Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

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    June 17th


    Q: Will the game be updated on a regular basis?

    A: You bet! We already talked about the Epic exclusivity deal solidifying our post-launch position financially, but we think it should be even more clear with the console release that we expect the game to stick around for some time. Post-launch content is a big part of our roadmap, more details to come.


    Q: How long do the devs plan on supporting the game post-launch? Do you believe that you will continue to add weapons, or do you intend to include everything in the full release?

    A: Yes, additional weapons are on our post-launch roadmap.


    Q: What was your thought behind using DX12 over things like Vulcan or staying with DX11?

    A: DX12 isn’t particularly well-supported by the version of UE4 we’re using. We do have it as an option, but most users will not see any benefit from it as a result, and may even have problems. We’re mostly giving it as an option because it’s the only way to use Intel’s variable rate shading (VRS) which provides a nice boost for newer Intel GPUs. We are not providing Vulkan as an option.


    Q: Tried looking this up, but still wasn’t sure. If I use a PS4 for the first year, would I then be able to move to steam and keep my progress? If not, I’m stuck with PS4, or I start over.

    A: Account linking is not planned at launch.


    Q: Can you include the significance of ping and packet loss in the official tutorial? I’ve noticed countless newbies getting kicked and banned from chiv servers simply because they don’t know any better about having too high a ping

    A: We definitely agree this is something that new and even experienced players need to be made aware of, we’ve been talking about this stuff recently in fact. Not sure if it’ll be a part of the tutorial specifically but we’re definitely looking into ways to improve this communication to the player


    Q: I would like to know if there will be ‘events’ of any sort? I know stuff like Halloween and Christmas might be more suited to a game like KF2, but perhaps some sort of map changes / aesthetics or maybe events like the progression of story could perhaps be plausible?

    A: We have these kind of ideas all of the time here - we’ll have to share more information after we launch the game, but definitely expect some fun timed things / seasonal stuff post-launch. Post-launch map content will also play into and continue the wider narrative of the Agatha vs Mason conflict


    Q: first question: how do i get into the beta? second question: is mason knight voice from first chiv still going to be availiable?

    A: You’ll be able to get into the beta in the same way as the alpha. We’ll have a closed beta period where we’ll hand out keys to those who signed up, and then we’ll have an open beta after that. And yes, we do have returning voices from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!

    Q: any chance a 240 system like mordhau will be added to the game?

    A: No 240 system


    Q: is the crossplay will be directly available directly after the game launch ?

    A: all platforms crossplay at launch is planned


    Q: Will you be able to use alternates consecutively in a combo? (For example: Alternate overhead, alternate Overhead, stab)

    A: You can’t combo into the same attack (e.g. cannot alt overhead combo into alt overhead… you’d need to alt overhead into normal overhead or any other attack type)


    Q: Is feinting bannable?

    A: No, but to elaborate: Feinting is far less frustrating on the receiving end due to held parry. It is still useful but with Chiv 2’s mechanics there are more options for both attack and defense.


    Q: Is a predetermined questionnaire the best way to get chiv2 feedback to improve the game?

    A: I write the questionnaires based on information our designers are looking to hear about. On top of this we also read the feedback channels here in Discord and on the forums from the alpha players. We try to create many avenues for people to give us feedback in a way that is both easy for them and useful for us.


    Q: will be there good anti-cheat?

    A: We’re planning on using Easy Anti Cheat!


    Q: Will be here good optimalization for Low End Computers?

    A: Big focus. Mind we have to run at a consistent framerate on consoles that are nearly 7 years old at this point.


    Q: Will console hold PC graphics back?

    A: No, console ports are handled in a different way that optimizes them for the console they’ll be played on and that will not affect PC graphics.


    Q: Will the servers be crap like the ps3 and xbox 360 version?

    A: Servers on the console release of Chivalry 1 were listen servers, run by one of the players, with the inconsistent performance and networking issues that come with that. Chivalry 2 servers are dedicated servers, always.


    Q: […] will the beta run on console? […]

    A: We do plan to do a console beta. Can’t speak to the details yet because we don’t know them

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    June 29

    Q: will there be capes in chivalry 2?

    A: No capes.

    [This is just for launch though. More cosmetics may be added later.]


    Q: Will Chivalry 2 Beta come to consoles?

    A: Yes this is the plan! We don’t know all of the technical limitations or hurdles for this quite yet, but console beta is on our roadmap.


    Q: Will it focus on the story more than the last game we really aren’t focusing on the plot than killing players?

    A: Yes definitely! There is a lot happening in the world of Chivalry and you will be on the front row to see it happen. Each map also features its own storytelling and environment narrative.


    Q: Will the game contain Easter Eggs (weapons, armors, etc…) or secret cosmetics ?

    A: There’s some great easter eggs across the departments, be on the lookout for them!


