Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

  • Sept. 12th

    Question: How many weapons are planned for launch?
    Answer: Lots is a good number

    Question: Can we pick up fallen foe’s weapons/ shields?
    Answer : Totally. But you may want to wash your hands after.

    Question: Aside from dropkicks, what other funny/exciting moves can players pull off?
    Answer: We’ve seen some pretty fun things in playtests, and there’s lots of opportunity for situational humour. Dropkicks are just one small addition, there is a large amount of new exciting combat moves that we’ll reveal in the future! Looking forward to people getting their hands on it and finding the funny/exciting things for themselves!

    Question: Are the maps in Chiv 2 dynamic? For example can walls be destroyed by catapults?
    Answer: There is a certain degree of dynamic in each map, but not of that scope for now. But we are definitely looking into optimized options to have more of those fun systems implemented. :heart:

    Question: Should we expect a system based on classes (knight, vanguard, …) that would be pretty much the same as the one used in Chivalry 1 ?
    Answer: Chivalry 2 will feature a four-class system: Knight, Vanguard, Footman and Archer. We find the four class system works well to support a variety of playstyles. These roles will have slight variations from the counterparts in Chivalry 1 however. We are hoping to have more unique roles for the classes this time around, but more on that later!

    Question: is there going to be a system implemented like in chivalry one that limits the player for choosing a certain class with set weapons/armour or will the customization be individual with Armor and weapon choices like Mordhau ?
    Answer: On the class selection screen, each class can choose what weapon they want to wield among a predefined list. Armors are cosmetic and can be changed outside of games in your armory.

    Question: Will there be player-controlled characters like the king at the end of some maps / every map? (And will there be other non-king player controlled characters?)
    Answer: Absolutely, putting players into important dynamic roles is part of the core of our approach with team objective maps!

    Q: how final are the animations?
    A: Pre-alpha , we are focusing on getting them in better shape so we can show off more of the game. The game feel is there and very smooth during playtests but many of the visual blends between different possible gameplay states (there are a lot this time around!) are what make the animations look snappy or poppy at times currently

    Q: Since trades decreases 1vx potential , ill trades be in the game? If so will trades only work for ripostes attacks or all kind of attacks? (Really hope for ripostes only like mordhau)
    A: There will not be hit trades on basic attacks in Chiv2, the enhanced moveset makes this more complicated to answer, but as you say, not having trades dramatically reduces 1vmany potential, so with the whole of the new combat system considered, we moved away from them.

    Q: Why after 20 years have the masons failed to destroy the remnants of a lost crusade?
    A: This is your assumption

    Question: can we sit? i mean, on the floor
    Answer: You can sit on the floor and on certain… thrones. Sitting is the most major new addition to Chivalry 2. When you sit it will change the way you see the game. Because you’ll be a bit closer to the ground. You can notably admire our new grass system from up-close while waiting to get decapitated.

    Q: how important is 1vX potential (i.e., the realistic ability to kill multiple people who aren’t bad at the game) to you when developing and balancing the combat?
    A: It is essential because fighting multiple opponents at the same time is a core part of the fantasy of being a master swordsman or medieval hero. Finding a way to overcome the odds and emerge victorious is the core of the game

    Question: Is the team experimenting with destructible objects/environments? Will each level have battles in different weather/time of day? How much can the players change the battlefield over the course of the round? (i.e in chiv burning the wheat fields)
    Answer: We want our maps to feel alive and give players the possibility to have an impact on them. Nothing feels better than creating chaos and admiring your work. For that purpose we have already many options to offer players and we are planning to add many more in the future.

    Question: Will peasant hats earned in Chiv 1 be carried over?
    Answer: It’s possible we may recreate some cosmetics from Chiv 1 into Chiv 2 but at the moment they won’t be carried over. It’ll give you something to work towards again in Chiv 2. :slight_smile:

  • Sept. 26th

    Q: Do you plan to give us “No Archers TO” servers like in Chiv1?
    A: There will be a variety of official server options and customizable settings for community servers as well. We are happy to provide the server options that see reasonable player support.

    Q: Will the maps include NPCs like last games peasants and royal families
    A: You bet! Players won’t be the only ones roaming or cackling around.

    Q: If the 4 classes are meant to be distinct from one another, but you say that you can pick up weapons from dead players, how have you planned to make sure someone doesn’t just hoard a bunch of OP weapons that they wouldn’t be able to spawn with normally? Or is that not an issue you think will be problematic?
    A: Players’ inventories are limited. You can only hold one primary weapon, one secondary, etc. so you can’t horde weapons. There are also differences between classes beyond just their loadout, and these won’t change when you pick up a new weapon, so the pickups may be less useful for you than they were for their original owner.

    Q: Will all classes be able to ride horses or just some of them?
    A: Anybody can ride a horse.

    Q: How many different map styles are there? Bright and sunny like [D]runken Bazaar, cloudy like in the GIFs, etc.
    A: We will have as much variety as we want. Without spoiling we currently have some maps that have a set weather/time of the day that impacts the gameplay.

    Q: Flaming deaths and gore? I don’t remember if you guys commented on fire or oil pots making a return, but it would be cool if characters got different death anims depending on how they die.
    A: We will have different ways to die outside of simple combat, with their own death animations mixed with some good ol’ ragdoll to make it even more fun.

    Q: are tiered helmets returning?
    Q: will there be cosmetics that melee gods can earn to showcase their skill level?
    A: We definitely want player customization to be able to reflect their experience, while not limiting the options for unique customization. There will be a wide range of customization that will reflect your skill and accomplishment playing the game.

    Q: Is there gonna be proper lore?
    A: Yes, for players interested in it. We’ve tried to really flush out the story-based conflict in Chivalry 2 and players can expect an exciting continuation of the story of Chivalry 1, set 20 years after the civil war. It’s important to the core experience that you feel like part of an army with an agenda and are in the middle of a war being waged between sides. In terms of fun stuff, there will be a proper video to explain the story setup, and lots more stuff too. If you don’t care about lore that’s also fine.

    Q: How do horses affect the map design compared to Chivalry 1? (Do all maps have horses?)
    A: Horse riding and mounted combat are a great new addition and we want to make them feel great to play. For that we are making sure that the maps that have cavalry are easy to navigate on horseback while still giving to on-foot players ways to deal with enemy horses.
    [Editor’s note: I think the implication here is that not all maps have cavalry.]

    Q: Will we see the same weapons return to Chivalry 2 or are we looking forward to a new array of tools of death?
    A: We covered many of the most common weapon types in Chivalry 1, however what will really set things apart in Chivalry 2 is that we have more weapon-specific animation sets to make the differences between the weapons feel more substantial and interesting.

    Q: I believe the new combat mechanics/moves are ways of skill expression ment to be good options in high skill play. How will you guys prevent them from becomming cheesy options that might get spammed as e.g. openers? will we see cooldowns or other restrictions?
    A: The new combat moves are integrated into the freeform comboing system in ways that provide tradeoffs for players with every option. While their may be some spam protection (Stamina cost, can’t combo from same move into same move etc.) for the most part the moves themselves are better or worse to use in different scenarios which prevents them from being cheesed.

    Q: How different will be the marketing be from Mirage? Videos, ads. I want the real life videos “chivalry or death” back!
    A: Significantly different marketing to Mirage, though that’s a big question that can’t be given full attention in this context. Safe to say that we learned a lot of lessons (both marketing, product and design wise) with Mirage and it’s made our approach to communicating what Chivalry 2 is, all the better. Obviously we are in a quieter period now where our goal is to dripfeed quality community content and save some key information / material for later. Expect marketing pushes to get much more interesting in 2020.

    Q: What’s the design philosophy behind objectives this time around? Are you going for highly competitive like Mirage or cinematic like Chiv?
    A: We are aiming to capture the iconic, movie-inspired medieval warfare experience, so definitely leaning much closer to Chivalry 1 than Mirage, and trying to push the objectives even further. We have a wide range of objectives, many even unique to maps, that aim to capture the feeling of being in a medieval war theater. So you can expect to have epic and visually impressive moments during your progression in a map.

    Q: Will there be a dodge ability?
    A: There will be a variety of movement options that weren’t possible in the first game. We’ll share more info in the future.

  • Oct. 4th

    Q: will faces be customizable?
    A: Yes, we have a bunch of premade faces but you can also customize them with scars, eye color, facial hair, tattoos, facepaint and dirt.

    Q: Torn Banner Team, would it be outside the realm of possibility for there to be like, holiday themed maps for chiv 2? Some games just add themed decorations to existing maps, some games create a temporary game mode, I’m just wondering in general about seasonal events, and the possibility of maps changing season. Thanks.
    A: Having temporary events that follow real-world ones is something that we want to do. But I cannot tell you to what extent yet.

    Q: Can I use the flag as a weapon in non team-modes? I always wanted to use the flag on knight in Chiv outside of TO or on gamemodes/maps that didnt use the flag.
    A: Flags, like many other objects, can be picked-up and thrown at your opponents. Perfect to humiliate your pesky nemesis.

    Q: A couple Torn Bannermen have stated that they’ve been wanting to make Chiv 2 for a long time, even during Chiv 1’s development. Are there any ideas or aspects of Chiv 2 that were thought up in this era, and that just couldn’t be realized in Chiv 1? More specifically, was there any thought of how the lore might extend into a sequel?

    A: I [playerhayter] started at TBS a bit after Chivalry 1 came out so I can’t speak specifically to discussions that happened then. But everything we’re doing in Chivalry 2 has been in our heads for a long time. There was of course discussion about making the sequel after the first title (but as explained extensively elsewhere, we wanted to do a sequel “right” and felt that a back-to-back sequel would have resulted in a weaker game and we wanted more experience). It’s probably best to think of Chivalry 2 as being the game we wanted to make in the first place if we had the collective studio experience to do it far better (as fun as it was). In regards to the lore, we definitely spent a while in those years after Chiv 1 discussing what might have happened after the events of that game. We wanted the story to be a bit easier to understand and connect to, i.e. with relatable surface simplicity and then even more depth and plot intrigue below the surface. I don’t want to say much more though because it will be fun for people to discover the story.

    Q: Hey Devs, I have a two part question. Firstly, when you consider Mordhau, do you see it as not so much a competitor but more of an ecouraging litmus test for you to gauge the size of the player base and various issues you could expect for Chiv 2? And Secondly, how have you chosen to approach these issues, given the rebooted popularity in the genre, when it comes to issues such as server stability, and community toxicity etc?
    A: With Mordhau and medieval games in general, we honestly think it’s great that the genre has so much more life in it today than in did when the first game was released back in 2012. What was once niche - especially on the multiplayer side - has become considerably more accepted as a fun core part of the games market. We’ve certainly played Mordhau and of course pay attention to any issues we perceive happening there on a regular basis, because the lessons learned there are often applicable to us too.

