Torn Banner Chivalry 2 Discord Q&As

  • Sept. 12th

    Question: How many weapons are planned for launch?
    Answer: Lots is a good number

    Question: Can we pick up fallen foe’s weapons/ shields?
    Answer : Totally. But you may want to wash your hands after.

    Question: Aside from dropkicks, what other funny/exciting moves can players pull off?
    Answer: We’ve seen some pretty fun things in playtests, and there’s lots of opportunity for situational humour. Dropkicks are just one small addition, there is a large amount of new exciting combat moves that we’ll reveal in the future! Looking forward to people getting their hands on it and finding the funny/exciting things for themselves!

    Question: Are the maps in Chiv 2 dynamic? For example can walls be destroyed by catapults?
    Answer: There is a certain degree of dynamic in each map, but not of that scope for now. But we are definitely looking into optimized options to have more of those fun systems implemented. :heart:

    Question: Should we expect a system based on classes (knight, vanguard, …) that would be pretty much the same as the one used in Chivalry 1 ?
    Answer: Chivalry 2 will feature a four-class system: Knight, Vanguard, Footman and Archer. We find the four class system works well to support a variety of playstyles. These roles will have slight variations from the counterparts in Chivalry 1 however. We are hoping to have more unique roles for the classes this time around, but more on that later!

    Question: is there going to be a system implemented like in chivalry one that limits the player for choosing a certain class with set weapons/armour or will the customization be individual with Armor and weapon choices like Mordhau ?
    Answer: On the class selection screen, each class can choose what weapon they want to wield among a predefined list. Armors are cosmetic and can be changed outside of games in your armory.

    Question: Will there be player-controlled characters like the king at the end of some maps / every map? (And will there be other non-king player controlled characters?)
    Answer: Absolutely, putting players into important dynamic roles is part of the core of our approach with team objective maps!

    Q: how final are the animations?
    A: Pre-alpha , we are focusing on getting them in better shape so we can show off more of the game. The game feel is there and very smooth during playtests but many of the visual blends between different possible gameplay states (there are a lot this time around!) are what make the animations look snappy or poppy at times currently

    Q: Since trades decreases 1vx potential , ill trades be in the game? If so will trades only work for ripostes attacks or all kind of attacks? (Really hope for ripostes only like mordhau)
    A: There will not be hit trades on basic attacks in Chiv2, the enhanced moveset makes this more complicated to answer, but as you say, not having trades dramatically reduces 1vmany potential, so with the whole of the new combat system considered, we moved away from them.

    Q: Why after 20 years have the masons failed to destroy the remnants of a lost crusade?
    A: This is your assumption

    Question: can we sit? i mean, on the floor
    Answer: You can sit on the floor and on certain… thrones. Sitting is the most major new addition to Chivalry 2. When you sit it will change the way you see the game. Because you’ll be a bit closer to the ground. You can notably admire our new grass system from up-close while waiting to get decapitated.

    Q: how important is 1vX potential (i.e., the realistic ability to kill multiple people who aren’t bad at the game) to you when developing and balancing the combat?
    A: It is essential because fighting multiple opponents at the same time is a core part of the fantasy of being a master swordsman or medieval hero. Finding a way to overcome the odds and emerge victorious is the core of the game

    Question: Is the team experimenting with destructible objects/environments? Will each level have battles in different weather/time of day? How much can the players change the battlefield over the course of the round? (i.e in chiv burning the wheat fields)
    Answer: We want our maps to feel alive and give players the possibility to have an impact on them. Nothing feels better than creating chaos and admiring your work. For that purpose we have already many options to offer players and we are planning to add many more in the future.

    Question: Will peasant hats earned in Chiv 1 be carried over?
    Answer: It’s possible we may recreate some cosmetics from Chiv 1 into Chiv 2 but at the moment they won’t be carried over. It’ll give you something to work towards again in Chiv 2. :slight_smile:

  • Sept. 26th

    Q: Do you plan to give us “No Archers TO” servers like in Chiv1?
    A: There will be a variety of official server options and customizable settings for community servers as well. We are happy to provide the server options that see reasonable player support.

    Q: Will the maps include NPCs like last games peasants and royal families
    A: You bet! Players won’t be the only ones roaming or cackling around.

    Q: If the 4 classes are meant to be distinct from one another, but you say that you can pick up weapons from dead players, how have you planned to make sure someone doesn’t just hoard a bunch of OP weapons that they wouldn’t be able to spawn with normally? Or is that not an issue you think will be problematic?
    A: Players’ inventories are limited. You can only hold one primary weapon, one secondary, etc. so you can’t horde weapons. There are also differences between classes beyond just their loadout, and these won’t change when you pick up a new weapon, so the pickups may be less useful for you than they were for their original owner.

    Q: Will all classes be able to ride horses or just some of them?
    A: Anybody can ride a horse.

