Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

  • @bubblywums GAME MODE IDEA - Single Combat Knockout Tournament

    Like you would come to expect back in the age…to pit yourself against other knights from the kingdom in front of the King (and in this case other players that are competing or have been eliminated already). Winners could receive special weapon/armour/horse skins. If single player tourney works out could add double teams (knights and squires) or quads (men at arms) modes too!

  • Add an Icon on UI that that shows up when I have a bandage!

  • How about we do something around walking around in a bleak, lonely wasteland because we can not play with any of our friends?!

  • I would really really like to see some kind of a “capture the flag” type map

    Doesnt have to be a flag, it could be whatever item makes sense in your heads that day. Golden pig, cursed crown, whatever.

    A straight up capture the flag map may be too hard due to bottlenecks and mass skirmishes. Looking at the “Duke map” it would be hard to come up with a map that could make it anything but a mass of people stuck on each other in a lump for an entire timer of gameplay but you guys are smarter than I in this regard.

    You could potentially utilize the catapult system to help. The fact that you can launch people and/or objects is fantastic. This could be another way to add to it.

    Then you could use this mechanic to make it a series of small skirmish fighting over access to the catapult or whatever and launch to each new area in sequence.

  • @bubblywums When horses are added, the archer should get a donkey. Or maybe have donkeys unlock as a fun selectible mount when your horse levels up to x level. You could call it the War Donkey and give it some balance, like the most powerful kick to offset the height/speed. I suppose I should have suggested already that horses/donkeys (please!) could be able to kick. It would be hilarious if you got killed by a kick and the weapon icon is a donkey in the death overlay. Or maybe have the donkey available in stables, as a little Easter egg. Thank you for reading this and also for making an incredibly fun game!

  • sounds like a wonderful plan! But right now, TB should be polishing their game first qso it becomes playable

  • I start to play chivalry from 2013 on Steam (2500hours in game). My pc was very old and I cannot spend 1000 euros for a new one.
    So I bought a Xbox and when chivalry 2 cames up I bought it instantly.
    I played for all this time with k&m on Xbox and it was not very good but still prefer played it on m&k than controller.
    Now I try to play it with controller and still a noob.
    I disabled the crossplay and I have to wait 1 minutes to find only servers with 20 people and it’s not funny, so I m forced to enabled the crossplay.
    The problem is not m&k on Xbox or ps5.
    If u support m&k on Xbox and ps5 maybe u can know if people play with controller or m&k and u can direct them to the appropriate server.
    I dunno cause I m not a programmer.
    But I know that there are a lot of players in my position.
    Sorry for bad English.
    [Warpigs] Haze.

  • When you add horses to the game can you please add x2 person chariots just for shitz and gigs

  • @bubblywums

    Here’s an idea, fix ur game before thinking of new content, after the controller hotfix the game became unplayable

  • Please add a coop mode.
    Break into the castle with an elite crew of 6-12 against some stupid bots. You die -have to wait for the next obj to be captured for respawn.
    Jail break, steal the gold, night missions, raid the caravan. A town/npcs hire you to defend the village from zombies?

    There was a little coop mode in Chivarly 1, but it was pretty basic. I think CoOp would be really fun.

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