What is the point of using secondary weapons?

  • I don’t understand the point of using secondary weapons like daggers or short swords. If I’ve got my big beefy sword as a Knight, why would I want to change to a falchion or w/e? I don’t see the point. If I master the main weapon I have a bigger advantage in combat.

    If it were possible to somehow be disarmed and have to resort to secondary, that would make sense… or if you could quickly pull it out after a big whiff so you could quickly block or retaliate (like a sidearm in a FPS when you miss with your sniper rifle up close).

    But as it stands I see no reason at all to use the secondaries.

  • Because its usually faster than your primary weapon. Really helps if you go like Knight vs MAA sometimes

    Different fighting style too.

  • You might bring a maul as your main and a falchion as a secondary. They have very different roles.

    Alternatively since you say you have the 2h sword maybe you wanna bring the mace as a secondary. So you can mix it up if you have a skilled opponent in heavy armour.

  • As the others have said it depends on what you’re up against.
    It also doesn’t hurt to have a different kind of secondary weapon than a primary. If you have a falchion as a primary you might want a mace or something stabby as a secondary to deal with knights etc.

    The different classes have different armor values against the various types of damage.

  • When your primary weapon loses durability and becomes much less effective, its time to switch to your secondary weapon

  • Weapons can lose durability?! How?

    And I assume blunt damage is better vs armor whereas blades are better for unarmored?

    I seem to be killing everyone with the knight’s big 2-hand sword, but other knights do take a while to go down, whereas the mace spam seems to kill me super fast.

  • Weapons don’t break.

    And yea, blunt and piercing damage is strong against armour. If you wanna keep using your 2h then stab more.

  • Damage resistances overview:


    Swing = 1
    Pierce = 0.9
    Blunt = 0.8

    PierceBlunt = 0.85
    SwingBlunt = 0.9
    PierceSlash = 1


    Swing = 0.85
    Pierce = 0.85
    Blunt = 0.85

    PierceBlunt = 0.85
    SwingBlunt = 0.85
    PierceSlash = 0.85


    Swing = 0.6
    Pierce = 0.8
    Blunt = 0.7

    PierceBlunt = 0.75
    SwingBlunt = 0.65
    PierceSlash = 0.6


    Swing = 0.4
    Pierce = 0.5
    Blunt = 0.6

    PierceBlunt = 0.55
    SwingBlunt = 0.5
    PierceSlash = 0.4

    (damage is multiplied by the specified number)

  • For a Man-at-Arms there is usually no reason to use your secondaries except for humiliation purposes or something.

    For Vanguards, you have powerful secondary axes for taking on shield users much easier, as well as the archer/MaA secondaries to use as finishers, as VG attacks will often leave the target with very little HP after 1-2 hits depending on the weapon, and the shortsword/cudgel are very fast weapons for landing that last blow.

    For Knights, you essentially have 6 extra primaries. The MaA weapons are very powerful, and give you more options to use with a shield. They also let you use a shield with a MaA weapon while wielding a 2handed weapon as your primary, which can be useful for taking on different opponents - shields for example are extremely effective against spears and polearms which are reliant on easily blocked stabs.

  • I’ve found using secondaries as a Man-At-Arms really useful when going up against archers and their lighting fast butter knives. Some archers are really skilled at defending with it, since its faster to draw into defence posture than your primar weapon. Especially if you use the slower Man-At-Arms weapons like the morningstar.

  • I use longsword and mace as a knight. Mace is usually better when it comes to beating other knights.

  • With Vanguard I use the secondary a lot with the charge. You can switch while sprinting if there are friendlies around. Your Vanguard charge attack now becomes over head.

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