    Q: How many different map styles are there? Bright and sunny like [D]runken Bazaar, cloudy like in the GIFs, etc.
    A: We will have as much variety as we want. Without spoiling we currently have some maps that have a set weather/time of the day that impacts the gameplay.

    Q: Flaming deaths and gore? I don’t remember if you guys commented on fire or oil pots making a return, but it would be cool if characters got different death anims depending on how they die.
    A: We will have different ways to die outside of simple combat, with their own death animations mixed with some good ol’ ragdoll to make it even more fun.

    Q: are tiered helmets returning?
    Q: will there be cosmetics that melee gods can earn to showcase their skill level?
    A: We definitely want player customization to be able to reflect their experience, while not limiting the options for unique customization. There will be a wide range of customization that will reflect your skill and accomplishment playing the game.

    Q: Is there gonna be proper lore?
    A: Yes, for players interested in it. We’ve tried to really flush out the story-based conflict in Chivalry 2 and players can expect an exciting continuation of the story of Chivalry 1, set 20 years after the civil war. It’s important to the core experience that you feel like part of an army with an agenda and are in the middle of a war being waged between sides. In terms of fun stuff, there will be a proper video to explain the story setup, and lots more stuff too. If you don’t care about lore that’s also fine.

    Q: How do horses affect the map design compared to Chivalry 1? (Do all maps have horses?)
    A: Horse riding and mounted combat are a great new addition and we want to make them feel great to play. For that we are making sure that the maps that have cavalry are easy to navigate on horseback while still giving to on-foot players ways to deal with enemy horses.
    [Editor’s note: I think the implication here is that not all maps have cavalry.]

    Q: Will we see the same weapons return to Chivalry 2 or are we looking forward to a new array of tools of death?
    A: We covered many of the most common weapon types in Chivalry 1, however what will really set things apart in Chivalry 2 is that we have more weapon-specific animation sets to make the differences between the weapons feel more substantial and interesting.

    Q: I believe the new combat mechanics/moves are ways of skill expression ment to be good options in high skill play. How will you guys prevent them from becomming cheesy options that might get spammed as e.g. openers? will we see cooldowns or other restrictions?
    A: The new combat moves are integrated into the freeform comboing system in ways that provide tradeoffs for players with every option. While their may be some spam protection (Stamina cost, can’t combo from same move into same move etc.) for the most part the moves themselves are better or worse to use in different scenarios which prevents them from being cheesed.

    Q: How different will be the marketing be from Mirage? Videos, ads. I want the real life videos “chivalry or death” back!
    A: Significantly different marketing to Mirage, though that’s a big question that can’t be given full attention in this context. Safe to say that we learned a lot of lessons (both marketing, product and design wise) with Mirage and it’s made our approach to communicating what Chivalry 2 is, all the better. Obviously we are in a quieter period now where our goal is to dripfeed quality community content and save some key information / material for later. Expect marketing pushes to get much more interesting in 2020.

    Q: What’s the design philosophy behind objectives this time around? Are you going for highly competitive like Mirage or cinematic like Chiv?
    A: We are aiming to capture the iconic, movie-inspired medieval warfare experience, so definitely leaning much closer to Chivalry 1 than Mirage, and trying to push the objectives even further. We have a wide range of objectives, many even unique to maps, that aim to capture the feeling of being in a medieval war theater. So you can expect to have epic and visually impressive moments during your progression in a map.

    Q: Will there be a dodge ability?
    A: There will be a variety of movement options that weren’t possible in the first game. We’ll share more info in the future.

  • Oct. 4th

    Q: will faces be customizable?
    A: Yes, we have a bunch of premade faces but you can also customize them with scars, eye color, facial hair, tattoos, facepaint and dirt.

    Q: Torn Banner Team, would it be outside the realm of possibility for there to be like, holiday themed maps for chiv 2? Some games just add themed decorations to existing maps, some games create a temporary game mode, I’m just wondering in general about seasonal events, and the possibility of maps changing season. Thanks.
    A: Having temporary events that follow real-world ones is something that we want to do. But I cannot tell you to what extent yet.

    Q: Can I use the flag as a weapon in non team-modes? I always wanted to use the flag on knight in Chiv outside of TO or on gamemodes/maps that didnt use the flag.
    A: Flags, like many other objects, can be picked-up and thrown at your opponents. Perfect to humiliate your pesky nemesis.

    Q: A couple Torn Bannermen have stated that they’ve been wanting to make Chiv 2 for a long time, even during Chiv 1’s development. Are there any ideas or aspects of Chiv 2 that were thought up in this era, and that just couldn’t be realized in Chiv 1? More specifically, was there any thought of how the lore might extend into a sequel?