    Q: I saw the gif of the fish the other day, what other kinds of “joke weapons” can we expect? In other words can i hit someone with a clothes iron?

    A: I won’t spoil all of them but among the most popular internally we have candelabras, ballista bolts and branding irons.


    Q: sorry if this has been answered, but how much variety will there be in the classes?

    A: The class structure is similar to Chivalry 1 in that there is the four clases: Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each class has specialized weapons, an individual health pool, and we’ve been currently testing different armor values in the alpha. This is something that is subject to change as time goes on.


    Q: How do held blocks affect melee play compared to, say, Mordhau?

    A: We have talked about this a bit before, but we believe that held block is critical to the scale that we are trying to achieve. It allows players to successfully defend themselves in 1vx situations with a higher success rate. With that said, we’re also looking at other ways to improve 1vx as well. We’ve had great feedback in the alpha so far that’s lead to some interesting discussions and changes.


    Q: do the game gonna take more time to develope because of the COVID-19 ?

    A: COVID-19 has definitely caused a lot of challenges throughout the gaming industry as a whole. Right now we are focused on doing our absolute best to stay on schedule and stay connected with everyone on the team.


    Q: what do you plan to put in place to make it an even playing field in terms of pc players vs console with the crossplay side of things

    A: We are still in the middle of lots of console tweaks and testing, but playing Chivalry 2 with a controller feeling surprisingly good! I’ve played it with an Xbox controller. If you’re in the alpha you can already play it with the controller as well on your PC. Definitely send any controllers feedback into the alpha channels if you end up giving it a shot. Like with all things it’ll take balancing, but we plan to provide some aim assist to consoles as well.


    Q: Will there be a team hitstop like in Mordhau?

    A: Hitting a teammate causes a hitstop


    Q: What are the plans for matchmaking/server browser?

    A: Right now Chivalry 2 offers a Quick Play option that will automatically fill you into a server that has an open slot for you. We expect that many people will use this option. We also still offer the server browser where you can choose a server from the server list.


    Q: Will there be an MAA stick again with a lightning-fast stab?

    A:“lightning fast” is something we’re avoiding due to the issues of readability and fairness. We would rather create an experience that is skill based rather than using one move over and over again


    Q: Will feints be a large part of a players skill set such as mordhau or will they be a lesser part of combat

    A: Feints have their niche in the new system and are definitely still used by experienced players


    Q: will there be weapon and armour customizations? Like a vast variety?

    A: There will be customization options for both, as for how much you’ll have to wait and see!


    Q: How much will game balancing come from the community vs internal decisions?

    A: I think that is a conundrum that every game developer faces! The goal is to have a good mix between community opinion and developer intention so that the game feels good and fun to everyone. Ideally good communication between TBS and the community will keep this in a good state. There may be some balance disagreements that come from this, but the overall goal is to keep the game fun and healthy.


    Q: How do you plan to teach the mechanics of the game to new players? do they have to learn from playtime or do we get an tutorial?

    A: There’s a few ways we’re looking at this. Part of it is through playtime, some through UI indication, as well as through tutorials


    Q: Will you be able to break blocks if someone is just holding it? So the game isn’t entirely a stam war

    A: Breaking blocks is possible through kicks and a few other techniques currently. You’ll notice that experienced players will find ways around people who simply hold block and attempt to turtle

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    July 13th


    Q: Will we see a party/squad system? (Being able to quick join games with friends)

    A: We do like the idea of parties so we’re investigating the possibilities of a system like that.


    Q: Can we expect to see more narrative in the game? Perhaps either as a story, a continuous war similar to Planetside 2, or cutscenes throughout each battle?

    A: We are aiming to expand upon the lore present from Chivalry 1 and while we aren’t talking specifically how this is done we have plans to do so :slight_smile: The primary feature will be the narrative tie ins to the maps you play!


    Q: would you ever consider to have a mechanic for the archers to have the ability to shoot multiple arrows at once?

    A: We’ve half joked/half debated about it, but there are currently no plans


    Q: Will you be able to specifically colour parts of your armour? Individual pieces? Like a scarf around the neck or a plume? Perhaps a cape? Would like to see more specified control over what your character looks like, it’s really annoying when there’s an item part of a set that just doesn’t fit what you’re going for.

    A: Much of our customization system has not been revealed yet but we keep the idea of sets in mind when creating our armour so that the pieces do have a specific overall set that matches best, but they can be mixed up to create something more original. There are limitations, and we focus on individual heraldry. We keep our colour palette very consistent, so that a Mason always looks like a Mason and an Agathian always look like an Agathian.


    Q: When chivalry will be released on consoles will first be an alpha or beta or the complete game?