    Q: There has been speculation that parries can be held indefinitely, making virtually every weapon able to be used in a shield-like fashion. I believe this is based on what people have seen in the seventh released gif. Is this true?
    A: We aren’t able to talk in much detail about any individual aspect of the combat system at the moment. Stay tuned for more in-depth information about how the new combat system works as a whole in the future. There are certainly changes to be expected with parries and new things that are possible with them.

  • Q: Can Chivalry 2 run on Windows 7 or is that more of an EGS thing?

    A: We presently support Windows 7 but since Microsoft’s ending support for it in January we may not be able to commit to shipping with it. Official minimum requirements are yet to come!


    Q: Are there animals/creatures besides horses we can expect to see in the game?

    A: Yes, other animals aside from horses appear in the game. You’ve already seen the chickens. You’ll be able to interact with some animals in hilarious ways. There might be more animals too but you’ll have to stay tuned.


    Q: Can we carry chickens and use them as decoys?

    A: You can do many things with our chickens. Decoy is not one, but if you are creative enough maybe you can make it work!


    Q: Will Chiv 2 have a much more enhanced Team Objective like we’ve seen in Chiv 1? Any major differences and/or improvements?

    A: Chiv II team objective maps are bigger and richer than the Chiv I ones, so you can expect more objectives per map and more variety among them. Also when it comes to team objectives we leave only our imagination (and code) be our limit.


    Q: will weapons have skins?

    A: Yes, weapon skin variants are a thing!



    Sound questions for Buckley:


    Q: How much effort is being put into surround sound? Would it be recommended to set up a heavy duty stereo system to fully immerse myself, or will I need to stick to headphones cranked up with other noises turned down to make sure I hear feet moving behind me (especially with lower FOV nerfs incoming I cant see enemies anymore)

    A: A good deal of effort! I recently upgraded my studio to a 5.1 surround monitor + subwoofer setup so that I can ensure positioning is clear in surround sound. Also we are using WWise for this sequel so I can easily directly route sounds to specific speakers or to the subwoofer.


    Q: With SFX being a very important resource for one’s situational awareness in combat, how will you go about the player receiving important audible information? We had thing like footsteps in chiv 1. Can we expect any similar, or even more/new audible factors catering to this in chiv 2?

    A: You can expect even more. Footsteps for example, increase in volume not only by proximity, but by velocity, so somebody charging in will be making quite a bit of ruckus. We also have new attenuation tools with Wwise such as cone attenuation which allow me to pinpoint the travel sounds of arrows that are coming your way, so you can hear them coming with more time to react before being hit.


    Q: I imagine the possibility of 64 unique players in one server brings up many new challenges SFX and audio wise. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

    A: The biggest challenge has been to deliver a rich, full featured audio experience whilst managing the number of audible voices-- culling less important ones while ensuring things important to the player are being heard. Also managing memory, by intelligently loading and unloading banks of sounds so that they are only taking up space when they are needed. Mixing in general can also a challenge as most of the important sounds are right next to you in a melee game.


    Q: At Buckley, was the mason MAA’s warcry voice inspired by a yodeling turkey and will we see something similar in Chivalry 2?

    A: Yesss. Yes.


    Q: When it comes to audio in general, be it environmental, character voices, movement/combat, and music etc; What would you say are the greatest differences/ similarities between Chiv 1 and 2?

    A: Environment: Most of the ambiance so far, from waterfalls to general natural ambiances, I captured myself. I spent a good deal of time gathering assets from several locations in both the US and Canada. Character Voices: Expect similar style and setup, but more variety! Music: There will be a similar style of music used, but it will play in additional places. I also am getting help from other composers this time around.


    Q: How many voice actors in chiv 2, or approximately?

    A: It is an arduous, enjoyable and ongoing process. I have ~8 done so far!


    Q: Will voice commands like “come hither” be bindable again so we can spam it incessantly?

    A: Come hither will be available, to what extent we shall see…


    Q: lore/map related voicelines like in Chiv?

    A: Yesss. Yes.


    Q: Does the new knight sound as decrepit, old and ugly as he looks? I mean, he’s not the old handsome Knight from 2012 you know…

    A: Not sure how to answer this, but I will say that I’ve been wanting an older voice actor to be involved in Chivalry for some time, and he is. Also, youth is wasted on the young. :sunglasses:

  • October 17th

    Q: Are the objectives and missions gonna be set with tighter objective times[?] […]

    A: Each objective has a timer set up in a way that helps with balancing and strengthening the fantasy. As an attacker you may have what seems to be plenty of time at the beginning of a map but you will see that it gets more difficult as you progress.


    Q: Is there any map planned, where the attackers have more than 1 way to (defeat the defenders/infiltrate the castle/win the round)? Are chivalry 2 battle maps a linear experience? Or is there more than one path to the throne room?

    A: Most objectives can be completed in only one way because they are very straightforward, thought there is always different ways to reach them and you have some leeway in how exactly they are completed.

    The other objectives can be completed in different ways, though those ways are defined by us.

    But in both cases, we are giving crafty and curious players options and tools to play with in order to reach their own goals and the map objectives.
    Maps are linear (meaning that you have to do each objective one after the other) but we are making sure that it doesn’t feel like a brainless corridor.


    Q: Will we be able to give feedback on the new game mechanics before release? Is the potential for a delay if these mechanics are not received well possible?

    A: Absolutely you’ll be able to give us feedback. One of our main goals of public testing is to see how the game is received: what people love and what we can improve on. In terms of any sort of delay it’s too early to speak on that.


    Q: Are you going to have the same amount of maps In the first chivalry or are you going to have more? If so, what type of maps can we expect? Was really hoping to fight on a large snowy mountain.

    A: We will have a great number of maps at launch, with more to come post-launch too. At launch don’t expect an amount comparable to “current day” Chivalry 1 though, as so many of those maps were post-launch themselves. We are committed in offering you as many great experience and fantasies as possible. Don’t expect all of them to be available from the start though.
    As for the type of maps I cannot tell yet but I can promise you that they will all be different enough that no two will look and feel alike.


    Q: Can we use the some of the sounds posted on SoundCloud for other purposes such as e.g as Twitch Follower notification sound?

    A: You asked earlier about using sounds, definitely go ahead and use any of the files on our soundcloud or Chiv sounds in general for things like Twitch notifications. That’d be hilarious. :slight_smile: Any content creator is welcome to use our media when streaming or creating their YouTube videos.


    Q: Question for everyone involved in Chiv 2 development: What element or new game mechanic are you most proud of so far in Chiv 2? What new features are you excited about that are now possible in Chiv 2 compared to Chiv 1?

    A: One of the main elements that I am most jazzed about is how Chivalry 2 feels like Chivalry 1 in terms of the general itch it scratches. I mean in terms of the overall feeling you get from playing, it manages to rekindle that sense I got from playing Chivalry 1 (the atmosphere, the sense of dynamic possibilities in combat, the general vibe and mood of things that all combine together). Which is cool for a sequel that is several years removed in development time from the first game. It instantly clicks, “hey it’s still Chivalry” and then you get to uncover a massive amount of new advancements.

    A: I am excited for the new VO. The new personalities have the Chivalry 1 charm and over the topness that made Chivalry 1 so unique.

    A: Getting up to 64 players stably on both the client and server is a fun and rewarding technical challenge.


    Q: In chiv 2, will we see a similar minimalistic style in terms of HUD, in-match menus and map rotation menus? The great thing about chiv 1 is that your screen is perfectly clear except when the health/stamina bar are decreasing, no spawn menu, no voting for maps in between matches… so no time wasted. I feel it sets the game apart from other FPS-style games, allows for better immersion and keeps the tension going.
    A: We are looking at our user interface from a user experience perspective. Some features can be cool and interesting but not vital. We want players to only see vital information so that they aren’t overwhelmed and can focus on the combat and the great scenery.

    A: Also just to add to Kevin’s answer, our in-game UI is roughly as minimal as Chivalry 1, and we’re including a lot of options to disable HUD elements if desired.


    Q: Whose idea was it to put a secret undead NPC that spawns and attacks the closest target?

    A: I believe that was added by Justin Pappas, who lead the LD work on Hillside.


    Q: Will there be custom hit sounds like in TF2?

    A: Hit sounds will have custom unique impact sounds per weapon used. Those will also be mixed in with random sound sets based on armour type hit (leather, plate, etc.) and attack type used (chop, stab, slash, etc. ) and attacking weapon size.


    Q: Question about swing manipulation: will the damage depend on the duration of the swing? For example, if a player performs an attack an intentionally drags it, will the damage be reduced due to increased duration of the swing? Same would also apply to accelerated attacks.

    A: I’m not able to confirm something like this just yet, but there are many aspects of swing manipulation design we’ve been looking at and this is one of them. We want it to feel fair for both both sides whether you’re receiving the attack or dealing it.


    Q: How important is fluidity in combat (especially in regards to team fighting) for Chivalry 2’s development? One thing I really loved about Chiv1’s combat was how free it felt…going on a kill streak felt like a well executed ballet. The reason I ask is because tackling the “cheese” from Chiv1’s “unfair” mechanics is obviously something TB is looking to address, but doing so without the combat feeling overly restrictive would certainly be a challenge. Does TB feel like there is a good balance there, or is that still in progress? Is achieving that balance a goal? Not looking for specifics, but a sense of how you guys feel about it.

    A: Fluid combat is our ultimate goal, which means giving players the opportunity to rapidly make many, many micro-decisions in their combat moves and foot movement. Melee combat is of course a key area of ongoing development. We are constantly weighing the requirements of what it means to have a rewarding and fun combat system. For example, if we make it too difficult to fight many other players at once then that can feel restrictive, but giving too much power to a player that allows them to defeat 5 players at once could be going too far the other way.


    Q: Is there the possibility of weird low fantasy elements in chiv 2 like the ghost skeleton in chiv 1? Related to this, will the subtle fantasy element of chiv 1 (sometimes only seen in map designs) be more or less obvious in chiv 2?

    A: Compared to the first game, Chivalry 2’s maps tend to be more grounded and have less of that fantasy element to them. However there’s still a bit of an alternate world / anachronistic history thing going on, this still isn’t set on historical Earth and isn’t going for total historical accuracy but instead prioritizing the medieval cinematic experience.

    A: Lore is the foundation to our maps and our objectives. We explore the means and wants of the Masons and Agathians to ensure that what they are doing in Chiv 2 makes sense and is in line with their backstory.
    We have had to expand on the Chivalry lore since Chiv 1 so that we have more characters and more conflict that is explorable and playable in Chiv 2.

  • Oct. 24

    Q: Will you guys be adding some sort of achievement based unlocking system for cosmetics? Like 1000 bow headshots for a special helmet

    A: As a big fan of achievement systems; we’re looking at a few different ways to show off your proven prowess. We think we have a system that we like right now but things are subject to change as we continue to iterate. Overall we’ll be implementing a form of this.


    Q: Will there be map creation? So we can have a fall to your death map again. Also will their be a black knight mode?

