Just blowing off some steam…

  • To even MENTION in the forums of a game that uses unlocks that you want to skip them. Yes, SKIP THEM. YOU WILL AWAKEN THE MONSTERS OF HELL. You will be committing blasphemy, MADNESS! People will assume you are another noob complaining and will start talking of entirely different topics to the point where you doubt they even READ YOUR POST.

    Ugh, this shit is starting to PISS ME OFF.
    The irony of life: Idiots assuming the one person who does use his logical reasoning ability is another idiot. Take a look in the fucking mirror.

    It almost seems that all those people, with however much zeal they write in “This-thing-is-overpowered” posts, really want to balance the game. But if somebody touches their RANK/EXP/LEVEL…. Oh man, all hell will break loose. It seems almost like they do really want that advantage over other but either don’t realise it or just deny it.

    B-L-A-R-G-H people are such retards SO DAMN OFTEN(My apologies to any actual retards for comparing the stupid sheep humanity is to you)

    Now, of course, I make mistakes too. But I do play games in a generally fair spirit and never mind it if they get balanced, and I almost always give arguments for what I say, instead of just bashing.

    Devs (And other people who are going to get into a position of power), I beg of you, never stop listening to LOGIC AND REASON, it doesn’t matter if it’s somebody’s first post. Most people are ignorant bastards on purpose, please don’t become like them.

  • Rest assured, logic and reason are the weapons Torn Banner Studios wields every day.

    That said, our forums are not the place to blow off steam. If you want to make a polite and constructive post on the topic of in-game unlocks, please feel free to do so.

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