    A: Crossplay testing will take place in combination with our pc beta rather than having it’s own separate beta. When console is released it will release as a full game


    Q: How will you manage toxic players and behaviour in this game ?

    A: We are investigation a number of solutions to this. We want to foster a community that is welcoming and our goals reflect that. EAC (our anti-cheat) as well as a chat filter also help to manage potential toxicity.


    Q: How many devs are needed to create a game of this size? Just the 11 devs on this discord ?

    A: We have just over 30 devs working together in office plus some external efforts to bring this game to you :slight_smile: (from home. thanks Covid)


    Q: Will there be more gore? for example splitting a man in half

    A: There will be plenty of gore… maybe too much. Some examples include being able to continue fighting with severed limbs, and picking up decapitated heads :chivomg: to use them as a weapon.


    Q: Hey Jen. Are there any current plans for a coop mode, for example horde mode?

    A: Co-op is not something we’re planning on implementing at this time, but we have internally discussed and planned other modes outside of the confirmed TO and TDM.


    Q: Are the devs interested in fostering a competitive scene around this game? and how do you plan to make balance changes? Around competitive or casual?

    A: Long story short here is that yes we do plan to support a competitive scene with Chivalry 2. I have done a lot of thinking on the best ways to do this and am very open to any suggestions you guys may have as well. In terms of balancing, we will take all players into consideration when it comes to balance changes. This is something we will look for input from both comp and casual players to see what fits best. Balance changes are and will always been an ongoing process with the goal in mind to do what is best for the enjoyment and health of the game.


    Q: Will there be a 240 system similar to mordhau?

    A: No, Chivalry 2 does not have a 240 system.


    Q: Will you guys be releasing any gameplay videos showing off the game prior to launch like you did for Mirage?

    A: Absolutely, 100% yes.


    Q: Are we ever going to see who is winning the war?

    A: Our plan is to have future maps continue the story, so you’ll have to see


    Q: How powerful will accels be?

    A: Drags and accels will play an important role in the combat, but we want to limit the ridiculousness of extreme drags. We want to keep the combat fun yet readable.


    Q: Will Chiv 2 still maintain its loveable goofy sandbox feel? One of my favorite things about Chiv was the freedom and character it had. Was it attempted to preserve this? Or will this be more focused on pure pillaging?

    A: I think Chivalry 2 is definitely what you make it. If you want to be a super serious alpha knight who racks up the kill count you can totally do that. If you want to be a silly archer and run around voice lining at people while you pepper them with arrows in the back you can do that too. There is a mix and serious and silly voice lines, and we there has definitely been an attempt to preserve both play styles. I routinely crack up from silly antics while play testing.

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    Sept. 14 2020

    Q: Will the game be available at launch with multiple editions ? (classic, legendary, collector, etc… )

    A: Multiple editions are planned. You’ll have to wait and see for more info on that.


    Q: Will there be more “meet the devs” posts akin to the one by Marc?

    A: Indeed! We’d like the community to meet more of the team so expect more of these in the future.


    Q: Will there be special events or game modes? For example like archers only, infection, ballerina moves enabled, etc.

    A: Yes, we are planning on creating cool modes and then rolling them out on a certain basis. The fun will be kept alive!


    Q: Will there be themed patches?

    A: Chivalry 2 will continue to receive updates after launch, as for what those entail you’ll have to see then


    Q: Is the game ever coming to Steam? If so, is there a planned date for it?

    A: We do plan to bring Chivalry 2 to Steam, approximately 1 year after the Epic Games Store launch.


    Q: Do you have any plans for mods?

    A: Post launch, we do want to pursue mod support.


    Q: Will you run this game like a live service so we get a ton of updates for years rather than a Chivalry 3?

    A: We plan on a long life for Chivalry 2 with a ton of post-launch support and updates. The proof will be in the pudding!


    Q: There will be support for the south america servers?

    A: our current plans are launch day official server support for SA, NA, AUS, ASIA, NA, EU


    Q: Will there be a sickle as a weapon, specifically one you can spawn in as?

    A: We have a good number of tools as weapons but you need to find them in the levels to use them.


    Q: Are you guys back in the office? Are you guys enjoying development? Is everyone okay?

    A: We are still working from home. Everybody is fine and safe, thank you for caring!


    Q: I know it super early to ask, but will there be DLC’s when the game is finished? Thanks for your work

    A: Yes there will be DLCs of various sizes and content. We intend to keep the game alive as long as possible!


    Q: Will chivalry 2 have splitscreen on both console and pc ?

    A: No splitscreen planned


    Q: will there be a darkforrest remake?

    A: Dark Forest will return as a location but not a direct remake


    Q: Will there ever be a limit to classes?

    A: We’re exploring this as a balancing option


    Q: Will there ever be directional weapon swinging/blocking like in the mount and blade games?