    A: Mod support is in our plans! The maps that players made for Chiv 1 were great and we’d love to support that again in Chiv 2’s future. In terms of Black Knight mode, this is built into the game in some ways!


    Q: How many horses will be included in a 64p map?

    A: The number of horses fluctuates with every map playtest and iteration as we try to nail down what feels the best in terms of gameplay and optimization.


    Q: A few of the maps in CMW had gold piles in them. Is there a possibility in Chivalry 2 for use of these assets? Maybe filling a bag and beating people with it?

    A: In terms of the asset itself, Chivalry 2 does not reuse any assets from Chiv 1. And in terms of the gold, gold will be much more… valuable in Chiv 2.


    Q: Did you consider anything from Deadliest Warrior such as the medals given after the map for most kills / most kills plus most deaths, nemesis, etc?

    A: Yes, we have considered those elements similar to what DW has. I can’t confirm if we’ll have that feature for sure but we do think “boast stats” are a nice thing.


    Q: You’ve talked a lot about movie and pop culture influences for Chivalry 2. Is there any specific scenes that play a major role for the game

    A: I can neither confirm nor deny buckley slipped a great game of thrones reference in audio somewhere


    Q: Did you take any specific combat moves from a movie / series?

    A: Not to sure about the specifics but we use a lot of different things for inspiration. We also use real-life acting to get the poses and movements just right. Our animator will get up from his desk with a wooden stick and act out what he’s working on to feel how it would feel to really do the things we’re planning in-game.


    Q: You’ve talked a lot about movie and pop culture influences for Chivalry 2. Is there any specific scenes that play a major role for the game

    A: With each Chiv 2 map the starting point for design is “what core experience do we want players to have here” and more often than not, the inspiration for that experience is a specific movie scene. e.g. the rainy field map shown in trailer - a mix of Braveheart’s battle charge, GoT’s Battle of the Bastards and Chiv 1 Moor. Other big inspirations (scenes or just concepts generally): LoTR Helm’s Deep, GoT tournament, GoT King’s Landing, Ironclad’s castle defense… and other inspirations you’ll have to see for yourselves

  • November 14th

    Q: Are you guys going to focus on the game being fun or the game being an esport?

    A: Our main focus is to give people fun. eSport is not out of the question but this is not our main goal.


    Q: Assuming we didnt hold you to an answer, when might we find out more about the game part of chivalry 2?

    A: We are still in “heads down” mode and making the game as awesome as possible, so don’t expect any significant videos or deep dives into gameplay to come out in the rest of 2019. We are focused on keeping this community looped in by sharing cool pieces of content and little teases in the interim, but we’ll soon be taking a break from that too so that the last part of the year is focused purely on development. Expect to hear much more in early 2020.


    Q: Will the lore for the Mason Ordah and Agatha be expanded. Maybe a cool third faction. A mini-singleplayer campaign would also be cool.

    A: No third faction is planned, our lore is based on the decades-old conflict between Mason and Agatha.
    We don’t plan on adding a single player campaign, most if not all of the lore will be in the multiplayer maps themselves.


    Q: Why pick 64 players? Is 50 or 60 or 70 impractical?

    A: 64 is a power of 2. All the kids love powers of 2


    Q: This has most likely been asked before but I’m unable to find a definite answer, will horses be included in all maps? It would quite immersive if they were included only in some maps.

    A: There will be horses where it makes sense to have them. Some maps or portion of maps may not have them.


    Q: TO and 32v32 cater a lot to the casual player base, do these same maps scale well for a 5/6v6 format or is there a mode outside of skirmish that will be specifically designed for competitive play?

    A: I think that this is something that remains to be seen right now. Certainly our Team Objective maps are best suited for large-scale battles, but they do scale depending on the players connected to the match in terms of time allotted to complete objectives, and also respawn timers.


    Q: Will you run this as a “games as a service” with MTX and/or DLCs? If not, will there still be a constant stream of updates for years to come after release?

    A: We aren’t ready to talk about things like microtransactions yet, but there will be considerable free post-launch content. Our agreement with Epic puts us in a great position for that. The specifics and roadmap for post-launch content is something we’ll talk about more towards / after release.


    Q: that new gif looks very nice, the armor doesn’t look like it’s stretching or distorting. Were specific bones added to just the armor plates for animating?

    A: Yes we added bones for better animation result for stuff like heavy armor.


    Q: Are there any plans of adding more to the story and the world’s lore?

    A: You bet. There is so much we want to tell about this world and its dynamics. Stay tuned for an upcoming lore trailer!


    Q: Where Chiv 1 focused heavily on game mechanics (Footwork, swing manipulation, feinting etc) and had very few “class based features” IE, Vanguard charge & MAA dodge.
    How is Chiv 2 in comparison?

    A: Chivalry II is still heavily focused on core mechanics like the ones you mentioned. Classes primarily distinguish themselves with their loadout and health, but there will be other differences. The “core” has been greatly expanded upon with new features shared across all classes. There are many other exciting changes to classes we aren’t ready to talk about quite yet.


    Q: So in mordhau there is a way you can record your game and then go to take screenshots in it in freecam. will Chivalry 2 have this ?

    A: Replay files are a feature of UE4, we haven’t been focused on making it work in Chiv 2 yet (we did in Mirage, though just for us developers to use).


    Q: Will the music be the same as in chiv 1? I mean like in chiv1 it appeared only at the starting menu, starting and the end of the match. Will chiv2 contain some new sorts of spawn-rate for music?

    A: We expect to follow a similar template as Chiv 1, some changes here and there dependent on design. Music in Chiv 2 is inspired by a lot of what made Chiv 1 great stylistically. We want music to complement gameplay so we’re working it in where it feels natural.


    Q: Are you focused on more accurate helmets and other armor pieces, or just how it was in the first chivalry?

    A: Our goal for armor appearance is a look that fulfills an exciting, realistic-looking medieval fantasy. Our main inspiration here being various medieval movies. While the look of armor is not tied to a specific medieval date range, it is its own universe in itself with plays on real-world references and the idea of what medieval times looks like.


    Q:Will gameplay balance be centered around individual dueling or a team based gameplay

    A: It is a bit of both really. While dueling is an important part of the core game, working as a team is essential to achieve victory.


    Q: Has TB tested 32v32 already during development? As in, have there been Chivalry 2 games with 64 people all playing at once? If so, how did it go? I’m wondering if that many players on the same map actually works out well on the game without it being too chaotic.

    A: We have playtested with 64 players, people from Torn Banner and from Tripwire. This went really great, we are happy to see that we managed to nail the experience for such a great number of players!


    Q: Will Chivalry 2 always be an Epic Games exclusive?

    A: Only for one year, then you will find it on Steam.

  • December 5th

    Q: Torn Bannermen, what is your favourite Chiv 1 map?

    Alex said Stoneshill. Marc and Brady said Darkforest.


    Q: Will we be able to ride horses in first person?

    A: That’s the current plan.


    Q: will there be third person? the more i play mordhau the more i feel that 3rd person is just an exploit tbh

    A: Right now we are exploring 3rd person as an option but it’s good to hear your input on the topic!


    Q: Will chivalry will have like the old maps

    A: The maps we’re working on now are created with the intention of providing a fresh experience to fans of Chivalry. These new maps will drive the story forward, but you may notice some details that nod at Chiv 1


    Q: Will hidden cows return as an easter egg like they were in Chivalry1?

    A: Last week I found something in game that I had no idea existed. I think it’s safe to say both devs and the community will have fun finding what’s been hidden around


    Q: Any plans to include weapon specific missions? Or challenges in general that will incentivize playing in specific ways, ex: Kill 20 enemies by removing their leg with the battle axe, Decapitate 5 horse riders, etc - as a way to give exp or cosmetic unlocks?

    A: We have definitely thought of cool ideas similar to the above, and there should be time to focus more on that stuff before we launch (and possibly get some community suggestions like yours too) - progression in general will definitely be more interesting than in Chiv 1.


    Q: Do you have any information about something in the game which you are willing to share, but no-one has already asked about?!

    A: We have talked about it a little but I would say that I really think our voice lines are awesome. I’ve really been enjoying playing with them and having “conversations” with allies and enemies using the voice lines lol.

    A: Each character has a few customized voice-line selections that really help their personalities shine. For example: one voice has a particular set of “insult” options unique to that voice


    Q: Will there be rcon protocol ready for release?

    A: We’re not planning to have any sort of rcon functionality for custom servers at launch


    Q: Can you block projectiles with a sword?

    A: If it’s not an arrow or bolt, you can block it. :sunglasses:


    Q: Will the assets to create maps be disponible during the alpha to start to work on maps?

    A: Unfortunately no, that won’t be ready in alpha as it’s just not feasible for us to do.


    Q: Do all the characters have map-specific voicelines for the objectives like in chiv 1? “We need that grain!”

    A: Objectives will be called out to the player by certain VO, but it’ll be different to what was done in Chivalry 1.


    Q: Do you have any plans for smaller gamemodes? for example 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5

    A: The main focus is on larger game mode experiences, but watch this space for more info!

  • Jan 30th, 2020


    Q: I heard they are removing the Messer so newbies can learn to not rely on it

    A: The messer shall draw blood again, for he hath hewn many archers and earned his place in the field


    Q: How are beta/alpha testers decided upon? Random? Chiv Play time?

    A: The alpha testers will be first alerted via our newsletter! There will be a mix of all of the above. We’d like to have people who know there way around Chiv and those who don’t so we can get both impressions.


    Q: will there be underwater levels cos fighting underwater would be sweet

    A: I’m not sure people fighting in armour would get much done underwater. Seems like it might be difficult.

    [Editor’s note: no]


    Q: Could the game’s combat system be used to develop a game that isn’t all about combat itself, but more of a survival game on a large open world with a building system and so on? I think many people would be into a medieval rust-type game. Something like Reign of Kings, but a good combat system and optimized.

    A: This isn’t the game we’re actively developing, chivalry 2 is definitely a successor to chivalry 1 in many ways. Nice concept though! I’m a fan of those types of games personally


    Q: Are any of the team focused on the specific issue of unreadability for the wrong reasons? Such as slow-looking / instant hit weapon movement or unnatural body bending in a windup? Would be curious to hear if this issue has been specifically looked at and if so, what potential steps are being taken to ensure that combat retains a level of skill, whilst evading the fate of the prior titles.

    A: This is 100% the primary focus for our technical animation and design. This has been talked about previously a bit. improvements to the animation system in Chiv 2 help show how every motion is cascaded through different parts of the body proportionally. Turning your character to the left turns the hips a little, the upper torso more and the arms and head even more. This makes attacks more readable because they are closer to how they would look in real life; we aren’t just reading the weapon and arms, but what our opponent’s entire body is doing.


    Q: Is “King’s Landing” the only GoT reference in chiv2? I feel like GoT references will be a hit with the community!

