Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    • good anti cheat system.
    • a progression system that is rewarding.
    • a global ranking system from copper to maybe platinium (with unique skins in reward).
    • heroes or a special class maybe like the ones you can see in Star wars battle Front 2 (when you get enought point you can unlock a heroe or an elite class for exemple : take the old models of each class from chivalry 1 and transform them into badass veterans with a little bit more health).
    • yeah heroes in team objective would be super cool.
    • statistics that you can see in the menu with your ratio, your current level, how many xp you need etc

    Thank you,
    you’ll always have my support ! make Chivalry 2 a best seller ! :p

  • oh and i forgot, when you’re at the end of a team objective map and you have to kill nobles or a lord, why not take the 5 first player after the one that became a lord or a noble and transform them into “elite guards” with a cool looking armor. this way everyone is happy and nobody really fight for the first place.

  • Can i get some Samurai’s?

    alt text

  • Maps and objective based modes that work for 5v5 or 6v6 gameplay with halves so teams can play both sides if asymmetrical.

    A non clunky duel mode that mimics community FFA duels but prevents randoming. Challenge a player by walking up to them and pressing a button. Other player needs to accept. Once accepted only those two players can deal damage to each other until one of them dies.

    A working pause/round restart/game restart function that server admins can use.

  • To capture realism and to be more immersive, make wearing helmets block out the corners of the screen, like they do in kingdom come deliverance in first person.

    Also, make armor more customizable to your class so adding armor to arms, legs, chests makes you stronger in those areas respectively, but on the flipside makes you move or swing your weapon slower in those areas and vice versa. Less armor could make you weaker to an attack but can move faster in areas with less armor on.

  • -Being able to launch players from the catapult.
    Not for any real benefit other than hilarity for direct hits on other players.

    -Previously Chivalry parry volume is a giant rectangle that covers the players front, would like to see more directional defenses.

    -I know chiv:dw experimented with tracer variable damage model, but what about one that has damage based on where you hit with a weapon, ex a stab is most damaging if the tracer connects with the tip first instead of being dragged onto target, or a swing is most damaging when connecting with the blade of a polearm instead of its shaft. Without affecting ttk too much, just something to simulate the difference between blade and shaft or hilt, or proper edge alignment to balance damage output of strange tracer manipulations.

    -Focus on minimizing the area a single swing/stab arc can cover. Active release tracers with a highly mobile character creates weird distance interactions where a broadsword can outreach a spear in some cases because of release time + player movement speed.

    1. Give us an immersive first person experience. Few games do the first person view right, and I want Chivalry II to be one of the few that does do it right. Give us first person deaths. From the GIF where someone is knocked down by a spear pole vault, you can observe that you can see your entire body in first person, which is incredible. The second step to making the first person experience well done is by including a shadow that is exact or near exact to the actions of your first person model and it’s animations. When we look down in first person allow us to see a large portion of our legs and lower body as much as bending down to matrix allows. And a hugely welcome addition would be a free-look button, such as PUBG does with it’s first person, that allows us to freely move our character’s head individually from our body, so that we can see our entire body at any time. This free-look system would also allow us to largely admire the customization we’ve done to our character in first person, which will make the game one of the most immersive games ever.

    2. Give us 6 attack angles that we can select by mouse movement, and an option to select the angles with key-binds. The 6 attack angles would ideally be: Right downward strike, Left downward strike, Horizontal right strike, Horizontal left strike, Bottom upper right strike, and Bottom upper left strike. Apply these angles to cutting attacks as well as stab attacks.This would be an elegant system that would allow you to attack with 6 uniquely animated and readable attacks, and make you feel in control of your swings.

    3. Give us a good customization system for our classes, so that we can make each of our classes unique and different from other player’s classes. Allow us to pick and change out each aspect of our character’s armor, as well as letting us color ideal parts of our armor, and allow us to customize our weapons and their parts.

    4. Give us weapon clashing. Mordhau is the first game to do this, and it does it very well, but I think Chivalry II can do it better. Clashing weapons with another player feels pretty badass, and makes you feel like a movie character. Clashing is very cinematic and will fit the Hollywood movie visual that the studio is going for with Chivalry II.

    I await more info and footage of the game every day, and I can’t wait to play it. I hope you take these ideas and implement them elegantly into Chivalry II, thank you guys!

