Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

  • @bubblywums definitely need to have character customization, nothing too crazy though. Perhaps the ability to customize or combine emblems to make more personal crests? I find on the battlefield I know who people are merely by their armour and colour configuration, which is handy

  • A few things id like to see.

    -A replay system that does not have to be pre-recorded, it can run in the background and say, save the last 3 matches unless you manually decide to save one permanently, to allow people to make cool cinematics and show off their stuff.
    -The Chivalry 1 Longsword model is a big favorite of mine and id like to see it return and also one-handed, even if its not the exact same as it was before, the length in one hand was always very very cool to me.
    -Id like to see shields not kick the bucket or be overpowered, personally I like the way shields in Vanilla chivalry handled and I liked the benefits they gave and the cons they gave, some people can give some insight to their opinions as im probably somewhat biased, but I did really really like it and I do not like what Mordhau does with their shields in any capacity.
    -Id like to see the voice UI return how it was, the way that it had 10 options on it and could be flipped by pressing the button again, this allowed very nice muscle memory for easy and quick access to every voice command.
    -Id like to see some sort of exclusive cosmetics, I always always always wanted the Mason AoC helmet in Chivalry 1.

    This isnt so much an idea as a suggestion.
    Please work with your testers to try and get out any awful looking drags before release, I know drags are important but when they look absolutely terrible it can really drain the perception of the common player.
    Id like Chivalry 2 to maintain Chivalry 1s “ease of access”. A new player in Chivalry 1 could be an absolute caveman and swing and still be a threat, even if he was easily dispersed by a skilled player, he still maintained a danger factor despite being weak, I dont want to see any mechanics completely negate mindless play. People need to be achieving something even if they have no idea what theyre doing so they feel more invested and try to improve overtime, if you send them in and better players crush them and they cant ever do anything, they arent going to feel invested and they wont try to learn.

    Thanks for reading.

  • The loo shoud make an appearance somewhere with its humorous chatter plus the tombstones epitaths things

  • @bubblywums First of all, rainbow or back attack. In Asia, it’s called back atack, but you know what it means. The latest version of Mordhau has ruled out the unusual skills that long-played users often use. In Korea, after about two months, all three TO servers were destroyed because of people who left the game saying it was not fun. The same is true of most situations in Asia except for official servers. Only dual servers remained, becoming similar to the last time chivalry was. Trying to lower the entry barrier must have worked. However, users who do not reject technology along with the older generation do not like it very much. First of all, it’s not fun. People say there is nothing dynamic about hitting and playing. It’s like fighting a chivalry quarter staff Feint, who came in for the sword dance, made the game simple. Of course, those attacks that can look like ballet would be fucked by Newbies. Will these newbies remain? I will not leave but stay. No, I don’t know about other regions, but that’s what Asian users see in games and Mordhau. I was not alone in thinking, but I was told many things. Most seriously, older generations also often express disapproval of preventing such freedom. I don’t know that much. It is only Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. But I believe that the generosity of people who develop the game will somehow listen to my arguments. Thank you for making the most delightful chivalry of my life and ask for it.

  • Definitely do something with friendly fire… I could not stand it in first game and I was new… I was harassed by another player and the support asked video from me, did I expect to meet such toxic community? No! So now I know that I need to keep records of everything. Or you can simply turn the feature off. Or I have even better suggestion, do it like Insurgency: Sandstorm. If you hit ally, you get the damage on yourself, in this case I suggest the one who friendly fires will receive double damage reflected. Definitely turn off any manipulation with allies, you should not be able to drag your friendlies around, like in DotA where ally can throw me into enemy tower or hero, just to troll the whole game. Please think about new players, there are always gonna be trolls.

  • Please add cosmetics, I would personally love to see more plumes and also capes. Skillcapes. Maybe you can have individual levels for classes and when you reach a max level (lvl 99 pls) you get a really cool looking cape that you can rep with other classes, or maybe the cape is class locked. Regardless, capes are my favorite thing and I really like the idea of unlocking cosmetics based on leveling, or maybe even achievements.