    A: I know personally of one or two references :wink:


    Q: Can we expect any new or different game modes beyond those found in the first game?

    A: Our development focus right now is on improving some of the most popular game modes found in the first title, especially TO - which is now far more ambitious. We may explore new modes beyond that eventually, but this isn’t currently planned for launch.


    Q: Will we have 17th century armors?

    A: 14th/15th century are closer to our armor art inspiration. Though we aren’t locked to 100% historical realism (it’s a world we made up), the goal is more to recreate the romance of the medieval era as inspired by popular culture.


    Q: Will there still be emblems within the customization on armors & shields? (Would be nice if players have the options of uploading a SVG/PNG file as their own emblem. Great for building a creative and engaging community.)

    A: We aren’t planning on completely custom emblems as there is too much opportunity for inappropriate stuff (regardless of how cool it might be!), but emblems are a part of customization, yes.


    Q: The description on the site says the game boasts thousands of voice lines. Any chance the voice lines vary based on character condition (like missing a limb, low stam, low HP, etc.), or are we just talking about a TON of different characters?

    A: Voice lines are based upon a number of different states the character may find themselves in (like you said with missing a limb, etc) but are also heavily engrained in the manual VO system. We also feature several characters. Get your taunts ready!


    Q: In the past you’ve said TO is your focus, can you give us any objective types (burn the farm) that we may see at release?

    A: We don’t want to give too much away until you get to see it yourself. But yeah you’re gonna burn a bunch of stuff for sure.


    Q: pretty new here, have the devs ever commented on the possibility of reverses in chiv 2?

    A: Reverses are being handled the same way as the rest of our approach to the combat, which is to make every move readable and feel weighty and physical. It is still possible to pull back on the weight of your swing to some degree, but the result to your opponent won’t be as jarring of a freeze or teleport of the blade as it has more of a sense of committed weight to the strike.


    Q: With 64p, how do you keep TO battles from being too cluttered?

    A: Credit to our level designers for putting effort in to making sure each location has its own playstyle across multiple objectives. The areas of each objective were designed to offer a different experience, with some feeling wide open and others a mad scramble through a chokepoint. Each one makes for a great time before switching it up for the next objective.


    Q: How about differences between the feel of maps? Do they have the same number of objectives or are some longer or shorter?

    A: Different maps have a different number of objectives (within a reasonable range). All of our maps are thematically different with different visuals and atmosphere. We strive to add context to each fight so it feels like every battle you partake in has a purpose.

    A: The TO maps are outright bigger than chiv1’s we should be clear about that, yes built for more players, but also built larger to provide a more epic journey on dramatic and sprawling environments. We’ve made a real effort to one-up the chiv TO experience as opposed to rehash it


    Q: Will Chiv 2 feature both same & opposite side combos? As in Chiv 1, combos were limited to just same-side combos. Which was limiting in team-fights & 1vX scenarios. Plus makes the combat clunky/feel less fluid (for no good reason). Combos are like the glue that bind the rest together. It’s also unintuitive to input an attack, for it to perform another (e.g. If you try to cue up an Alt-Slash after performing Overhead—it performs a normal Slash regardless). I think this is one of the best ways to increase the skill ceiling of the genre, & also balance game (naturally, with no band-aids)— so not just feint/swing manipulation (break animation) meta, which is not fun.

    A: Improvements to the combat toolset in terms of new combat moves, as well as the massive amount of work that has gone into making all animations far more readable and humanlike, has meant that our animation team already has a huge project on their hands that is far more ambitious than what has been seen in Chivalry and in other comparable titles. Due to the extensive amount of additional animation workload that would be involved in tackling something like this it’s not something we’re working on currently but it may be something we consider post-launch.


    Q: on a scale from 1/4 how in depth is the customization in chivalry 2? 1 being 0 customization, 2 being weapons, 3 being skins, and 4 being completely in depth

    A: It’s definitely in depth. Customization is focused on ensuring that everyone on the battlefield looks badass and caters towards an immersive and impression medieval environment that fulfills the battlefield fantasy. We have customizations for face, hair, weapons, armor and heraldries, and even a few more things.


    Q: Will there be any new weapons introduced?

    A: Chivalry 2 will have a good variety of weapons, but we’re also treating it as a bit of a sandbox. Finding things on the maps may come in handy in a pinch

  • March 31st, 2020


    Q: What’s the difference from Chivalry I shield mechanic and Chivalry 2 ones?

    A: In Chivalry 2 you can hold up a shield for the duration of your stamina. If you run out of stamina, you will be disarmed. If your shield tanks too many hits, it will eventually break and be destroyed.


    Q: Will there be an option to disable blood and gore?

    A: There will be indeed! No more shielding your kids’ (or grandparents’) eyes as you slice through the masses


    Q: Will you add any jokingly ridiculous weapons such as a stick or a kitchen knife?

    A: A great benefit of treating the battlefield like a sandbox is more opportunity to do this kind of thing. One of my most memorable lives was kicking ass with a pitchfork, but the poker is my[Moonmoon] favourite


    Q: How many players are you looking to have the servers max at?

    A: 64-players!


    Q: For Alpha testing, do the testers who provide feedback receive a response from the devs? Say, in the interest of clarity on the feedback or just for constructive discussion when it comes to working out kinks etc?

    A: If we feel there needs to be clarification we may respond. Feedback that gets passed to us goes through multiple layers of people, so we can’t really give a definite answer of “yes we’ll do that” right away if we want to make a change according to the feedback. There is constructive discussion that happens depending on the feedback as well.


    Q: Is Chiv 2 gonna have new classes other than the 4 you can choose between rn and if so which?

    A: We are expanding on this more vertically than laterally. What I mean by that is the introduction of subclasses that can affect your playstyle or allow you to find a niche you enjoy playing within those 4 classes. We wont’ rule out the possibility of more in the future but there are currently none planned.
    There are also moments where you may play as people Other than the classes.


    Q: What game modes can we expect? Would you consider something like CTF castle wars akin to Castle Wars in Runescape?

    A: We have not yet communicated about game modes other than Team Objective and Team Death Match, but be sure that we have lots of ideas that we want to roll out, so anything can happen. We just need the time!


    Q: What has the team learned from the alpha? Are there any glaring changes you guys are considering?

    A: When we showcased the game for the first time at PAX it was a very eye-opening experience for us to see people who had varying levels of knowledge of Chivalry play in real-time. It exposed us to what players pick up easily and what things need to be more clear. We feel very confident in what we have to offer but are certainly open to tweaking things to make for the best playing experience possible.


    Q: How are weapon restrictions going to work for the different classes? From the pax vids I saw on youtube there were MAAs with halberd, vanguards with gmaces etc

    A: Spawning with certain weapons is restricted to which class and subclass you choose, although you’ll notice any weapon(or non-weapon) can be picked up off the battlefield by anyone.


    Q: Will you guys be supporting the competitive part of your community, if yes in what ways would you plan to do so?
    A: Yes, supporting the competitive community is something that we plan to do. We plan to support both the casual and comp scenes as best we can. While we cannot specifically tailor the experience only towards the comp scene, there will likely be ways we can improve the experience for everyone as the game grows and evolves with your input.


    Q: hi, will i be able to preorder the game soon ?

    A: We haven’t opened pre-orders up yet, though pre-orders will be possible as we move closer to launch and should come with some perks.


    Q: Are the animations final or just alpha state?

    A: The animations are still in Alpha state, definitely not close to final yet. Our animation team is focused on polish for the rest of development. Our goal for Alpha state was to get gameplay representative in terms of combat mechanics, but not put time into making character animations look great until everything’s ready to be locked down - and then the quality level cranked up to a 1.0-ready state after proper testing.


    Q: are there any plans for the SDK - i imagine it wont be at release ofc but is there any rough estimate on when it might start getting worked on ?

    A: Mod support is something that we have in our pipeline, as we know how valuable it was to the Chivalry 1 community. However at this time I’m not able to speak on where it fits within our release roadmap, as our core focus will be on the release of the game.


    Q: Will the version we played at PAX be the same as the one when launched or will you add more new things?

    A: The feel will be the same but there may be adjustments to fine tune. Improving the flow of the catapults section for example, fixing bugs, and increasing to 64 players of course! (not to mention the pax version was only 2 out of 5 total stages of a much larger map)


    Q: Did the COVID-19 situation affect development?

    A: We are all working from home! That means that we are more productive because we don’t have to run in fear every time we see Steve walking around with a wooden sword and a smirk.

    A: Working remotely has certainly been a difficult challenge we’ve had to adapt to. Keeping up our high levels of internal communication has had to move to regular video calls, and we’ve had to develop some internal protocols to make sure everyone stays in the loop. Overall I think we’re managing very well. We know we are lucky that all of us can manage our jobs from home during this difficult time.


    Q: Will there be gloriously inadequate Man At Arms insults again?

    A: You’re damn right there will be!


    Q: […] I hope Chiv2 archers are actually balanced so that they cannot get 1 shot kills from across the map from locations where they cannot be killed. […]

    A: We are taking the power of archers very seriously. This goes from damage tuning on the game design side, to preventing archers to find spots where they can’t be reached in level design. We have other solutions too, like placing ammo crates in spots that force archers to expose themselves or move around for example. I will not list everything here, it would be too long. So far I think we did a good job, but we will keep doing tuning and refining until it is as close to perfection as possible while keeping archer gameplay fun.


    Q: Will you ever consider adding a Battle Royale mode after release? I think with these maps and this epic combat it would be a hit among the playerbase. I can say I’d certainly enjoy it
    A: As soon as we figure out how to include a plane in a medieval setting we maybe will consider thinking about it.


    Q: Will there be any more weapon focused attacks similar to the q staff drop kick?

    A: Yes, weapons will have unique attacks in this fashion - there is a lot more to be seen on this front in the future.


    Q: will there be more hidden cows?

    A: Maybe. Maybe there will be more than just cows. Maybe not. You will have to see for yourself


    Q: do the members who have developed the game have a plan to talk about their professions, the tools and knowledge used to develop the game via interviews? We don’t know much about the studio and the people who work in it.

    A: We do have plans for developer blogs going forward, specifically pertaining to members of the team and also about development as a whole. Stay tuned!

    [Editor: If you’re interested, check out this playlist for their “Dev Diary” series that they made for Mirage.]


    Q: Can we reload xbow while moving?

    A: Like in real life, no, you cannot.


    Q: what went behind the decision of holding block ? isnt a reaction parry/block more skill based

    A: More details coming on this later as it is part of the new combat system flow and doesn’t make sense to just think of it as Chiv1 + held block, but a good way to think of our approach to it is that held block uses stamina as a very temporary way to absorb a shot or two before coming back with your own across a variety of skill levels. You will still need to time blocks with “perfect parries” to be stamina efficient and effective at higher levels of play. However we are making sure that if you stay on top of someone turtling you still quickly overwhelm them. Anything predictable can be punished.


    Q: How come the lore trailer is pure filthy Agathian propaganda?