  • I would like to see armor and weapons move with the environment and the way that you are moving. So for an example. You have cloth on your armor and you’re running forward so the cloth is trailing behind you and your armor is clanking and such. Add a Roman armor DLC for like 10$ or something that reskins your armor to roman armor. Add a nice city map to fight in. Make sure to have some meme things that are players can say. Add an ability to lay down traps such as caltrops for messing with horses or to be able to place barricades. Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs. I LOVE EASTER EGGS. This is inspired off a mod for the original chiv. Add a game mode like horde, but one guy starts off as a horde boss, and everyone else is a naked pleb who has to find weapons and armor around the map. Once someone dies to the player who is the “Horde”, they join the horde and hunt everyone else down. The plebs need to survive for 10 minutes and at the last minute they are shown on the map. Also a minimap feature? Add a chicken that runs around the map for no reason shouting obscenities. Give rewards for being a skillful player. Such as getting 15 kills without dying u get more xp or something or a unique color to add to your armor for hitting certain hard milestones. Add the ability to throw weapons such as a short sword or war axe. Add more lore to the game revolving around the Mason Order and Agatha Knights. God Rays? That would make the game prettier. Add the ability for your armor to get dirty. You fall off a horse and now you’re covered in mud. Ohhh this is personal but add a zone in some maps that has a “Muddy Area” You might be a knight running and all of a sudden you’re being slowed down because you’re a knight in heavy armor trying to run through an area that’s full of 3 feet of mud and fallen soldiers. Add cloaks and cape’s that you can add to your character. Tis all I want I can’t think of much more. And this is a big one. Before u join a game, the game asks, “What side art thou on?” “Mason Order or Agatha Knights”. Depending on which side you’re on, you get a certain boost. Mason order for example, would give them a boost that makes it so that they do +5% weapon damage with heavy weapons such as a Messer, but choosing Agatha would make it so that they gain +5% more weapon speed or something. I know that’s probably an unbalanced example but it’d be cool that if each side felt more distinct and would add more playstyle’s and way’s to be unique and fight.

  • I would love to see customization, especially character customization, physical appearance. It probably won’t happen, but I’d LOVE to see female characters. I’m a girl and I love playing as a chick, but if that’s not possible then eh… it would just be really cool. A female knight? Awesome! Anything and everything.

  • Add a match making system and have a ranked ladder for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 6v6 skirmishes.

  • Oh man, you’re really going to do me like that? If I had known TB were locking ideas so early I would have been writing a list since the announcement. Oh well, let’s see what I can come up with off the top of my head:

    • Bots/way to launch maps offline
      I’m aware that TB has stated that there will be no single player content at all, but that does not preclude bots in multiplayer. Of course, the server might have a bit of trouble running 32 v 32 bots, but just a couple might be nice to even out the teams. Bots in Chiv had a lot of trouble navigating, which I suspect has to do with the drop-down at spawn, but the bots in Mirage worked pretty well, so functioning bots in Chiv 2 are a reasonable possibility. Plus, bots will be obligatory if anyone wants to make horde mode.
      Along the same lines, if it isn’t too much to ask, I’d like to be able to open maps offline, even if it’s just with the console. I think it’s important to have some way to experiment with the game offline with full admin power.

    • Recording match data
      I find myself wondering what my overall win rate is when playing Chiv. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve been on a nice winning-streak, but there’s no way at all to verify this for myself. Really, the results of your past performances are completely lost to the ether as soon as each map is unloaded. Do I win more often on attack or defense? Mason or Agatha? What was my longest match ever? Shortest match? How many times have I topped the leaderboard? I’ll never know the answers to any of these questions, but Chiv 2 doesn’t have to be the same.

    • Inaccessible spawns
      I’ve talked about this a bit before, so I apologize for repeating this request. If there’s anything that I’m passionate about to a weird extend in Chiv, it’s the spawns. I get a dopamine rush every time I drop down from one for some reason. I think it’s because the protected spawns give breathing room and a sense of protection, and consciously choosing to leave that in favour of fighting is exciting. On the flip side, if I’m pushing the enemy, it’s reassuring to know that they are guaranteed to spawn outside of the playable area, meaning that I’ll never be pushed so far that they’ll spawn behind me. My favourite thing about them is that they preserve my immersion; seeing an enemy spawn takes me right out of the game, but seeing enemy assaulters run out from around the hills in Stoneshill is awesome.
      This isn’t even mentioning the intended purpose of protected spawns, which assures that players won’t be killed before they react, which imho is no fun for both parties.
      The lack of protected spawns ruined the third objective of Outpost for me. I always want to flank on Mason, but then I wind up right in the middle of the Agathian spawn. On Coldfront second objective as Agatha, you want to destroy the Mason catapults, which are right next to their spawn. If you get that far with no resistance, you can just sit inside their spawn and jump on anyone who appears, which I have done on occasion. It’s really unfun to wait around for cheap kills like that.