    A: No, mouse direction will not be used as the input for swing directions or blocks etc. Of course, you can do regular vs. alt direction swings using keyboard or mouse button input like in Chivalry 1.


    Q: When we chop of someones head will we be able to pick it up and throw it ? this is a real question

    A: Sharpen your swords and get throwing


    Q: will there be weapon durability ?

    A: That could be an interesting mechanic. But no, handheld weapons cannot be damaged currently. You will drop your weapon if you run out of stamina and are struck, though.


    Q: WIll chiv 1’s old maps be in chiv 2??? (E.G Belmez, Kings Garden, etc.)

    A: Chivalry 2 will progress the story of the first Chivalry which means that canonically old battles won’t be repeated. However, it’s not impossible that old locations may be relevant in the continuing story


    Q: Will you translate Chivalry 2 on Russian?

    A: Russian will be an available localized language

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    Oct 26th, 2020


    Q: Will there we roleplay? Some of the maps look AMAZING for roleplay.

    A: We have added some elements in the maps (objects, locations…) that will help you do some roleplay if you feel like it!


    Q: Would you be able to speak to intended community moderation efforts? Bigotry is, unfortunately, kind of a fact of life but I want to be able to like, enjoy a videogame in my free time without expecting harassment and abuse.

    A: You’ll be able to report someone directly in-game for things that violate our community guidelines. This does include harassment and inappropriate language (racism, sexism, etc) as well as things like cheating and exploiting. These reports are sent to our team, and we hope to include some community members in this system as well to increase the turn around time. Repeat offenders will be subject to game mutes or bans based on severity of the offense.


    Q: can change your boots?

    A: We do have lots you can customize, but boots are not one of them


    Q: Where is tutorial

    A: Tutorial is being worked on as we speak


    Q: Will the game be controller compatible by any chance?

    A: It is already controller compatible!


    Q: Are weapons still as strict on classes as cmw, or can you pick knight items for example, or are there common weapons for multiple classes?

    A: We’re still fine tuning what weapons are available for each class, but there will be some selection per class and potentially some overlap


    Q: will there be a completely new score for the OST, or will you bring back some of the epic songs from the last game?

    A: The soundtrack is very much a new score. You should notice occasional familiar themes that go as far back as Age of Chivalry though! Also, it quite possibly contains a remake or two.


    Q: Will the armor cosmetics affect gameplay?

    A: Armour cosmetics will not affect gameplay


    Q: Is mocap being done for animations for Chiv 2?

    A: No, all of the animations are done in-house by our team of animators by hand. There are both positives and negatives to this process. It takes a lot of time and detail to get them looking just right, but it allows us to do a lot of custom things that allow each of the animations to better flow from one to another. In Chivalry 2 you’re able to smoothly transition from one attack into another and getting the animations to not appear weird or janky through that process is difficult and something we’re polishing all the time. But the time and effort is worth it!


    Q: Can we please keep spamming x3 for help

    A: Currently it’s Z6


    Q: Any buffs to crossbow? I feel the bow is definitely the go to in all situations even against armour due to the range of engagement and time to switch weapons

    A: Crossbow will have their niche, we’ve begun starting to tune things a little bit more, though there’s still lots of work to be done


    Q: When will we be able to see what add-ons (I loved the Bear Helmet in Chiv1 and often called myself THE BEAR) we can use in the game? (Alpha,Beta,Retail)

    A: This info will be available when pre-orders are announced.


    Q: Does hit trading exist in this game or will hitting someone before they hit you cancel their attack? If it does exist in this game is it as noticeable as it was in chivalry 1 or did you guys dial it back a bit with the timing it takes to trade hits?

    A: In Chivalry 2 there’s a few different things that can happen. You do interrupt someone’s attack if you hit first. In addition if you match your enemies attack (from a parry) you’ll counter them. This is essentially a “perfect parry” as you both block the incoming blow and continue your own attack with no stamina cost.


    Q: How do you plan on combating whiffing(when players miss on purpose to bait out a parry during 1vx)

    A: With held parry I think it’s less valuable to attempt to bait out a parry. However we constantly iterate one what does and doesn’t consume stamina usage in order to make the combat feel as good as possible to play. Certain strikes do consume stamina currently and running out of stamina just to bait a parry would be a bad idea.


    Q: [from Ziggy] This is a question more for Buckley. Id like to say that, with my incredibly high standards, youve impressed me as one of my favorite sound designers of any game. Id like to compliment the ambience from Chivalry 1 on Battlegrounds especially, ive taken note of nearly every audio technique to make it sound so good. The church bells for the city to evacuate, the white noise of hundreds if not thousands of shouting voices, the distant trebuchets crashing as they pass over the wall followed by the echoes of the people affected screaming because of it, it all creates this absolutely immaculate atmosphere. I was wondering if you remember this and if youd be applying this same realistic grit to make certain scenarios on newer maps be just as appealing? Not that masterpieces can be made all the time but its always admirable to try. Thanks. I hope youre well during the “pandemic”.