  • @bubblywums

    • 1st Person Death
    • Chambering
    • MORPHS
    • Hit Trades (if necessary)
    • Weapon Clashing
    • Mobile Catapults
    • Destructible Physics
    • Armor Taint Options
    • Variety of Customization (that doesn’t look too out of place)
    • Directional kills, I’d like to see my opponent ragdolled in the direction I striked him, rather than watch him fall straight to the floor. It just doesn’t look right.
    • Let us be part of the objective, I want to be able to hoist a flag or push a ram towards it’s goal. Standing next to it and watching it go on its own sucks. Give us a sense of purpose.

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    physics for that chicken in the trailer :-)

  • what kind of explosions does the game have? i personally would like a back-mounted fire barrel, which explodes upon contact with fire. But can also be planted in to the ground and set for a timed explosion.

    you could think of it as a medieval kamikaze suit, i think this would fit the tone of chivalry II quite well

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  • Using a trebuchet on a fully destructible castle would be a neat way to have some dynamic gameplay seeing as how map strategies could change on the fly accordingly as the round progresses.

    Would also like to see this paired with something like an alterac valley/conquest style map where resources are fought over and outposts are held. ( much grander than Mordhau)

    I might also be interested in seeing a clashing mechanic similar to mordhau’s as an option to play around forced trades (if trades exist in chiv 2) as it’s a very epic/cinematic/spectator friendly mechanic.

  • @bubblywums Hello, I think the main omission in the last game you did a bad animation attacks. I’d like that you to fix this. otherwise, I personally (and perhaps others) would hate to play your game, and any content you add dont fix this mistake. Sorry for my bad english, I’m foreigner

    • Historically accurate designs for armor and weapons.
    • Ability to save many different loadouts.
    • Keybinds for each type/direction of attack.
      (Right overhead, right strike, right upwards strike, left upwards strike, left strike, left overhead, right stab, left stab, modifier: switch attack side, etc.)
    • Maybe include options for controlling attack type/direction using mouse movement direction or character movement direction.

    Also, maybe try to work closely with experienced Chivalry/Mordhau players to polish combat.

    1. Come hither spam.
    2. Hidden wooden cows in every map.
    3. Spectral Echo.
    4. Boiling oil pots to drop down on people using a ram on a gate house.
    5. Chiv 1’s longsword model.
    6. Exclusives, particularly cosmetics like emblems, weapon skins, and customizable armor/helmet for originaly Chivalry 1 veterans.

  • Single player,Story.

  • avoid certain over done content flexibility
    to avoid what happened in mordhau when a kkk bunch turned up on a server one day much to the press’s delight .
    Also leaving a section of content unlocked for future changing or upgrading of skins rank colors not sure of its techy wordings.

  • Hi !
    Great idea to ask your players what they would like to have…

    1° First, please keep the same fun, humour of characters,
    2° Same thing for graphics color, the old chivalry is a timeless, outstanding looking graphics, this why we still play a it
    3° Too many people said Mordau is better than chiv. Mordau doesn’t have the same charm, humour, no fun, no personality (for many players)
    One thing i hated is we had code for playing during 2 years on mordau not fair for the others gamers. Xp Based on gold is pure shi…
    4° The art is to produce a gameplay the more natural possible and the less complicate possible. This make an untemporal game. Chivalry one is nearly 10 years now !!!
    5° More maps, more , Team Objective , TDM, CTF of course, King protection, different scenarios.
    6° The idea of having castles destroyed by balistas is a really good one.
    i remeber the first game ever which made this Red Faction we could destroy everything the fun was incredible.
    6° fire Arrows could be fun also for certain maps.
    7° Having a game who doesnt need the last 2500 euros graphic card, 32 go and E9…will make more profit for you.
    8° One Last Thing : Can you make something like a bonus, or spécial rank for the old players of Chivalry ! could be rewarding for old players !!!

    It’s really a good news Long live the Order !!!

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    • Capture the flag
    • story driven Team Objective
    • 8 team death match with corresponding colors (much like deadliest warrior)
    • decent practice bots
    • flail weaponry (one handed flail, pole flail)
    • server remote control access
    • memes

    Thank you,
    Papsikins Heironomous Boschnlaumb Tyrannathesaurus Rex [B]uttman the 1st of Wellington

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  • @SpawnAgain44

    • Build the game around skill, with high level competitive play in mind.

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