Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

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    Hello Chivalry fans and happy Monday!

    I am reaching out to all of you today to get some last minute ideas from you folks. We are looking for ideas on things that you would like to see, or things that you think are must-haves to be in Chivalry 2. This is basically the last window before we feature-lock Chivalry and focus on getting it all done!

    Please leave a comment below with your idea(s). If someone else suggests what you want, definitely reply or comment again so we can see the level of interest!

  • Shield jumps, of course.

  • I would like to see C:DW fighting Mechanics in the game instead of inferior C:MW ones.

  • -I would like to see amor levels that change depending on the character customization, for example if I remove the helmet on my archer, he would be more vunerable to head damage, but at the same time his aim would inprove, something like that.
    -And of corse, i know that the developers plan on maintaining the 4 classes (knight, vanguard, maa and archer), but in gamemodes like team objective where the king was included, it would be nice if the player controling it could press a button to talk, that way giving orders more easily , or you could give that ability to all players, although i would suggest to adding it depending on the gamemode.
    -Make it so that all different 4 classes have different boosts on horseback.

  • @Celso hey already said there wont be any character customization that affects combat.

  • I would like to see chivalry in steam

  • I’d love to see expanded two-player emotes like those we’ve seen in For Honor’s first concept demo but never got in the end. TF2 has something like that as well.

    Teammates being able to do friendly helmet/shield bumps, high-fives, shaking hands, cooperative laughing at someone else’s misery, shoving each other towards someone indimidating, etc. Perhaps even enemies ceremoniously touching weapons to kick off a dramatic duel?

    This would definetely take effort, but it’d help players feel more than a bunch of screaming dudes simply occupying the same space.

    If not, just having cool/funny visual emotes like Mordhau would be a step-up from the first game.

  • @Policecar Oh i didn’t see that, although it would be a nice thing.

  • I think a must have is the severely underrated combo parry mechanic you had in Chiv MW. Not to be confused with combo feint to parry, and not parry into parry. It’s when you queue up a parry during the combo window to parry during swing recovery. It was a nice way to punish late trades and save that extra bit of stamina instead of combo feint to parry. It was also greater for initiating a 1 vs many and team fights as it was one less input.

  • @bubblywums definitely need to have character customization, nothing too crazy though. Perhaps the ability to customize or combine emblems to make more personal crests? I find on the battlefield I know who people are merely by their armour and colour configuration, which is handy

  • A few things id like to see.

    -A replay system that does not have to be pre-recorded, it can run in the background and say, save the last 3 matches unless you manually decide to save one permanently, to allow people to make cool cinematics and show off their stuff.
    -The Chivalry 1 Longsword model is a big favorite of mine and id like to see it return and also one-handed, even if its not the exact same as it was before, the length in one hand was always very very cool to me.
    -Id like to see shields not kick the bucket or be overpowered, personally I like the way shields in Vanilla chivalry handled and I liked the benefits they gave and the cons they gave, some people can give some insight to their opinions as im probably somewhat biased, but I did really really like it and I do not like what Mordhau does with their shields in any capacity.
    -Id like to see the voice UI return how it was, the way that it had 10 options on it and could be flipped by pressing the button again, this allowed very nice muscle memory for easy and quick access to every voice command.
    -Id like to see some sort of exclusive cosmetics, I always always always wanted the Mason AoC helmet in Chivalry 1.

    This isnt so much an idea as a suggestion.
    Please work with your testers to try and get out any awful looking drags before release, I know drags are important but when they look absolutely terrible it can really drain the perception of the common player.
    Id like Chivalry 2 to maintain Chivalry 1s “ease of access”. A new player in Chivalry 1 could be an absolute caveman and swing and still be a threat, even if he was easily dispersed by a skilled player, he still maintained a danger factor despite being weak, I dont want to see any mechanics completely negate mindless play. People need to be achieving something even if they have no idea what theyre doing so they feel more invested and try to improve overtime, if you send them in and better players crush them and they cant ever do anything, they arent going to feel invested and they wont try to learn.

    Thanks for reading.

  • The loo shoud make an appearance somewhere with its humorous chatter plus the tombstones epitaths things

  • just want to play it!

  • Definitely do something with friendly fire… I could not stand it in first game and I was new… I was harassed by another player and the support asked video from me, did I expect to meet such toxic community? No! So now I know that I need to keep records of everything. Or you can simply turn the feature off. Or I have even better suggestion, do it like Insurgency: Sandstorm. If you hit ally, you get the damage on yourself, in this case I suggest the one who friendly fires will receive double damage reflected. Definitely turn off any manipulation with allies, you should not be able to drag your friendlies around, like in DotA where ally can throw me into enemy tower or hero, just to troll the whole game. Please think about new players, there are always gonna be trolls.

  • Please add cosmetics, I would personally love to see more plumes and also capes. Skillcapes. Maybe you can have individual levels for classes and when you reach a max level (lvl 99 pls) you get a really cool looking cape that you can rep with other classes, or maybe the cape is class locked. Regardless, capes are my favorite thing and I really like the idea of unlocking cosmetics based on leveling, or maybe even achievements.

  • @bubblywums

    • 1st Person Death
    • Chambering
    • MORPHS
    • Hit Trades (if necessary)
    • Weapon Clashing
    • Mobile Catapults
    • Destructible Physics
    • Armor Taint Options
    • Variety of Customization (that doesn’t look too out of place)
    • Directional kills, I’d like to see my opponent ragdolled in the direction I striked him, rather than watch him fall straight to the floor. It just doesn’t look right.
    • Let us be part of the objective, I want to be able to hoist a flag or push a ram towards it’s goal. Standing next to it and watching it go on its own sucks. Give us a sense of purpose.

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    physics for that chicken in the trailer :-)

  • what kind of explosions does the game have? i personally would like a back-mounted fire barrel, which explodes upon contact with fire. But can also be planted in to the ground and set for a timed explosion.

    you could think of it as a medieval kamikaze suit, i think this would fit the tone of chivalry II quite well

  • This post is deleted!

  • Using a trebuchet on a fully destructible castle would be a neat way to have some dynamic gameplay seeing as how map strategies could change on the fly accordingly as the round progresses.

    Would also like to see this paired with something like an alterac valley/conquest style map where resources are fought over and outposts are held. ( much grander than Mordhau)

    I might also be interested in seeing a clashing mechanic similar to mordhau’s as an option to play around forced trades (if trades exist in chiv 2) as it’s a very epic/cinematic/spectator friendly mechanic.

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