    A: [from Buckley] Thanks for the kind words and I am doing just about as well as one can during the pandemic. Hope you are well Ziggy! So yes we are trying to get as atmospheric as possible and the sieges are even more epic! I hope that you find it at least on par with Chivalry 1. There are many ways in which we are taking things to the next level— such as in game ‘cosmetic’ trebuchet rounds that may hit buildings just over your head storm cities. There is a raid that increases in insanity (includes bells) and eventually gets eerily calm at the end as defenders have fought down to the last men and all you can hear is a lonely wind. I’ve even added a distant sound system that helps carry some of the bigger in-game player character sounds such as pain cries, death screams, battle-shouts and steel clashes far across the battlefield. I hope you enjoy them!

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    Dec 17th, 2020

    Q: will jacksepticeye peasant be playable on release?

    A: Jacksepticeye is indeed in game, but you’ll have to seek out his peasant!


    Q: How many developers from the previous Chivalry are working currently on Chivalry 2?

    A: The team has grown quite a lot since the development of the original Chivalry! About one third of the Chivalry 2 team has been around since then.


    Q: Will spinning around while attacking be a viable option of offense like it is in Mount and Blade Warband?

    A: Chivalry 2 has a turn cap built it that restrictions the maximum arc you’re allowed to perform. Footwork is important in Chivalry 2 for dodging/navigating around your opponents, especially in 1VX scenarios


    Q: Is there a set amount of Alphas that will be released before releasing the Beta?

    A: We aim to accomplish different things with each alpha and we have a set amount in mind but it can be subject to change. Last technical alpha we held a one day test to verify a few fixes for example


    Q: Will there be more ways to fidget/flaunt physically similar to the flourish action?

    A: There are dedicated dances for each weapon set type as well. It’s an interesting idea! No further plans at the moment


    Q: Around which time period does the game take place?

    A: Chivalry 2 isn’t based around any kind historical realism as it is set in a fictional universe. Our goal is to try to capture the romance of the era as a whole, with some of our own added flair.


    Q: Is there some way of accessing the character customisation section? Because my character is different to the default because I changed him in the first alpha that happened and since then I’ve never been able to access character customisation.

    A: Not yet. It was disabled a few alphas ago but we’ll be bringing customization back in future tests. You are a beautiful unique butterfly.


    Q: What do kicks even do

    A: Kicking is intended as a block counter. Your opponent will take damage even if he blocks the strike and you will maintain a momentum advantage. The tradeoff is that a kick does not interrupt your opponent’s incoming attack so you still take damage.


    Q: any plans for some cinematics at the beginning and end of matches ?

    A: Map intros will have a bit of context for you and perhaps a cinematic moment for you to sink your teeth in to


    Q: Will there be UI around joining friends and seeing friends? Like a party system?

    A: Yes there will be. Our party system is functional but the overall UI is still receiving work to make it easy to use.


    Q: So in between alphas, what do you usually fix before the next Alpha comes? Damage numbers, hit boxes, and such?

    A: Speaking from a level design point of view: we tweak numbers like respawn time, interaction time, stage duration, scoring values… All in the name of balance.

    A: From a QA standpoint, it really depends on the timeline and what the plan is for next alpha! QA will grab issues and investigate bugs from the previous alpha for our database, but there also may be some high priority verifications that need to be done our side for our timeline. The severity of certain issues may not always be obvious if you don’t see a fix from one alpha to the next but there’s a reason for it.

    For example: Running special attack damage is low as a known bug and on the list but you may not see the fix from one alpha to the next because resources need to be applied to fixes like delayed tracers after combo attacks. These tracer issues are ranked higher because they may be affecting the experience more commonly and are detrimental to getting useful feedback about combat in general. Those kinds of issues require investigation whereas special attack hittin for 15 damage is a more simple tweak that can be done before launch


    Q: It’s probably been asked before, but what level of character customization will we see on release if any at all?

    A: We’ll be offering many options for you to customize so you can alter your character whoever you wish to portray in the world of Chivalry 2. You can see some of these options in our promotional screenshots, which so far have included different armour (suits and helmets), different weapon skins, hair, facial hair, and there is more to show in the future.


    Q: Will the game be pay to win?
    A: Nope! We do not believe in this. Any buyable item will be cosmetic only. Thus said, maybe we will allow you to pay to lose one day…


    Q: Are we able to mod like the weapons to look like light sabers or something like that

    A: The SDK is something we’re interested in offering, but we have no current timeline on that plan


    Q: will there be poop scattered on the battleground

    A: There is, make sure to grab some and throw it at your opponent’s face. Or your friend’s, I ain’t judging.


