Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

  • statue of clock tower

  • Add peasant weapons

  • I was about to add some amazing things, then realized the thread was from 8 months ago lul.

  • hello all, i will admit right now that i’m a M&B warband guy, played chivalry when it was an HL:2 mod, and later when it was a stand alone, but Always preferred warband.
    That said, warband is dying due to age, and its sequel, “bannerlord” is a total fail from my point of view.
    i have access to the beta of bannerlord, an i can say its flawed in the bones, mods cant save it because many flaws are hard-coded.
    while it will for sure have success for single-player, i’m sure it will hard fail on multiplayer, especially on the long run.
    so, i sincerely see a big opportunity for Chivalry 2 to be “the one and only” for MP medieval massacre!
    so… what keeps me and friends from playing bannerlord is the class system, especially equipment system, we all love to be able to choose every piece of our equipment, our weapons, armour ecc…
    what we dont like of chivalry is the complex combat system, i mean it need 3 different Keys to swing vertical, horizontal and trust… while M&B games are far moure intuitive, just giving the direction with the mouse and using just one key to attack. plus the missing of charged blows. it will also help differentiate from Mordhau.
    i know combat system will probably not change, but i suppose it was worthing say it.
    a bit of agility is also welcome, like being able to climb on objects ecc…

    i really hope chivalry 2 can take that “sweet spot” that will be left empty from M&B series.

    best wishes.

  • Really, the only thing that ruined chivalry for me in the past was the fact that you could do a complete 360 while in an attack animation. If that is removed then you have a real advantage on your previous iteration of the game.

    As for ideas, if it’s not too late, would be to (mostly aesthetic):

    • Add actual character customization in regards to facial hair/skin color appearance of anyone not wearing a plate helmet and gauntlets.
    • add vambraces to archer’s forearms (this could be a cosmetic item sold later in the life cycle of your game)
    • add a “view block” for people wearing helmets…(Knights and vanguards) although I know that might be a bit of an ask and is completely based on the person playing if they enjoy that or not.
    • Maybe some sort of system that advances you within a house or faction relating to your account where “Faction based items are unlocked”. An example would be a mason order within the mason faction and by leveling with this “order or house” you are granted access to certain armor and weapon skins. (this would add replayability)
    • Bring back the ability to “stick” to spikes and other various traps. This was available early on and was removed from the first iteration. (nothing is better than kicking someone into spikes and making them stick awkwardly to a wall, or falling into a spike pit to actually be skewered instead of a generic death animation.)

    That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head, I believe you guys have the knowledge needed for the actual “core” gameplay mechanics. I trust you entirely on this aspect of the game. I would just like to see more variation in characters than the first iteration, basically.

    Hope some of these ideas help out!

  • Hello!

    It would be really neat if Chivalry 2 could have the same freedom for combos as Chivalry 1 where you could combo from the same side with pretty much all weapons. In Chivalry 2 you can’t.

    In my opinion it would lead to more diverse playstyles in general, greater options in 1vX and teamfights playing around your teammates and do less teamdamage with more controlled combos.
    To be clear by comboing from the same side i mean this:

    Right slash to right overhead (does not show vice versa but is possible):

    Left slash to left overhead (does not show vice versa but is possible):

    Competitive player in both Chivalry 1 and Mordhau with almost 5k hours in total both games included. Figured i really missed the same side combos from Chivalry 1 playing Mordhau as it felt very limited being locked to opposite directions only. Cheers <3

  • Must have for console.

    120fps mode on series-x and ps5 (1080p is fine).

  • This post is deleted!

  • @bubblywums Greetings, me and @Younder long time console chiv players, came up with the idea of a social hub mode and in-game currency gained from team objective, ffa, duels and even clan wars (to make things spicy). It would be cool to see a place like this where you can interact with other players and npc merchants to spend your currency and buy skins, go to the tavern, and even duel in front of a crowd of other players in a 1v1 or 2v2 in a confined space… just a place where you can relax between matches or just hang out with your friends and interact, instead of doing it in free for all (which can be bad for the game and killed console chiv imo)… even a customizable clan hub that you can upgrade(with currency),where you can train with your clan and host clan wars would be nice and add depth to the game

  • Flails, this game needs flails. one and two handed.
    Reach, I have the feeling reach is way off, it feels as if the long sword has the same reach as a pole arm.
    Chances for weapon effects as they were intended. For instance the bilhook, originally made to dismount soldiers, but in this case when pushing someone away it follows up with an attempt to stumble the enemy, bringing him to the ground. A flail could have a chance to ignore a block.

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