    • Bit of a revision to TO
      I’m almost scared to ask for any changes to TO because it is really, really good, but here goes. The weakest part of TO is the lose condition. A timer feels so arbitrary when the rest of the gamemode is rooted in the context of each map. On defence, it feels really nice ticking down those last couple minutes, but on offence, it sucks if you die with 30 seconds left and you know you’re guaranteed to lose to the timer.
      That being said, I have to say that I disliked the joint ticket/timer system of Mirage even more. Sure, it’s more contextually appropriate that each team has a limited supply of soldiers and lose when they run out, but it really stressed me out knowing that every time I stepped out of spawn I was actively giving my team lose-points. On top of that, the max kills became nearly impossible to reach if it wasn’t a 6v6.
      In my perfect world, TO would be set up such that both teams had a goal that was unique to each objective, while it still somehow remains clear who was attacking and defending. I really don’t want to give up the epic shield wall defences of Chiv 1, but it would be nice if there was another layer to them other than the attacking team throwing themselves at it one-by-one. This might seem like a crazy idea, but this is my fantasy wish list, and I can say what I want.
      At the very least, I’d like the map being lost to be a bit more climactic and cinematic rather than just fizzing out as the timer hits 0.

    • Maps referencing each other, at least in lore
      This is really cool in Chiv and Mirage. Please bring it back. Maybe I’m just a sucker for lore, but nothing screams “well-built world” louder in a game than the environments referencing each other. This was omnipresent in Mirage, but in Chiv, the only example I can think of is Darkforest and Stoneshill. The maps are too far apart across Agatha to physicallly reference each other, but at least having them all situated on a map and timeline would do wonders for the story.

    • Objectives being more competitive, but still flashy somehow
      Torch-throwing objectives do not work. We’ve seen why on Battlegrounds and Castle Assault. You can’t defend against a flying object. On attacking, it sucks to be caught out holding a torch, and your best strategy is to just keep running while taking the hits to hopefully land the torch throw despite dying; that’s boring whether you succeed or not. There’s really no room for thought on torch objectives, you either land the throw or die.
      Similarly, “hitting-the-wall” objectives are exactly as boring as they sound. You need to do reverse hits in order to keep watch for enemies, and if an enemy does challenge you, you’re helpless for a moment because you’re hitting a wall. At the end of this objective, it usually becomes “everyone run at the wall and get one hit in before you die” rather than actually strategically displacing the enemy team outside the objective’s range. I wish the objectives were set up in a way that you aren’t unable to fight while completing them, or that you can disengage with the objective quickly if an enemy spots you.
      Well, my wishes were answered in Mirage. Each objective was designed with teamfights in mind, no more immobilizing players. Yet, this went way too far on the opposite end of the spectrum. The objectives were samey (twin captures on all three maps, pushable on two) and they felt divorced from the story of the maps. (The objective rooms were clearly designed with gameplay in mind foremost, which should be perfectly fine by gamer logic, but they didn’t make me feel like I was interacting with the world.)
      I have no idea whether it’s possible to design objectives that are fun, competitive, and feel like they are actually objectives of a raid, but if it is, it would be well worthwhile.

    • Team balance somehow
      I’ve been playing Chiv a lot recently. The most anti-fun these days comes from when the teams get occasionally unbalanced - I don’t mean in terms of numbers, but in terms of high-skill players going on one side and vice versa. Whether it’s the attacking team or defending team that’s stacked, it really turns the game into a waste of everyone’s time. I’ve been typing this line out a lot today, but I don’t know how you can make teams balanced without angering players. I know I don’t like it when I get moved away from my friends for the sake of team balance, but there has to be some compromise. I’m just throwing my observations of what’s frustrating to me out here.

    • Cosmetics tied to rank - this was cool in Mirage
      That’s it. It was cool. (And I mean more often than helmets every ten ranks, but that was cool too.)

    • Campaign mode
      linking maps together. This is my fantasy wish list, remember? Anyway, enough people have written on this topic.

    • VoIP in game
      Hey look. Something else that is necessary and at the same time impossible to implement easily. Imagine that. If there is any sort of competitive queue in Chiv 2, players are going to need a way to communicate quickly. 31 Chiv players yelling racial slurs at me sounds like quite a lot to bear though.

    • Voiced, map-specific characters
      Characters are another vital way of enhancing the story. Malric and Feydrid should have had their own voices; it would have helped sell them. I only thought of this because I was imagining a map for Chiv 1 in which the last objective revolves around protecting a lord/lady of a city. And I thought it would be neat if they had a custom voice.

    • Voices for each objective/commander voices along with generic lines for future and custom maps
      This goes with the last one. In Chiv 1, pressing x5 made your warrior talk about each objective, which was really ambitious. In addition, in each spawn, you could hear your commander yelling about the current mission. Of course, this couldn’t be kept up after the first five maps. I would like to see its return in Chiv 2. Maybe this time around, some generic lines could be captured for when the future. Generic pushable, generic point capture, generic regicide, etc.