    Q: When faced with an opponent what are the tools to bait a parry? Is it just feints or is there something else?

    A: This is a long complicated answer, but baiting a parry isn’t the most important maneuver in order to dominate your opponent in Chivalry 2. We will have the opportunity to deep dive into this in the future on how the combat system is different from a timed parry system, but it opens up many combative and defensive options for you to choose from.


    Q: Will there be an alpha on PS4?

    A: We can’t speak to future alphas just yet, buuuuut we will be releasing on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox One Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)! Watch this space!


    Q: What’s your favorite thing about chivalry (1 or 2, or both if you want) also whoever is reading this, have a good day

    A: I really enjoy seeing all of the different play styles that can evolve from a single game. Some people take Chivalry very seriously and competitively while some people like to goof around with roleplay. There really is a wide spectrum of what players can do and accomplish with the tools that we’ve give them.


    Q: How many directions of attack are there in basic attacks? I know there are side swipes and overheads. But are there also rising attacks too?

    A: You can alternate your swings right and left for the basic attacks. As for a list of all of the attacks themselves there’s a list over on our forums that may give you some more detail:

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    Feb 1st, 2021


    Q: Hey devs. The Lore trailer is absolutely sick, and I was wondering how someone would go about creating such content. The combined style of artwork and animation is really cool and it’s something I want to try out myself. Any insight is appreciated.

    A: The lore trailer is painted 2d digital art (individual scenes painted in photoshop) which is then projected onto 3d animated scenes (made in blender or other anim software) that feature our game models. All of that plus a ton of artistic talent is all that’s needed!


    Q: Is it safe to assume that there will be a good amount of customization; maybe emotes aswell?

    A: Chivalry 2 will have varied and cool customization. Chivalry 2 will also introduce new personalities with the same graphic and funny voice acting you have come to expect in a Torn Banner game.


    Q: Has anything regarding smaller modes like 5v5, duels etc been talked about? In both Chiv 1 and Mordhau the Duel / Skirmish / TO / Competitive communities were/are a large and key part of the playerbase.

    A: This is something we have talked about internally and experimented with. We are aware of the value of those modes, so we are definitely not ignoring them.


    Q: Will there be a test server post launch to help get feedback on new weapons, maps, and changes to the game?

    A: There may or may not be something like that now :chivsmug:


    Q: is there buldings in chiv 2? like spikes and barricades?

    A: Yes, certain subclasses can set up barricades that will block anyone until destroyed. Work with teammates to create little fortifications!


    Q: what’s the dumbest weapon you guys have added

    A: Well there is the carryable fish, chicken, wagon wheel…none of which are dumb weapons, they are all deadly


    Q: my only question is: release date ps5?

    A: Same as the release date for PC and other platforms!


    Q: There will be dlcs in the future for chiv2 like Deadliest Warrior for example?
    what kind of new content ere you planning post release ? ere you gonging for a seasons style formed ?

    A: We have a lot planned and can’t wait to show you more of it! We 100% want to keep the momentum up after release


    Q: Is Lionspire Castle one of the biggest castles in the game or will there be maps with even bigger castles?

    A: There is already bigger, and the future may hold even bigger ones. We will stop building bigger castles only when the game engine breaks.


    Q: Question: Is the Combat near completion, is any other major factors still being implemented? Thanks for communicating with the community!

    A: The overall combat is complete at this point and we are now fine tuning elements until we dial in on what feels best! We will continue to monitor and tune after release as well so it’s something we’re very much committed to!


    Q: Is there an Assassin class or something like that planed? Like High mobility but low health… something with daggers would be cool

    A: There is a ranged subclass that uses daggers and throwing knives. Some of us love to play it and are very anno… good at it!


    Q: what is the none sword combat like (like throwables and bows)

    A: We have put a lot of effort into making ranged combat just as deadly and fun as melee combat.


    Q: Are there any plans on exploring the “realistic mage” or medieval scientist archtype. Fire pots, plague pots, healing and ect.

    A: We currently have fire pots in the game. We have other kind of pots in testing (and some still growing), but they won’t make it for release, only later.


    Q: How does the team currently feel about and how is the feed back about the scale of the map/campaigns in relation to the players and max player count.

    A: According to our playtests and alphas the maps play very well whatever the player count is. Of course this is no accident, we iterated a lot on them so that it would be possible.


    Q: Will the emotes and other wheel action selection be faster at launch? Everything was too slow to use on console unfortunately :confused:

    A: I have personally fixed several bugs that impeded the speed and ease of using the emote wheel on controllers. It is an ongoing process as we refine all of the controls that need to fit on a controller but it is something we want to feel easy to use


    Q: Hi Devs, thank you for this opportunity! What are your plans, if any, to work with Twitch Streamers (small, medium and large) and other content creators? Looking forward to seeing what Chiv 2 has to offer!

