Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

    • FFA servers!
    • Enemies dropping weapons so that you can pick them up and use them
    • Throwing all weapons: Let me throw my 2handed swords and axes at my enemies, even if it’s not the most effective way to play.
    • Character customization: not only visual, but with talents/perks. Maybe even active skills like in Mirage.
    • Matchmaking system and the ability to queue up as a group.
    • Climbing up small ledges (like you could do in Mirage)
    • Duel mode

  • @bubblywums

    Competitive TO Maps fit for 5v5
    A demo system
    Ranked 5v5
    Stat collection tools

    Make halberd best weapon in game

  • Don’t know if this has been said before. Maybe incorporate ducking while moving ? Ducking down, leaning right and leaning left.

  • Ok so first of all, improve your forums. I’ve applied for a new account MONTHS ago and still haven’t received the confirmation e-mail. I’m only able to post here because I remembered I had this old account, but upon logging in I was greeted with a creepy message telling me how you collect our personal data and asking me to accept it before I can use the forums. Whatever it is you’re doing, get rid of that. I realize you also have Discord, but the more places people can talk about your game and give feedback the better.

    Now, gameplay-wise:

    • You don’t have to copy every improvement Mordhau did, of course, but sword clashing (aka chambering) is essential; it’s what makes sword fights look more real and believable. It was even (partially) implemented in Chivalry 1 via a mod, and Mount & Blade also has chambers. Not that you have to worry about copying Mordhau after they ripped off your game anyway.
    • Being able to climb objects is another essential feature, and it would feel really weird to move to a game where we can’t do it.
    • Picking up weapons from the ground is another feature that should probably be implemented.
    • Stamina has always been a cancerous mechanic in these games, as it punishes people for using the mechanics your game has to offer and turns balanced fights into a stamina war. Once you’re out of stamina you lose and that’s it; that sucks. Removing it completely probably wouldn’t be a good idea, but in my opinion the player’s stamina should be fully recovered after he gets stunned for depleting it. Being stunned AND still having low stamina is too much of a punishment.
    • And, lastly, please be very careful when implementing crazy new features like that hit to the head that stuns your opponent, which you’ve shown us in one of your Discord gifs. The spear kick gif was pretty awesome but this one doesn’t seem to be fun to be honest. If you’re adamant on implementing it, well I just hope it’s a minor feature that is easily counterable and can’t be abused.

    I wish the entire team good luck and won’t bash you for choosing Epic Store, even though I’ll be waiting for the Steam release.

  • No more AnotherGameDLC like a Deadliest.
    Please concentrate to Main part’s expansion.

    and, i dont like MxxDHxU’s horse and firebomb.

    Im using google transration, sorry.
    Thank you.

  • Trade hits are very ok. I actually hate Mordhau’s first-hit-to-flinch system. The problem with trades in Chivalry wasn’t that a messer knight could gamble and trade hit you… the problem was that he could reliably gamble trade hit you. Preventing obnoxious trades in Chivalry 2 should be about making smarter weapon balance decisions.

    For example:

    Messer was obnoxious in Chivalry because it was perfectly fast and perfectly slow AND any mistake was rewarded with a trade hit… which put the messer ahead in a fight even after it messed up. Messer was supposed to be slower, shorter and, thus, harder to use than a longsword but it wasn’t… because it was still fast enough to reverse just as well, slow enough to drag way better and if a reverse missed, one could bring it back around for a spin drag. It also had more reach because you could drag it out for more range than even a longsword’s stab.

    Messer stab was also just as good as a longsword’s since a messer stab on a MAA/Vanguard left them at one shot for a slash… and the slower messer stab could drag more for better side stabs that people weren’t expecting from a messer.

    My point is: Messer has pretty much every advantage over longsword and was only “equal” on paper. A truly balanced Messer would have had the same attack speed as a longsword but better damage at the cost of less range. Then it would have had equal accels/drags to longsword and a weaker stab… but decent damage… and less obnoxious trades due to less range.

    The same logic applies to Poleaxe Overhead trades, etc. Shouldn’t the windup of a poleaxe overhead be extended to make intentional trades riskier? The overhead swing itself could be made faster if windup is increased so it doesn’t have a buffed drag. Developers should be very diligent when playing with weapon stats this time around.

    I hope to see all of Chivalry’s weapons and skins… even claymore, brandi, messer and norse… but hopefully they are better balanced in Chivalry 2.

  • Double and multiple KO chance - if you don’t add this chance the game will be frustrating because every time when both players are low health and strike each other same time only one player dies;add flail weapons, archery must be very hard to master but very deadly, and i hope that you will release this game on steam also, keep good work to the game, deadliest warrior addon have a huge potential in the new chivalry.

  • INSTANT REPLY CAMERA on death, so you may understand who and how killed you

    DETAILED DAMAGE STATS so you may notice who damaged you, and what you made in reply.

    CHAT ROOM after round ends, so you may discuss it until you manually press “Join next round”

    FASTER LEG KICK and SHIELD KICK (and make it almost unblockable), so we will use it more often!

    LIGHT WEAPONS should do less damage against armored units and should take some damage even when block succeed

  • Be original, but… you can add some things that other games have. Use some features of mordhau and mount and blade, or medieval games, like medieval total war. Also, in mounted combat, why not some classes for mounted combat? If is a mounted crossbowmen, he will have a lighter crossbow. Or types of horses: Normal horses, Fast horses, mailed horses, armoured horses, and… why not? some elephants. And I say for mounted classes, with lighter equipment or heavier equipment. Lancers, knights, archers, javenlinmen jinetes. And in siege equipment, ballistas, catapults, working trebuchets, working mortars, cannons, etc.
    Add also slings classes and ammo and special ammo. Attach a stick to a sling for have more distance, and fire firepots and oil pots. And handgunns, very slow, slower than a crossbow, and with very low attack distance, but powerful. Also many tipes of shields. More weapons, and a training map like in c:dw, for train your abilities, and a gaunlet, like in that game. And still have the same gamemodes and maps, but add ones, like battle royales or improve the horde mode. And in horde mode improve your armor, to have no armor, to have low armor and to have later heavy armor. And add some weapons, like the pikes, halberds, and make a phalanx with that. And i say, diferent types of armor: Gambeson, plate armor, lamellars, and that. Thanks.

  • PLEASE make an option in settings to disable the games built-in gamepad support. ive had alot of trouble finding the file to manually disable it so i can use my gamepad properly with its own software.

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