    A: We wanted the lore trailer to represent some attachable themes that can be related to at first glance; the Masons as the black-wearing scary guys, Agatha as the gallant knights in shining armor. We all know it’s a lot more complicated than good vs bad though; consider the lore trailer as a fun and flashy re-introduction to the lore that establishes the timeline and basic setting, that will be far more fleshed out in both the game and other forms.


    Q: Is combat balancing being done with a more casual playerbase in mind or is there some intention for a competitive playerbase?

    A: Our goal is to land somewhere in the middle. We do not want to alienate new players to the genre by overcomplicating it, and we don’t want veterans to feel like the combat has been made too simple. Our focus is to give the players a toolset that they feel they can use to adequately defend themselves and learn the mechanics, while also allowing for the opportunity to dive deep into the combat system to really see what it’s capable of.


    Q: As far as customization goes will there be team based customization?

    A:Yes! there will be loads of stuff for each class on each team. Its important for players to be able to distinguish classes of other players but we still want to give people the freedom to change how they look.


    Q: Will each map feature it’s own music?

    A: While upping the scale of the battles; we took a look at how music can compliment the gameplay to help accentuate the experience. We’re using it to highlight certain moments, to help players experience a sense of desperation or courage during the right moments. In other ways we’ve allowed the scale of the battle to fill out the stereo field, things will feel much bigger/more epic than before


    Q: will you add a shovel as a weapon

    A: We do have one. You won’t be able to Minecraft your way under the maps though.


    Q: Can we expect the old cosmetic symbols from Chivalry 1 to come back? and will there be more?

    A: We won’t be directly importing old Chivalry 1 cosmetic assets into Chivalry 2, but I think there is certainly a chance we can re-create fan favourites.


    Q: Crypts return and hordetown? Or any other pve mode?

    A: Those maps and/or PVE modes aren’t planned for launch nor currently in production. But we know how much fun those were in the first game, so don’t rule it out for the future.


    Q: Will I be able to set my opponents on fire?

    A: Oooh yeah! And in a few different ways too! Make the battlefield smell like pork!


    Q: How big of a part of combat will the abilities be, and will we see any abilities that incentivize teamwork?

    A: A few do incentivize teamwork but most are offensive. We had a group of footmen block off a chock point with planted spears in a recent playtest.


    Q: will there be jump kicks?

    A: there ARE jump kicks.


    Q: Will the development team be working with content creators for events in the future when the game has been fully released?

    A: Indeed! We’ll be looking to support content creators and their interest in Chivalry 2 as much as possible. And I’ll [Jen (the CM)] be the point of contact for that! I of course always look forward to interacting with all players, casual, competitive, content creators, whoever.


    Q: Will there be another wave of testing or do we just have to wait for the full game?

    A: Yes, multiple Alpha waves.


    Q: Can we have multiple team deathmatch like in Deadliest warrior ?

    A: Not planned for launch nor in production. But we love zany fun like this, you never know post-launch.


    Q: Which version of ue4 are you using?

    A: 4.22 + a lot of custom stuff made by our talented coders!


    Q: Are the original Chivalry 1 voices going to be available for use?

    A: Yes! You will have the choice to customize each class with their Chivalry 1 voice.


    Q: I probably missed it, but, are hit trades going to be a thing in Chiv 2?

    A: No hit trading in general in Chiv 2 in our design currently.


    Q: How will healing be handled? If I walk, will that trigger healing? Are there medkits that can be tossed or bandages?

    A: After some time has passed out of combat you will regenerate a certain amount of health. If you want to restore your health fully you will be able to use bandages found around the maps. Your teammates can also throw you some if they feel generous or if they have a favor to ask you. This is something we’re still currently iterating on to make sure this mechanic feels good in gameplay.


    Q: Horse maps?

    A: This is something that we have toyed with and would like to do, but it may not make it in for launch because of time constraints.


    Q: Will Chivalry 2 release with a healthy amount of different maps/battlefields in order for the game not to get stale to quickly? […]

    A: Our intention is to ship the game with enough maps that fatigue won’t happen. After that we have plans to roll out more maps on a semi-regular basis. We know that players can get bored easily and we are decided to not let that happen!


    Q: what is an already announced feature that you are really excited to show to the playerbase? I’m personally super excited for the 64 player matches.

    A: We have thousands of voicelines across many different actors; including your old fan favourites from Chiv 1. Personal [Jen] favourite is Squire Boy from our Chiv 2 lineup: The Mason Archer voice option!


    Q: Will I be able to cleave through multiple enemies at once?

    A: Yes, heavy attacks do this. [Editor’s note: All attacks can hit multiple enemies. Heavy attack swings continue even if they are blocked, although dealing no damage to the blocker.]


    Q: Will 1 v X scenarios give benefit to timed parries or will turtling in held block be the meta when attacked by multiple enemies?

    A: You cannot turtle up indefinitely. If you’re parrying multiple hits, especially heavy attacks, your stamina will drain very quickly, especially if you’re not landing any hits as the defensive player. Similar to Chiv, the game favors timed parries, target switching, counters, clever movement, footwork and other offensive play will get you the win.

  • April 20, 2020


    Q: hows the development going? :3

    A: Hey there Conzor! Admittedly it’s been a bit bumpy as we transitioned from working in studio to all working remotely, but we are staying in the loop with each other as much as possible through daily meetings so we stay on track. Hope you all are doing well during the crisis!


    Q: Does kick flinch?

    A: Hey there! Kick knocks back the person you’re kicking but it doesn’t currently flinch. It does however break a held or shield parry (guard break).


    Q: Aside from movies like Braveheart, are there any other sources of inspiration for Chiv 2 that we might not be aware of?

    A: Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, 300 and Paddington Bear 2


    Q: Is held parry on all weapons final or open for revision?

    A: We believe very strongly that held parry is the right direction, though I understand the hesitation towards it. The game is balanced with this in mind.

    A: Held parry is final. We think it’s important for people to react naturally and be able hold to block, while there being some quick/serious consequence to doing so for too long. You may or may not have played yet but I’d try to not to think of it as just “chiv 1 + hold to block”


    Q: Will the soundtrack ever get a release on bandcamp, spotify, or other audio platforms? Let me hear the tunes!

    A: Buckley says, “I am pretty sure we will release the soundtrack in some way, but we haven’t made concrete plans on how.”


    Q: How will chiv 2 improve combat over chiv 1 and mordhau?

    A: Everything has been overhauled from the combat in Chiv 1. We aim to create a satisfying and responsive combat system that is approachable, but also very vast for the more hardcore competitive players. It focuses on control, feedback, and readability while being cinematic and exciting. We want to let players express their creative destruction, with style! And of course this comes with us keeping close communication with you, the players, to get valuable feedback on making it even better.


    Q: Could there be light and heavy shields? For instance wooden shields break easy but you can move fast, and metal shields break slowly but you move slowly

    A: We currently have three tiers of shields, they don’t change movement speed but they have different durability across the three. To clarify, this is still being adjusted and iterated on


    Q: Important question, in chivalry medieval warfare when you are blocking with a shield for a long period it drains your stamina and then when you have no stamina left, your character starts to breathe heavily and as long as you are holding the block bouton. So since I like to roleplay as an asthmatic knight I want to know if it is going to be possible in chiv 2.

    A: Characters do have out of stamina breathing, so if you are worried that those sounds would not be available to take suggestively out of context, have no fear.


    Q: How are shields differentiated from weapons in blocking?

    A: Shields have the ability to block arrows, and you do not lose weapon when block is broken due to being out of stamina. Shields allow you to tank far more hits, however shields will eventually break.


    Q: Can you block arrows without a shield?

    A: At this time you cannot block arrows with non-shield weapons.


    Q: Will there be a flail

    A: Not at launch


    Q: Are there any plans on decreasing archery potential, especially one hit kills?

    A: The strength of archery is something that we constantly tweak. We want archers to feel fun to play but also not frustrating to play against. I can’t go into the specifics of the balance at this time as it’s constantly changing, but wanted to let you know that this is something we’re aware of and keeping an eye on.


    Q: Will swing manipulation be as important as the last chivalry, or are you trying to tone it down?

    A: Swing manipulation remains an important part of Chivalry 2, but we’re focused on making sure it remains realistic and reactable.


    Q: Would you put more attention into archery instead of other medieval games?

    A: Another archery question! Archery has always been a focus of ours. We even have a few very hardcore archer players in our development team! We aim to make it fun and satisfying, allowing you to be deadly at all ranges, and feel like a fully integrated part of medieval battle field.


    Q: is combo parry a thing? ( this is not to be confused with combo feint to parry), i’m talking about attacking and then in the end of the release phase you simply right click and queue a parry ( it was used to avoid late trades or hit someone and then block someone elses attack that was coming in. most people don’t remember this mecahnic)

    A: This isn’t currently present in our alpha builds. We are trying to achieve a system where there is more commitment to a strike than what combo parry allowed.


    Q: will we ever get to hear the old voice lines?

    A: Players will be able to customize their voices and can choose between new personalities or classic characters.


    Q: Will Chiv 2 have a more limited FoV than Chiv 1? I understand everyone wants as much of an advantage as they can get, but the tunnel vision looks really ridiculous when watching streamers/tournaments.

    A: Yes. We want to provide players with as much of an advantage as possible while preventing the tunnel vision you’ve described. Like all challenging things it’s a balancing act that we’re committing to find the right answer to.

  • May 11, 2020

    Q: Are you guys going to focus on trying to improve the negative reception of the game among the more casual mordhau community? I frequently see and hear people bashing this game despite me loving it.

    A: We’re confident that anyone skeptical about Chivalry 2 will have their minds changed once they have their hands on it. We’ll be releasing more trailers/videos/gifs/screens/etc in the near future for people to chew on and get a sense of what’s coming. Ultimately we know we can stand by the experience that people will have in Beta and at launch, and judge it for themselves.


    Q: As developers, what part of the game is the MOST important to you to get right? What’s the greatest emphasis being placed on, etc.

    A: As a level designer it is important to me that players have many options to get to the goal they set for themselves as well as the game objective. If it feels good, interesting or smart for you to use the map to your advantage, then I know I did a good job.


    Q: Would there be more emojis for discord server?

    A: In case you’ve missed it we now have a #😄new-emojis-wanted channel where you guys can make and submit your own, and be given a special role if your emoji is selected to be used in the Discord.


    Q: Have you guys (the developers) done a big LAN brawl between yourselves yet or no?

    A: We all brawl at least twice a week. And sometimes in Chivalry II too.


    Q: Easter Eggs?

    A: We spent easter in isolation this year, but still threw some eggs in


    Q: Will AoC voices be returning? YEHEHES HAHAHAA

    A: From Age of Chivalry? Not the exact files, but the same actor will be 2 Knights!


    Q: will be interactive items on the maps, like a sword to pick up?

