Email not getting through?

  • ive been having some trouble with chivalry and i tried to send them a email. turns out it didnt go through because someone who worked for them told me so. so i sent another. the exact same one. no reply. i sent another kinda as a test one to see if it would go through. no reply! what the hell is going on? ive tried to be patient with all of this but i do have my limits. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? this is the email i was givin.

  • Is your correct email? Checking with everyone to see what might be up.

  • yes it is and thank you. i really appreciate it.

  • Is it a problem with your key? That’s the only kind of support that gets handled there.
    Everything else is handled in the support forums.

    If it’s the former, I recommend resending. Otherwise, post it here.

  • it’s not that. it’s that i never even got the key. i dont know if i maybe deleted the email on accident or maybe somthing els might have happend but i have not recieved a my key. thats all this is about.

  • Oh, well then. Sorry about that.
    If you bought it on Kickstarter you can PM me your kickstarter email address or if you bought it on the humble bundle, PM me your transaction ID and i’ll get you taken care of.


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