What did you love/hate about the first Chivalry?

  • I might do a lengthy post later. In the spirit of the topic. How about we keep this not as a debate but answer the question as it’s asked in the email link.

    The combat is free flowing and original. The first time I’ve experienced a melee game where I didn’t have to choose a linear parry up down right left. Do a up down right left attack. Very raw. Learning was extremely frustrating and fun. I’ve still never watched or looked up any how to do this or that’s and can top the Team Objective charts with my own style.

    Team Objective. As mentioned in the link, you can play it a variety of ways. Maybe your KD isn’t great, well you can focus on the objective. Lure people away. Camp. Backstab. Rambo in. Be a little healer runner. Fight with your team. Hide in the back of your team. Make enemies hit each other. Sneak way around and attack the a group of enemies from the back. Find a place and declare you shall not pass! Be King!

    Ballerina, Dragging. You can develop a very neat flow. I like these mechanics. However animations should not be unreadable.

    The plethora of little polish given to the game. Search filters, vote kicks, chat mute, etc etc.

    The console commands.

    Map editor.

    Third person. It’s harder to parry but lets you see more. I love it. I played first person for the first year+.

    Option to always run.

    Bugs, mostly eventually addressed, ghost swings etc.

    Out of sync? Sometimes in matches you would get some kind of out of sync mode, where everything was super easy to parry and it was very hard for others to parry you. Some people might know how to exploit it. It was a random blessing, but it made the game feel a bit pointless when I knew what was going on.

    Bugs that were left in on purpose like ROH. If your to ashamed to add it to a tool tip, then don’t keep it your game. Think if the official Chivalry Video was 2 armies of people ROHing…

    Bad hardware optimization. Maybe it’s just the way it was originally made. On my 5700 non XT and 2600x, I still struggle to maintain 120 fps with med settings on 1080p. I started off with Phenom 3? 275 nvidia. went to a 4690k amd 280. Nvidia 970 to here.


    Really I still love the game as is. If it had decent optimization, even with any of the other cons. The unrivaled combat mechanics and TO are still unmatched. Match making would be a good next step in Chiv 2.

    Keep TO and the free flowing combat.

    Thanks for all your hard work! Been playing off and on since open beta!

    p.s. I also loved all the little mini events you guys used to do! It was awesome getting into them. And you did listen to community on all the amazing polish.

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