    A: Yes, there will be lots of things to pick up on the maps. Weapons, tools, books, rocks and many other things, some even stinky…


    Q: will the vanguard still scream like a lunatic

    A: You bet!


    Q: What is the purpose of swing manipulation in a game that has held parry?

    A: It is essential to use swing manipulation and footwork in order to beat your opponent to the strike when both are attacking. Additionally, it is still possible, especially in combination with feints to get around the side of your enemies parry. It’s also just an essential part of what makes you feel in control of your swing during the animation, its the FPS part of the game that allows for precision to counter your opponents footwork.


    Q: What is it like to spam your own voice via the voice overs? (Buckley in particular)

    A: [From Buckley] A: It feels fantastic. I get to choose from my two moods, fun loving and giddy or annoyed and elitist! Such a rare opportunity too. I particularly enjoyed being the only person able to spam my voice during Alpha.


    Q: As developers, what part of the game is the MOST important to you to get right? What’s the greatest emphasis being placed on, etc.

    A: FUN! The greatest challenge and accomplishment of any dev team is how the whole product comes together to create excitement and a unique experience for the player. The most important thing is that we give players something that feels new and significant and for us that is a mix of capturing the romance of the medieval era, with all of its iconic moments which of course center around mastery of the sword and becoming immortal as the greatest warrior the world has ever known. Or, just having a laugh and screaming battlecries from the outhouse, up to you.


    Q: Will the old maps from the AOC like Monastery, the Shore, Siege?

    A: Not for launch, but maybe one day? There is no plan yet, but revisiting maps from AoC and Chiv I is something that we would like to do if time allows.


    Q: Will there be proximity voice chat?

    A: No plans for this right now, it’s just a little too hard to moderate and we’ve chosen to focus on other things.


    Q: Will there be specific graphical settings for people with lower end specs? For example, if I were to play this game at a good fps but not compromise graphics too much, I would think the ability to change the resolution scale would be useful.

    A: Yes, we’re thinking a lot about lower-end hardware. There are a bunch of video options. Resolution scale is an option, and it’s an option we would consider useful for anyone who wants a performance boost, especially if they’re playing at very high resolutions. Temporal upsampling is in use and improves the quality of resolution scaling a lot.


    Q: Will we get a chance to play with our great devs?

    A: The devs actively play during the alpha testing, and we are very keen to keep being involved throughout the alpha and into the beta period as well. I think it’s pretty likely you’ll run into someone from the team at some point!

    Q: Are you guys planning content for after release?

    A: Yes we are! We are already thinking about what more we want to add in the future. We aim to keep supporting the game alive for a very long time, which includes adding new content.


    Q: Will modders have have access to the scripts (anything that isn’t Native code at least) or will we just have access to blueprints?

    A: The SDK for Chiv 2 is something that I can’t speak to quite yet as to when it’ll happen, but it is something that we are planning on. There is no non-Blueprint scripting in Chivalry 2 currently, so there would be no issues with SDK not having access to blueprints.


    Q: Is the balance going to radically change every build? I really liked how consistent, even if not perfect, the balance was in chiv 1 and weapons didnt randomly shoot up to OP from one build to the next, then back again the next one.

    A: In alpha, balance is bound to change as we gather more feedback, same with beta. As game releases balancing should be more refined during updates but are subject to changes as we see fit


    Q: How much torso movement is there when you look up and down? Can it still be used for dodging attacks effectively?

    A: Dodging is still effective yes. In terms of the actual torso movement, as with all animation, our aim is to keep it readable and reactable. Instead of the torso moving specifically on its own, the movement actually cascades throughout the body to make more sense visually.

  • Here’s a compilation of the answers from today’s Q&A session. If you want more accurate sources, just search one of the questions in the #questions channel in the Chiv 2 Discord.


    Q: When does the NDA expire, on game release?

    A: Hey there! The alpha NDA only lasts for the length of the closed alpha. Relatively soon we will get into the beta stage and we won’t be enforcing the NDA anymore but there will be at least one (possible two) rounds of closed alpha first.


    Q: Who composed the music for Chivalry 2? The main menu theme and in-game music is pristine as always.

    A: JD Spears!


    Q: Are there plans for additional maps after release?

    A: Yes, we will keep updating the game with new content and that includes maps.


    Q: Are there any plans for small team game modes such as 3v3 or 5v5

    A: No concrete plans yet but that is something that we would like to explore.


    Q: Are there plans for us to be able to pick up the other severed limbs of our enemies?

    A: We don’t have any solid plans for this but it would be great to pick up arms and legs, I agree! When it comes to other pickups though we’ve done a lot of work to include a lot of fun assets for players to pick up. Some ones we’ve mentioned are the chicken for example, cooked chicken legs, bread, horns, beer steins, anything you can pick up we want people to be able to use them as weapon!


    Q: Hello. Will Shields be nerfed to death just like in mordhau? Shield was wonderfully tactical to play. You had low range, low damage (except warhammer), low vision while blocking etc. But you where feint proof. I think it was a fair trade but mordhau devs listened to the noobs calling shield op.

    A: There’s been a lot of discussion on shields recently internally as well as in alpha tests, from durability to damage with certain abilities. We want to find a spot that feels good for them and will continue to explore that.


    Q: Will there be an incentive to parry instead of holding block?

    A: Simply holding block will only take you so far and will wear you down quick. If you’re not careful your stamina will run out and you may even end up being disarmed. Timing a block with a counter attack will be an important part of your fighting experience to help you gain the upper hand.


    Q: Is the combat in Chiv 2 similar to Chivalry (only improved upon)? I love the distinct, fluid, arcadey/fun combat feel that Chiv had - minus the ballerina stuff of course.

    A: Our goal has been to take all of the best elements of the first game and make combat even better. That includes getting rid of those ballerina exploits for sure. This is something we have been actively iterating on during the closed alpha for example, it’s helps us a great deal to see what skilled players are capable of and what we need to tighten up to improve the combat. I wouldn’t say it’s a straight upgrade as Chiv 2 combat certainly has it’s own style.


    Q: Will we be seeing any concept art in the near future? I’d love to see some behind the scenes work.

    A: Great question! This is something we’d like to share in our blogs in the future, without spoiling things like customization too much.

    [We still got some concept art though. Moonmoon posted this concept art of a fight between a Mason and Agatha knight. Aurel uploaded this old concept art of an Agatha footman.]


    Q: Is AoC canon to Chivalry, or are they separate timelines?

    A: Age of Chivalry and even Chivalry itself’s lore are much like an oral history. Passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation, and often embellished over a bit too much mead at the tavern table.


    Q: How much research is being done to make animations semi realistic? I’d really recommend Skallagrim if you guys want some in depth explanations and demonstrations

    A: Quite a lot! Some of the members of the dev team practice various types of fighting themselves, and before lockdown it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see people with foam swords acting out scenes for animations.


    Q: Will there be a focus on on team work and coordination in matches or the collective technical skill of every player?
    A: That depends on the objectives. In Team Objective maps certain objectives require multiple players to be accomplished in time. Other objectives require players to stand as a united front. Others [rely] on the ability of players to kill fast and well. In Team Deathmatch team playing is the best way to ensure victory. Lone wolves can have a huge impact on the final score, of course, but they can’t win the fight alone.


    Q: Will chiv2 have desert-themed maps as well? You asked the community about a real-life location they want in-game and the majority seemed to have agreed on Jerusalem.

    A: We won’t have a desert map for launch, but something like this is definitely not out of the equation for post launch. We do take the players suggestions for what they’d like to see into consideration. And we would love a desert map as well!


    Q: There have been mention of classes, but models in trailers seem to feature a wild assortment of weapons, armors and even abilities. How rigid or fluid will the classes be separated from each other?

    A: In our first trailer not all of the weapons for the classes were finalized. When it comes to armour we like to maintain a specific silhouette per each class, meaning: knights always have full plate armour, vanguard always have their lovely skirt, etc. This helps players easily determine the class at a distance. Weapons are less rigid. There are weapons bound to each class, but you can also pick up weapons off the battlefield if you can find it! Kill an archer and steal their bow if you want to, and end up as a full armoured crossbowman.


    Q:Will fishing be added to Chivalry 2?

    A: There isn’t fishing, but there is a fish carryable in game

  • June 17th


    Q: Will the game be updated on a regular basis?

    A: You bet! We already talked about the Epic exclusivity deal solidifying our post-launch position financially, but we think it should be even more clear with the console release that we expect the game to stick around for some time. Post-launch content is a big part of our roadmap, more details to come.


    Q: How long do the devs plan on supporting the game post-launch? Do you believe that you will continue to add weapons, or do you intend to include everything in the full release?

    A: Yes, additional weapons are on our post-launch roadmap.


    Q: What was your thought behind using DX12 over things like Vulcan or staying with DX11?

    A: DX12 isn’t particularly well-supported by the version of UE4 we’re using. We do have it as an option, but most users will not see any benefit from it as a result, and may even have problems. We’re mostly giving it as an option because it’s the only way to use Intel’s variable rate shading (VRS) which provides a nice boost for newer Intel GPUs. We are not providing Vulkan as an option.


    Q: Tried looking this up, but still wasn’t sure. If I use a PS4 for the first year, would I then be able to move to steam and keep my progress? If not, I’m stuck with PS4, or I start over.

    A: Account linking is not planned at launch.


    Q: Can you include the significance of ping and packet loss in the official tutorial? I’ve noticed countless newbies getting kicked and banned from chiv servers simply because they don’t know any better about having too high a ping

    A: We definitely agree this is something that new and even experienced players need to be made aware of, we’ve been talking about this stuff recently in fact. Not sure if it’ll be a part of the tutorial specifically but we’re definitely looking into ways to improve this communication to the player


    Q: I would like to know if there will be ‘events’ of any sort? I know stuff like Halloween and Christmas might be more suited to a game like KF2, but perhaps some sort of map changes / aesthetics or maybe events like the progression of story could perhaps be plausible?

    A: We have these kind of ideas all of the time here - we’ll have to share more information after we launch the game, but definitely expect some fun timed things / seasonal stuff post-launch. Post-launch map content will also play into and continue the wider narrative of the Agatha vs Mason conflict


    Q: first question: how do i get into the beta? second question: is mason knight voice from first chiv still going to be availiable?

    A: You’ll be able to get into the beta in the same way as the alpha. We’ll have a closed beta period where we’ll hand out keys to those who signed up, and then we’ll have an open beta after that. And yes, we do have returning voices from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

    Q: any chance a 240 system like mordhau will be added to the game?

    A: No 240 system


    Q: is the crossplay will be directly available directly after the game launch ?

    A: all platforms crossplay at launch is planned


    Q: Will you be able to use alternates consecutively in a combo? (For example: Alternate overhead, alternate Overhead, stab)

    A: You can’t combo into the same attack (e.g. cannot alt overhead combo into alt overhead… you’d need to alt overhead into normal overhead or any other attack type)


    Q: Is feinting bannable?