    • Score system that is more representative of contribution
      In Chiv 1, objective points were broken. In Mirage, they were slightly less broken. Hopefully this trend continues into Chiv 2, and looking at the leaderboard will actually inform you how well each player is doing.

    • Stats on all the weapons and characters available in the menu like in Chiv pre-UI patch
      This goes a long way to making the game fair and accessible. No one wants to read up on a wiki how much damage their weapons do to each class.

    • Clan symbols
      This is a dangerous game. Maybe clan symbols could be enabled only on private competitive servers.

    • Secrets are fun

    • Edit: My friend is a quarterstaff main, and asks for it to return

    Looking back, a lot of those aren’t really content suggestions, but they might still be important to consider early on in case they influence other design decisions. Idk, I’m not erasing it now.
    I was going to reorder the points based on length, but I realize that I sometimes referenced previous paragraphs, so now it has to be in this weird order.

    tl;dr Out-of-combat stuff that would make the game feel better imho.

  • Guess Chivalry 2 start develop due to Mordhau’s success… the medivel warfare still have it’s fans!

    1st, what Mordhau did well need to follow. such as riding a horse, customerlized armor, shield, weapon, skills, etc. People can also pickup the weapons that someone has dropped.

    More characters would be better. FE: the engineer is more fun in Mordhau, the bear trap as well.

    And the catapult can move is more fun than a fixed poisition one. It means we can steal it from the opposite :)

    more maps! more maps! more maps! Chivalry is much better than Mordhau, but more maps can have more funs. but don’t forget the map balance. It’s important. Chivalry is doing well way than Mordhau.

  • Especially the comp players would wish for an archer-free or even completely ranged-free game mode (including no throwables, firepots, ballistas, catapults, horses etc.) or archer-free public servers.

  • Global Moderator

    @intox said in Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!:

    Especially the comp players would wish for an archer-free or even completely ranged-free game mode (no throwables, firepots, ballistas, catapults, horses etc.)

    Creating modes for everyone’s wishes would be difficult, So maybe like Chivalry Medieval Warfare, where you could limit each class through the Game.ini. Maybe allowing more customisation through the cfg’s (all weapons, class, mountables, respawn times etc etc) to create private server suitable to your wishes ?

  • More Emphasis on Cinema and Common Sense.

    New players are often turned off by Chivalry, Mordhau, Mount & Blade, For Honor etc. because the multiplayer combat becomes all about the meta (which always looks bad). Please make the game look Cinematic and follow common sense even at high ranks.

    For example, spears should out reach daggers. Make the weapons count as a “collision” box (e.g. a wall) even when they’re inactive. That way people can’t run past your weapon model (not without some forethought at least) and facehug spam you as was so common in MW.

    See how they can’t just walk past your point and get in your “bubble”? ee769041-d54e-4aa7-a1fd-f3996e4d9d6c-image.png

    A second example would be animations that look like the character has at least a single athletic bone in his/her body. The Mordhau animations are objectively terrible with their one-handed polearm thrusts that also use the wrong foot to lunge with (and Chivalry: MW’s animations are just old). Yes, the bar has been set low…but please go above it.

    P.S. Can we please stop trying to fix shields by making them take more stamina? It looks bad, it feels bad, and it’s terrible logic. If you don’t want held blocks then give them a 10% bigger parry box and 20ms longer parry window (and maybe they cost less stamina to use like the Mordhau targe).

  • Destructible environments ala battlefield that would make each map playthrough unique and make the world feel more alive

  • Gday guys.

    As long as there’s sling, flail and the dubaxe I’ll be happy tbh.

  • @Lilboots if they handle the restriction of classes like it’s possible in CMW in the game files it would simply be no improvement at all (and it would require the rental of an own server; and creating a private game each time is no permanent solution).
    As I’m still playing CMW actively, I know that there’s a huge interest in the option of archer-free servers to make the gameplay more fair and more competitive (could be used for pugs or scrims for example).

    If the concept of a ranged-free game mode is not viable, I’m sure that many people would love archer-free public servers.

  • I really hope you can focus weapon balance around team objective mode first and foremost. Also ranked team objective with smaller squad based objectives would be awesome. Please have good team objective maps, or this game will turn stale fast…

    • a multiplayer campaign mode :
      Other people already proposed this idea but i think it would be a huge addition to the game : you link the maps together if agatha win, they push and vise versa. but let the winning team chose which territory they want to fight next via a global map of the continent.

    • beeing able to see the potential next map in the back ground :
      connecting the world together in addation of a multiplayer campaign mode would be amazing.

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