    A: I’ll [This is Jen, the community manager] be leading this charge in regards to involving content creators big and small in Chivalry 2. If you’re a content creator and you’d like to be involved I invite you to DM me [@Jen(CM) in the Chivalry II Discord] anytime. I have a list of things I’d like to do but I’m still setting up a final action plan for this that will likely kick in when we hit beta. :chivup:


    Q: Will you tell us a secret?

    A: We know how to pronounce trebuchet.


    Q: how are u going to nerf archerers especially the good ones like myself?

    A: This is a multi pronged approach. We love to hate on archers but they are a big part of the experience and a lot of fun to play as. We’re balancing them so they’re fun to use and not as bad to play against. This is done in a few ways that we’re iterating on but I won’t be talking about specifics today


    Q: Can you launch characters (dead or alive) in the catapults?

    A: Alive yes! Dead, I honestly don’t know. Now I will have to try it out next playtest. :chivohyes: I assume it would work though!


    Q: How good is the chat filter gonna be in the game so I don’t get called gamer words every 4 seconds

    A: I’m [Jen the Community Manager] in charge of buffing out the chat filter so if you have any specific word concerns feel free to reach out [@Jen(CM) in the Chivalry II Discord]. I’ve been involving members of the community who speak other languages as well to make sure we cover as much as possible to keep things reasonably clean.


    Q: Is just throwing every fallen weapon in the battlefield a viable strategy?

    A: If you play it smart, then yes! Thrown weapons can be blocked though, so this would work best if you stay out of the main fight and pick off weakened enemies who have their hand full.


    Q: Okayy then to bounce off of that is there going to be a server-side filter in the game?

    A: Indeed there is!


    Q: How much time did you guys invest in making the death screams from various scenarios?

    A: As fast as Buckley can kill people in his recording booth.

    Buckley: nonono, i have to keep them alive as LONG as I can to get enough takes


    Q: Could we get more details on the ‘subclasses’ of knight archer man at arms and Vanguard?

    A: There are 12 subclasses in total. Each caters to unique playstyles, and many are there to encourage players to fulfill certain roles on the battlefield in order to provide a more exciting, holistic playing experience for everyone playing at once. We’ll provide more info on specific ones as we move towards Beta and launch this year.


    Q: how do you guys like UE4 compared to 3? What new tech have you decided to use?

    A: From a LD point of view, UE4 is a blessing. The blueprint system allows us to prototype and set up features very fast and to make maps playable very easily. Everything we have done so far would have taken forever to do in UE3 and most of it would actually have not been doable at all.


    Q: Are there going to be only some graphics settings or a horde of settings for graphics lover like me?

    A: We will have the usual graphic and audio settings and we will have general settings where you can set many settings to medium or high or ultra with just one click, but you will also be able to customize all of the settings yourself… if you don’t trust our groupings (we won’t be too mad, just disappointed).


    Q: Finally, I am stuck in a blizzard right now. Will there be weather effects that bring unique issues into the fighting?

    A: Not for launch but this is something we would love to do after launch provided we have the time. No promise!

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    March 15th, 2021


    Q: One question I’ve seen quite frequently from our console players is: When will pre-orders for console be available?

    A: And while I can’t give you an exact date just yet, it’ll be before beta starts


    Q: The Chivalry 2 - Beta Announce | Release Date | Dev Diary trailer was very good tbh, are you making another trailer just before or with game release ?

    A: YES! You can expect to see more Chivalry 2 trailers from us before the games release.


    Q: A while back y’all mentioned that you would be including post launch content on the full release due to COVID. Do the Alphas already have post launch content included or are these the base maps of the original release?

    A: There has been a map hosted in one of the alphas that we’ve been able to add to the original release. Everything else are base maps already slated for the original release with more to come!


    Q: Update on COVID situation at TBS? Anyone back at the studio?

    Q: How has working from home affected your daily schedules/routines? Do you prefer working from home or working in the office more?

    A: We’re all still currently working from home. There have been moments that required going into the office sparingly (our dev diary recording days for example. You can see that here:)
    Working from home vs the office has its positives and negatives. MoonMoon goes a little loopy sometimes and refers to himself in third person. I do like keeping a daily routine and have more or less adjusted!


    Q: Will there be more armor and weapon customizations and more game modes in the future?

    A: Yes, there will continue to be updates and more content/customization after launch!


    Q: Will the game get new weapons & maps and such post-release?

    A: Yes, we want to add as much content to the game as possible, whether it is customization, armor, weapons, maps, game modes and more gameplay.


    Q: will we be able to toggle cross Platform to a specific console or is it all or none

    A: Toggling cross platform is Console -> PC, not Console -> Console. So it’ll be in general

    A: The option limits you to the platform you are on, and all others are restricted. So with the option enabled, you will only be able to play with people on the same platform as you.