    A: No, but to elaborate: Feinting is far less frustrating on the receiving end due to held parry. It is still useful but with Chiv 2’s mechanics there are more options for both attack and defense.


    Q: Is a predetermined questionnaire the best way to get chiv2 feedback to improve the game?

    A: I write the questionnaires based on information our designers are looking to hear about. On top of this we also read the feedback channels here in Discord and on the forums from the alpha players. We try to create many avenues for people to give us feedback in a way that is both easy for them and useful for us.


    Q: will be there good anti-cheat?

    A: We’re planning on using Easy Anti Cheat!


    Q: Will be here good optimalization for Low End Computers?

    A: Big focus. Mind we have to run at a consistent framerate on consoles that are nearly 7 years old at this point.


    Q: Will console hold PC graphics back?

    A: No, console ports are handled in a different way that optimizes them for the console they’ll be played on and that will not affect PC graphics.


    Q: Will the servers be crap like the ps3 and xbox 360 version?

    A: Servers on the console release of Chivalry 1 were listen servers, run by one of the players, with the inconsistent performance and networking issues that come with that. Chivalry 2 servers are dedicated servers, always.


    Q: […] will the beta run on console? […]

    A: We do plan to do a console beta. Can’t speak to the details yet because we don’t know them

  • June 29

    Q: will there be capes in chivalry 2?

    A: No capes.

    [This is just for launch though. More cosmetics may be added later.]


    Q: Will Chivalry 2 Beta come to consoles?

    A: Yes this is the plan! We don’t know all of the technical limitations or hurdles for this quite yet, but console beta is on our roadmap.


    Q: Will it focus on the story more than the last game we really aren’t focusing on the plot than killing players?

    A: Yes definitely! There is a lot happening in the world of Chivalry and you will be on the front row to see it happen. Each map also features its own storytelling and environment narrative.


    Q: Will the game contain Easter Eggs (weapons, armors, etc…) or secret cosmetics ?

    A: There’s some great easter eggs across the departments, be on the lookout for them!


    Q: I saw the gif of the fish the other day, what other kinds of “joke weapons” can we expect? In other words can i hit someone with a clothes iron?

    A: I won’t spoil all of them but among the most popular internally we have candelabras, ballista bolts and branding irons.


    Q: sorry if this has been answered, but how much variety will there be in the classes?

    A: The class structure is similar to Chivalry 1 in that there is the four clases: Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each class has specialized weapons, an individual health pool, and we’ve been currently testing different armor values in the alpha. This is something that is subject to change as time goes on.


    Q: How do held blocks affect melee play compared to, say, Mordhau?

    A: We have talked about this a bit before, but we believe that held block is critical to the scale that we are trying to achieve. It allows players to successfully defend themselves in 1vx situations with a higher success rate. With that said, we’re also looking at other ways to improve 1vx as well. We’ve had great feedback in the alpha so far that’s lead to some interesting discussions and changes.


    Q: do the game gonna take more time to develope because of the COVID-19 ?

    A: COVID-19 has definitely caused a lot of challenges throughout the gaming industry as a whole. Right now we are focused on doing our absolute best to stay on schedule and stay connected with everyone on the team.


    Q: what do you plan to put in place to make it an even playing field in terms of pc players vs console with the crossplay side of things

    A: We are still in the middle of lots of console tweaks and testing, but playing Chivalry 2 with a controller feeling surprisingly good! I’ve played it with an Xbox controller. If you’re in the alpha you can already play it with the controller as well on your PC. Definitely send any controllers feedback into the alpha channels if you end up giving it a shot. Like with all things it’ll take balancing, but we plan to provide some aim assist to consoles as well.


    Q: Will there be a team hitstop like in Mordhau?

    A: Hitting a teammate causes a hitstop


    Q: What are the plans for matchmaking/server browser?

    A: Right now Chivalry 2 offers a Quick Play option that will automatically fill you into a server that has an open slot for you. We expect that many people will use this option. We also still offer the server browser where you can choose a server from the server list.


    Q: Will there be an MAA stick again with a lightning-fast stab?

    A:“lightning fast” is something we’re avoiding due to the issues of readability and fairness. We would rather create an experience that is skill based rather than using one move over and over again


    Q: Will feints be a large part of a players skill set such as mordhau or will they be a lesser part of combat

    A: Feints have their niche in the new system and are definitely still used by experienced players


    Q: will there be weapon and armour customizations? Like a vast variety?

    A: There will be customization options for both, as for how much you’ll have to wait and see!


    Q: How much will game balancing come from the community vs internal decisions?

    A: I think that is a conundrum that every game developer faces! The goal is to have a good mix between community opinion and developer intention so that the game feels good and fun to everyone. Ideally good communication between TBS and the community will keep this in a good state. There may be some balance disagreements that come from this, but the overall goal is to keep the game fun and healthy.


    Q: How do you plan to teach the mechanics of the game to new players? do they have to learn from playtime or do we get an tutorial?

    A: There’s a few ways we’re looking at this. Part of it is through playtime, some through UI indication, as well as through tutorials


    Q: Will you be able to break blocks if someone is just holding it? So the game isn’t entirely a stam war

    A: Breaking blocks is possible through kicks and a few other techniques currently. You’ll notice that experienced players will find ways around people who simply hold block and attempt to turtle

  • July 13th


    Q: Will we see a party/squad system? (Being able to quick join games with friends)

    A: We do like the idea of parties so we’re investigating the possibilities of a system like that.


    Q: Can we expect to see more narrative in the game? Perhaps either as a story, a continuous war similar to Planetside 2, or cutscenes throughout each battle?

    A: We are aiming to expand upon the lore present from Chivalry 1 and while we aren’t talking specifically how this is done we have plans to do so :slight_smile: The primary feature will be the narrative tie ins to the maps you play!


    Q: would you ever consider to have a mechanic for the archers to have the ability to shoot multiple arrows at once?

    A: We’ve half joked/half debated about it, but there are currently no plans


    Q: Will you be able to specifically colour parts of your armour? Individual pieces? Like a scarf around the neck or a plume? Perhaps a cape? Would like to see more specified control over what your character looks like, it’s really annoying when there’s an item part of a set that just doesn’t fit what you’re going for.

    A: Much of our customization system has not been revealed yet but we keep the idea of sets in mind when creating our armour so that the pieces do have a specific overall set that matches best, but they can be mixed up to create something more original. There are limitations, and we focus on individual heraldry. We keep our colour palette very consistent, so that a Mason always looks like a Mason and an Agathian always look like an Agathian.


    Q: When chivalry will be released on consoles will first be an alpha or beta or the complete game?

    A: Crossplay testing will take place in combination with our pc beta rather than having it’s own separate beta. When console is released it will release as a full game


    Q: How will you manage toxic players and behaviour in this game ?

    A: We are investigation a number of solutions to this. We want to foster a community that is welcoming and our goals reflect that. EAC (our anti-cheat) as well as a chat filter also help to manage potential toxicity.


    Q: How many devs are needed to create a game of this size? Just the 11 devs on this discord ?

    A: We have just over 30 devs working together in office plus some external efforts to bring this game to you :slight_smile: (from home. thanks Covid)


    Q: Will there be more gore? for example splitting a man in half

    A: There will be plenty of gore… maybe too much. Some examples include being able to continue fighting with severed limbs, and picking up decapitated heads :chivomg: to use them as a weapon.


    Q: Hey Jen. Are there any current plans for a coop mode, for example horde mode?

    A: Co-op is not something we’re planning on implementing at this time, but we have internally discussed and planned other modes outside of the confirmed TO and TDM.


    Q: Are the devs interested in fostering a competitive scene around this game? and how do you plan to make balance changes? Around competitive or casual?

    A: Long story short here is that yes we do plan to support a competitive scene with Chivalry 2. I have done a lot of thinking on the best ways to do this and am very open to any suggestions you guys may have as well. In terms of balancing, we will take all players into consideration when it comes to balance changes. This is something we will look for input from both comp and casual players to see what fits best. Balance changes are and will always been an ongoing process with the goal in mind to do what is best for the enjoyment and health of the game.


    Q: Will there be a 240 system similar to mordhau?

    A: No, Chivalry 2 does not have a 240 system.


    Q: Will you guys be releasing any gameplay videos showing off the game prior to launch like you did for Mirage?

    A: Absolutely, 100% yes.


    Q: Are we ever going to see who is winning the war?

    A: Our plan is to have future maps continue the story, so you’ll have to see


    Q: How powerful will accels be?

    A: Drags and accels will play an important role in the combat, but we want to limit the ridiculousness of extreme drags. We want to keep the combat fun yet readable.


    Q: Will Chiv 2 still maintain its loveable goofy sandbox feel? One of my favorite things about Chiv was the freedom and character it had. Was it attempted to preserve this? Or will this be more focused on pure pillaging?

    A: I think Chivalry 2 is definitely what you make it. If you want to be a super serious alpha knight who racks up the kill count you can totally do that. If you want to be a silly archer and run around voice lining at people while you pepper them with arrows in the back you can do that too. There is a mix and serious and silly voice lines, and we there has definitely been an attempt to preserve both play styles. I routinely crack up from silly antics while play testing.

  • Sept. 14 2020

    Q: Will the game be available at launch with multiple editions ? (classic, legendary, collector, etc… )

    A: Multiple editions are planned. You’ll have to wait and see for more info on that.


    Q: Will there be more “meet the devs” posts akin to the one by Marc?

    A: Indeed! We’d like the community to meet more of the team so expect more of these in the future.


    Q: Will there be special events or game modes? For example like archers only, infection, ballerina moves enabled, etc.

    A: Yes, we are planning on creating cool modes and then rolling them out on a certain basis. The fun will be kept alive!


    Q: Will there be themed patches?

    A: Chivalry 2 will continue to receive updates after launch, as for what those entail you’ll have to see then


    Q: Is the game ever coming to Steam? If so, is there a planned date for it?

    A: We do plan to bring Chivalry 2 to Steam, approximately 1 year after the Epic Games Store launch.


    Q: Do you have any plans for mods?

    A: Post launch, we do want to pursue mod support.


    Q: Will you run this game like a live service so we get a ton of updates for years rather than a Chivalry 3?

    A: We plan on a long life for Chivalry 2 with a ton of post-launch support and updates. The proof will be in the pudding!


    Q: There will be support for the south america servers?

    A: our current plans are launch day official server support for SA, NA, AUS, ASIA, NA, EU


    Q: Will there be a sickle as a weapon, specifically one you can spawn in as?

    A: We have a good number of tools as weapons but you need to find them in the levels to use them.


    Q: Are you guys back in the office? Are you guys enjoying development? Is everyone okay?

    A: We are still working from home. Everybody is fine and safe, thank you for caring!


    Q: I know it super early to ask, but will there be DLC’s when the game is finished? Thanks for your work

    A: Yes there will be DLCs of various sizes and content. We intend to keep the game alive as long as possible!


