couldn’t find anything. This is either really bad news, that there are no protected spawns, or really good news, that the spawns are hidden and baked into the sides of maps. I’m likely not going to get any comfort about this until 2020 when I can actually get my hands on Chiv 2, but I’ll continue searching for them until that point.

    Agatha Structure.JPG
    Like I said earlier, this structure looks very spawn-y to me, and it does have quite a bit of verticality. There could be a drop down somewhere on the second floor. The fact that nothing appears to be blocking those stairs leads me to believe that the entire structure is accessible. The end of those stairs being covered by that wooden wall would make for a very Chivalry-esque spawn exit. Just saying.

    Speaking of potential spawn exits, check out this doorway:
    There doesn’t appear to be anything blocking access to it. Could it be another spawn exit, with a dropdown inside, or another entrance point to the structure? This is assuming it isn’t just a dead-end. There’s nothing I could see above it that would indicate a way to get into the hallway below, so maybe the structure is deeper than it appears.

    Lastly, (at least lastly on the topic of spawns) there’s another staircase that leads to the ground on the opposite side.
    opposite stairs.JPG
    This means that this map is actually symmetrical in all four quarters. Neat. Anyway, we all know how much TB loves that symmetry in their spawn exits; it’s all too poetic for me to see that structure as anything else.

    The next section is looking at some of the weapons. There’s no real analysis here, just grabbing the right frames to make the weapons visible:
    The Agatha knight is holding a longsword, which we also saw in the trailer.

    messer maybe.JPG
    The Mason knight is holding what I assume to be Chiv 2’s version of the messer, going by its curved blade and hilt.

    Van guy.JPG
    In the back, this vanguard is holding a polehammer.

    This sword has the same hilt and size as the claymore from Chiv, which means both it and the greatsword are confirmed. (We saw the greatsword pretty visibly in the trailer. There still hasn’t been any sighting of the zwei yet. Gulp.)

    Now, for the problem:
    Sheild Disappear 1.JPG Sheild Disappear 2.JPG

    The shield disappearing upon death has been pretty glaring in Chiv 1. It’s not like shields are small and easy to miss. I’m kind of disappointed it’s making a return in Chiv 2. Is it just a limitation of the Unreal engine, like voicelines being client-side? I hope this is something that will be polished up later. But hey, at least the head came off on the right frame, right?

    Lastly, something else I noticed:
    chain texture.JPG
    Agatha Arbiter.JPG

    That chain texture is looking a bit too familiar. This isn’t really a problem though. Why fix what isn’t broke. That being said, it is looking pretty pixelated and polygon-y (at least, when blown up from a tiny GIF). The texture on the Agathian arbiter actually looks better to me, but that might just be the lighting.

    Also, can I just say, making a long post on the Chiv forums again is a real treat. It’s so much nicer to write with the real time preview and actually being able to embed images. Reddit needs to step up its game smh.

  • Developer

    We’re impressed to see such a detailed breakdown! I did want to address one thing, right now we are despawning unequipped items on purpose and that’s why that shield in particular disappears. If the shield was equipped by the killed player, it would be dropped appropriately. But we appreciate the feedback and are always looking into ways to improve.

  • I’m not seeing the problem with unprotected spawns. How about don’t just stand there after spawning?

  • @Elite-Team-Killer Well, given Steve’s comments on #questions in Discord yesterday, it’s starting to sound like there isn’t going to be protected spawns after all; I had better start emotionally preparing for that eventuality.

    But while I still have hope, I might as well talk about them a bit more.

    I value protected spawns for a lot more than just their impact on second-to-second gameplay, but since that’s what you’re talking about, I’ll elaborate on what they offer.

    If enemies are close enough to your spawnpoint to hit you, then they have a large, unfair advantage. It isn’t as simple as whether or not you’re afk when you spawn. The enemy knows exactly where you’re positioned and in which direction you’re facing. You, on the other hand, do not know in which of the infinite directions is your enemy or even if there is one attacking you at all. Those are not fair conditions. It’s comparable to the situation of a surprise attack, except instead of earning the surprise by using the layout of the map, the enemy gains it by exploiting the fact that this is a video game and you need to appear out of nothing at some point. It’s extremely jarring to be thrown right in a fight immediately after floating around in spectator cam.

    Besides, people do just stand there after spawning. Chiv matches last upwards of half an hour, and people often play many back-to-back. It’s unreasonable to expect them to be 100% alert 100% of the time. Deaths and their subsequent respawns serve as down times between hectic fights for players to rest and type in chat. It sucks to kill players that are afk typing; protected spawns are spaces in which people can use chat out of sight and mind, thus not braking gameplay for anyone else. For a game to have good pacing, it needs to oscillate between high intensity and low intensity. Deaths give the FPS genre there moments of low intensity, and protected spawns go one step further in empowering players to choose how long they wish to collect themselves before engaging in the high-intensity gameplay again.

    Again, this is only getting into the hard, primary-loop gameplay benefits of it; they do a lot more in TO. I could genuinely write ten full paragraphs about them, no problem.

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