    Q: Which devs have recorded voicelines, and if they have who for?

    A: Currently Buckley and MoonMoon feature occasionally throughout the game. It’s been tricky with Covid and recording setups so it worked out best that way with their setups.

    Buckley features as the CHIV1 Maa’s, tutorial guy, and peasies.

    MoonMoon features as a few peasants (Ex: THE MASONS, THEY’RE COMING, RUNN)

    you may even find their voices in other surprising locations…


    Q: Does anyone know if the progression of your character in the alpha will carry on to the main game

    A: Any progress you make during the alpha and/or beta will not be present on launch. Not only would it not be fair to those who didn’t have access during the alpha/beta, but the way experience is rewarded has changed drastically and probably will continue to change up until launch.


    Q: Who is the voice for the Mason archer please ?

    A: Squireboy is Ian Corlett !


    Q: How big is your QA team?

    A: This is a harder question to answer than you think!
    QA size has fluctuated throughout development. We have our core teams here at Torn Banner and Tripwire. We’ve also worked with other parties to bring Chivalry 2 to you that come and go based on the needs of the project


    Q:Why would you make a jab and kick mechanic when you could have made a single kick button that acted as an intrerrupt and guard break like in previous games wouldnt it be easier for new players to just learn one mechanic with one keybind rather than having separate keybinds for two different actions that are the same thing overall

    A: Jab causes an interrupt and doesn’t have any pushback. Kick does not interrupt but can push your opponent back far enough to get out of swing reach. These are more useful as separate actions and provide more varied strategy options


    Q: Is cavalry (horses) still planned for the final build?

    A: We will add cavalry only when its gameplay is stable enough. We just don’t want to put the cart before the horse and make a foal of ourselves.


    Q: Can we share alpha footage once the alpha is over?

    A: Even once the NDA is lifted, the footage recorded during that time will still be under NDA and we ask you not to share footage or images that were taken while under NDA. Thanks!


    Q: How often do you give out keys?

    A: Keys are given out each alpha round. Beta keys are given out to those who pre-order. Alpha players will also have access to the Beta!


    Q: There will be any SA servers?

    A: We had SA servers during the last alpha round, so yes!


    Q: I have a question , will there be character customization in Chiv 2 , I’m imaging running the maps with a version of Rolo from the Vikings so he will need some tattoos and have nice fine long hair

    A: We do have a good bunch of customization options. Head, hair, beard, tattoo, face paint, scars, eye and hair color, skin tones… No word on eye-liner though, our apologies to fans of Marilyn Manson.


    Q: Will there be any monetisation in the game? (Skins, weapons) and if so will the monetisation give a player an advantage?

    A: Cosmetics/customization (skins) are completely cosmetic and do not offer an game advantage to a player who wears them, other than looking frickin sweet


    Q: Remove archers from gamemodes such as FFA? They ruin the “arena-feeling” and overall experience for a lot of players.

    A: We are thinking about creating game modes that will do that, or the exact opposite (archer madness!).


    Q: If i have the alpha will i be able to play the beta?

    A: Yes! If you have an alpha key it will continue to work into the beta. If you do not, you can guarantee yourself an in by pre-ordering the game (which you can do so right now on PC but not quite yet on console).


    Q: Will there be community maps in chiv 2?

    A: That’s up to the community! Depends on our timeline for the SDK


    Q: Mason Knight voice actor?

    A: Eric Braa!


    Q: Will you guys do more advertising? Because I don’t think enough people are aware that this sequel is coming out

    A: We appreciate word of mouth advertising very much so be sure to tell your friends, family, your dog, about Chivalry 2! There will definitely be more to come officially from us as well especially around beta.


    Q: Are we going to see any old maps returning?

    A: This is not out of the question, but we prefer to create new original content first. Also adapting the old maps to the new engine, art, gameplay and level design is not as easy as it sounds.


    Q: Will we get a throwback pack to the old chiv cosmetics? And will we get new re-recorded chiv 1 lines?

    A: I think it’s possible we may see some cosmetics revisited at some point! We won’t be re-recording the Chiv 1 voicelines but you can still use them as-is in Chivalry 2.


    Q: will we get musical instruments. like a flute or viola

    A: We do have some instruments already. It is always fun to kill a musician oblivious to the chaos among them.


    Q: Do the chickens that burn after a while die or are they immortal until you throw them?

    A: I believe they are immortal until you throw them. You sadists.

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    I thought I’d mention, Hayter soft confirmed the launch gamemodes as TO, TDM, and FFA.

    Launch is focused on making TO, TDM + FFA as awesome as possible. Post launch we’ll definitely be looking at other gamemode possibilities.

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