    Q: Will chivalry 2 have splitscreen on both console and pc ?

    A: No splitscreen planned


    Q: will there be a darkforrest remake?

    A: Dark Forest will return as a location but not a direct remake


    Q: Will there ever be a limit to classes?

    A: We’re exploring this as a balancing option


    Q: Will there ever be directional weapon swinging/blocking like in the mount and blade games?

    A: No, mouse direction will not be used as the input for swing directions or blocks etc. Of course, you can do regular vs. alt direction swings using keyboard or mouse button input like in Chivalry 1.


    Q: When we chop of someones head will we be able to pick it up and throw it ? this is a real question

    A: Sharpen your swords and get throwing


    Q: will there be weapon durability ?

    A: That could be an interesting mechanic. But no, handheld weapons cannot be damaged currently. You will drop your weapon if you run out of stamina and are struck, though.


    Q: WIll chiv 1’s old maps be in chiv 2??? (E.G Belmez, Kings Garden, etc.)

    A: Chivalry 2 will progress the story of the first Chivalry which means that canonically old battles won’t be repeated. However, it’s not impossible that old locations may be relevant in the continuing story


    Q: Will you translate Chivalry 2 on Russian?

    A: Russian will be an available localized language

  • Oct 26th, 2020


    Q: Will there we roleplay? Some of the maps look AMAZING for roleplay.

    A: We have added some elements in the maps (objects, locations…) that will help you do some roleplay if you feel like it!


    Q: Would you be able to speak to intended community moderation efforts? Bigotry is, unfortunately, kind of a fact of life but I want to be able to like, enjoy a videogame in my free time without expecting harassment and abuse.

    A: You’ll be able to report someone directly in-game for things that violate our community guidelines. This does include harassment and inappropriate language (racism, sexism, etc) as well as things like cheating and exploiting. These reports are sent to our team, and we hope to include some community members in this system as well to increase the turn around time. Repeat offenders will be subject to game mutes or bans based on severity of the offense.


    Q: can change your boots?

    A: We do have lots you can customize, but boots are not one of them


    Q: Where is tutorial

    A: Tutorial is being worked on as we speak


    Q: Will the game be controller compatible by any chance?

    A: It is already controller compatible!


    Q: Are weapons still as strict on classes as cmw, or can you pick knight items for example, or are there common weapons for multiple classes?

    A: We’re still fine tuning what weapons are available for each class, but there will be some selection per class and potentially some overlap


    Q: will there be a completely new score for the OST, or will you bring back some of the epic songs from the last game?

    A: The soundtrack is very much a new score. You should notice occasional familiar themes that go as far back as Age of Chivalry though! Also, it quite possibly contains a remake or two.


    Q: Will the armor cosmetics affect gameplay?

    A: Armour cosmetics will not affect gameplay


    Q: Is mocap being done for animations for Chiv 2?

    A: No, all of the animations are done in-house by our team of animators by hand. There are both positives and negatives to this process. It takes a lot of time and detail to get them looking just right, but it allows us to do a lot of custom things that allow each of the animations to better flow from one to another. In Chivalry 2 you’re able to smoothly transition from one attack into another and getting the animations to not appear weird or janky through that process is difficult and something we’re polishing all the time. But the time and effort is worth it!


    Q: Can we please keep spamming x3 for help

    A: Currently it’s Z6


    Q: Any buffs to crossbow? I feel the bow is definitely the go to in all situations even against armour due to the range of engagement and time to switch weapons

    A: Crossbow will have their niche, we’ve begun starting to tune things a little bit more, though there’s still lots of work to be done


    Q: When will we be able to see what add-ons (I loved the Bear Helmet in Chiv1 and often called myself THE BEAR) we can use in the game? (Alpha,Beta,Retail)

    A: This info will be available when pre-orders are announced.


    Q: Does hit trading exist in this game or will hitting someone before they hit you cancel their attack? If it does exist in this game is it as noticeable as it was in chivalry 1 or did you guys dial it back a bit with the timing it takes to trade hits?

    A: In Chivalry 2 there’s a few different things that can happen. You do interrupt someone’s attack if you hit first. In addition if you match your enemies attack (from a parry) you’ll counter them. This is essentially a “perfect parry” as you both block the incoming blow and continue your own attack with no stamina cost.


    Q: How do you plan on combating whiffing(when players miss on purpose to bait out a parry during 1vx)

    A: With held parry I think it’s less valuable to attempt to bait out a parry. However we constantly iterate one what does and doesn’t consume stamina usage in order to make the combat feel as good as possible to play. Certain strikes do consume stamina currently and running out of stamina just to bait a parry would be a bad idea.


    Q: [from Ziggy] This is a question more for Buckley. Id like to say that, with my incredibly high standards, youve impressed me as one of my favorite sound designers of any game. Id like to compliment the ambience from Chivalry 1 on Battlegrounds especially, ive taken note of nearly every audio technique to make it sound so good. The church bells for the city to evacuate, the white noise of hundreds if not thousands of shouting voices, the distant trebuchets crashing as they pass over the wall followed by the echoes of the people affected screaming because of it, it all creates this absolutely immaculate atmosphere. I was wondering if you remember this and if youd be applying this same realistic grit to make certain scenarios on newer maps be just as appealing? Not that masterpieces can be made all the time but its always admirable to try. Thanks. I hope youre well during the “pandemic”.


    A: [from Buckley] Thanks for the kind words and I am doing just about as well as one can during the pandemic. Hope you are well Ziggy! So yes we are trying to get as atmospheric as possible and the sieges are even more epic! I hope that you find it at least on par with Chivalry 1. There are many ways in which we are taking things to the next level— such as in game ‘cosmetic’ trebuchet rounds that may hit buildings just over your head storm cities. There is a raid that increases in insanity (includes bells) and eventually gets eerily calm at the end as defenders have fought down to the last men and all you can hear is a lonely wind. I’ve even added a distant sound system that helps carry some of the bigger in-game player character sounds such as pain cries, death screams, battle-shouts and steel clashes far across the battlefield. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Dec 17th, 2020

    Q: will jacksepticeye peasant be playable on release?

    A: Jacksepticeye is indeed in game, but you’ll have to seek out his peasant!


    Q: How many developers from the previous Chivalry are working currently on Chivalry 2?

    A: The team has grown quite a lot since the development of the original Chivalry! About one third of the Chivalry 2 team has been around since then.


    Q: Will spinning around while attacking be a viable option of offense like it is in Mount and Blade Warband?

    A: Chivalry 2 has a turn cap built it that restrictions the maximum arc you’re allowed to perform. Footwork is important in Chivalry 2 for dodging/navigating around your opponents, especially in 1VX scenarios


    Q: Is there a set amount of Alphas that will be released before releasing the Beta?

    A: We aim to accomplish different things with each alpha and we have a set amount in mind but it can be subject to change. Last technical alpha we held a one day test to verify a few fixes for example


    Q: Will there be more ways to fidget/flaunt physically similar to the flourish action?

    A: There are dedicated dances for each weapon set type as well. It’s an interesting idea! No further plans at the moment


    Q: Around which time period does the game take place?

    A: Chivalry 2 isn’t based around any kind historical realism as it is set in a fictional universe. Our goal is to try to capture the romance of the era as a whole, with some of our own added flair.


    Q: Is there some way of accessing the character customisation section? Because my character is different to the default because I changed him in the first alpha that happened and since then I’ve never been able to access character customisation.

    A: Not yet. It was disabled a few alphas ago but we’ll be bringing customization back in future tests. You are a beautiful unique butterfly.


    Q: What do kicks even do

    A: Kicking is intended as a block counter. Your opponent will take damage even if he blocks the strike and you will maintain a momentum advantage. The tradeoff is that a kick does not interrupt your opponent’s incoming attack so you still take damage.


    Q: any plans for some cinematics at the beginning and end of matches ?

    A: Map intros will have a bit of context for you and perhaps a cinematic moment for you to sink your teeth in to


    Q: Will there be UI around joining friends and seeing friends? Like a party system?

    A: Yes there will be. Our party system is functional but the overall UI is still receiving work to make it easy to use.


    Q: So in between alphas, what do you usually fix before the next Alpha comes? Damage numbers, hit boxes, and such?

    A: Speaking from a level design point of view: we tweak numbers like respawn time, interaction time, stage duration, scoring values… All in the name of balance.

    A: From a QA standpoint, it really depends on the timeline and what the plan is for next alpha! QA will grab issues and investigate bugs from the previous alpha for our database, but there also may be some high priority verifications that need to be done our side for our timeline. The severity of certain issues may not always be obvious if you don’t see a fix from one alpha to the next but there’s a reason for it.

    For example: Running special attack damage is low as a known bug and on the list but you may not see the fix from one alpha to the next because resources need to be applied to fixes like delayed tracers after combo attacks. These tracer issues are ranked higher because they may be affecting the experience more commonly and are detrimental to getting useful feedback about combat in general. Those kinds of issues require investigation whereas special attack hittin for 15 damage is a more simple tweak that can be done before launch


    Q: It’s probably been asked before, but what level of character customization will we see on release if any at all?

    A: We’ll be offering many options for you to customize so you can alter your character whoever you wish to portray in the world of Chivalry 2. You can see some of these options in our promotional screenshots, which so far have included different armour (suits and helmets), different weapon skins, hair, facial hair, and there is more to show in the future.


    Q: Will the game be pay to win?
    A: Nope! We do not believe in this. Any buyable item will be cosmetic only. Thus said, maybe we will allow you to pay to lose one day…


    Q: Are we able to mod like the weapons to look like light sabers or something like that

    A: The SDK is something we’re interested in offering, but we have no current timeline on that plan


    Q: will there be poop scattered on the battleground

    A: There is, make sure to grab some and throw it at your opponent’s face. Or your friend’s, I ain’t judging.


    Q: When faced with an opponent what are the tools to bait a parry? Is it just feints or is there something else?

    A: This is a long complicated answer, but baiting a parry isn’t the most important maneuver in order to dominate your opponent in Chivalry 2. We will have the opportunity to deep dive into this in the future on how the combat system is different from a timed parry system, but it opens up many combative and defensive options for you to choose from.


    Q: Will there be an alpha on PS4?

    A: We can’t speak to future alphas just yet, buuuuut we will be releasing on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox One Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)! Watch this space!


    Q: What’s your favorite thing about chivalry (1 or 2, or both if you want) also whoever is reading this, have a good day

    A: I really enjoy seeing all of the different play styles that can evolve from a single game. Some people take Chivalry very seriously and competitively while some people like to goof around with roleplay. There really is a wide spectrum of what players can do and accomplish with the tools that we’ve give them.


    Q: How many directions of attack are there in basic attacks? I know there are side swipes and overheads. But are there also rising attacks too?

    A: You can alternate your swings right and left for the basic attacks. As for a list of all of the attacks themselves there’s a list over on our forums that may give you some more detail:

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