    A: I [playerhayter] started at TBS a bit after Chivalry 1 came out so I can’t speak specifically to discussions that happened then. But everything we’re doing in Chivalry 2 has been in our heads for a long time. There was of course discussion about making the sequel after the first title (but as explained extensively elsewhere, we wanted to do a sequel “right” and felt that a back-to-back sequel would have resulted in a weaker game and we wanted more experience). It’s probably best to think of Chivalry 2 as being the game we wanted to make in the first place if we had the collective studio experience to do it far better (as fun as it was). In regards to the lore, we definitely spent a while in those years after Chiv 1 discussing what might have happened after the events of that game. We wanted the story to be a bit easier to understand and connect to, i.e. with relatable surface simplicity and then even more depth and plot intrigue below the surface. I don’t want to say much more though because it will be fun for people to discover the story.

    Q: Hey Devs, I have a two part question. Firstly, when you consider Mordhau, do you see it as not so much a competitor but more of an ecouraging litmus test for you to gauge the size of the player base and various issues you could expect for Chiv 2? And Secondly, how have you chosen to approach these issues, given the rebooted popularity in the genre, when it comes to issues such as server stability, and community toxicity etc?
    A: With Mordhau and medieval games in general, we honestly think it’s great that the genre has so much more life in it today than in did when the first game was released back in 2012. What was once niche - especially on the multiplayer side - has become considerably more accepted as a fun core part of the games market. We’ve certainly played Mordhau and of course pay attention to any issues we perceive happening there on a regular basis, because the lessons learned there are often applicable to us too.

    Q: There has been speculation that parries can be held indefinitely, making virtually every weapon able to be used in a shield-like fashion. I believe this is based on what people have seen in the seventh released gif. Is this true?
    A: We aren’t able to talk in much detail about any individual aspect of the combat system at the moment. Stay tuned for more in-depth information about how the new combat system works as a whole in the future. There are certainly changes to be expected with parries and new things that are possible with them.

  • Q: Can Chivalry 2 run on Windows 7 or is that more of an EGS thing?

    A: We presently support Windows 7 but since Microsoft’s ending support for it in January we may not be able to commit to shipping with it. Official minimum requirements are yet to come!


    Q: Are there animals/creatures besides horses we can expect to see in the game?

    A: Yes, other animals aside from horses appear in the game. You’ve already seen the chickens. You’ll be able to interact with some animals in hilarious ways. There might be more animals too but you’ll have to stay tuned.


    Q: Can we carry chickens and use them as decoys?

    A: You can do many things with our chickens. Decoy is not one, but if you are creative enough maybe you can make it work!


    Q: Will Chiv 2 have a much more enhanced Team Objective like we’ve seen in Chiv 1? Any major differences and/or improvements?

    A: Chiv II team objective maps are bigger and richer than the Chiv I ones, so you can expect more objectives per map and more variety among them. Also when it comes to team objectives we leave only our imagination (and code) be our limit.


    Q: will weapons have skins?

    A: Yes, weapon skin variants are a thing!



    Sound questions for Buckley:


    Q: How much effort is being put into surround sound? Would it be recommended to set up a heavy duty stereo system to fully immerse myself, or will I need to stick to headphones cranked up with other noises turned down to make sure I hear feet moving behind me (especially with lower FOV nerfs incoming I cant see enemies anymore)

    A: A good deal of effort! I recently upgraded my studio to a 5.1 surround monitor + subwoofer setup so that I can ensure positioning is clear in surround sound. Also we are using WWise for this sequel so I can easily directly route sounds to specific speakers or to the subwoofer.


    Q: With SFX being a very important resource for one’s situational awareness in combat, how will you go about the player receiving important audible information? We had thing like footsteps in chiv 1. Can we expect any similar, or even more/new audible factors catering to this in chiv 2?

    A: You can expect even more. Footsteps for example, increase in volume not only by proximity, but by velocity, so somebody charging in will be making quite a bit of ruckus. We also have new attenuation tools with Wwise such as cone attenuation which allow me to pinpoint the travel sounds of arrows that are coming your way, so you can hear them coming with more time to react before being hit.


    Q: I imagine the possibility of 64 unique players in one server brings up many new challenges SFX and audio wise. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

    A: The biggest challenge has been to deliver a rich, full featured audio experience whilst managing the number of audible voices-- culling less important ones while ensuring things important to the player are being heard. Also managing memory, by intelligently loading and unloading banks of sounds so that they are only taking up space when they are needed. Mixing in general can also a challenge as most of the important sounds are right next to you in a melee game.


    Q: At Buckley, was the mason MAA’s warcry voice inspired by a yodeling turkey and will we see something similar in Chivalry 2?

    A: Yesss. Yes.


    Q: When it comes to audio in general, be it environmental, character voices, movement/combat, and music etc; What would you say are the greatest differences/ similarities between Chiv 1 and 2?

    A: Environment: Most of the ambiance so far, from waterfalls to general natural ambiances, I captured myself. I spent a good deal of time gathering assets from several locations in both the US and Canada. Character Voices: Expect similar style and setup, but more variety! Music: There will be a similar style of music used, but it will play in additional places. I also am getting help from other composers this time around.


    Q: How many voice actors in chiv 2, or approximately?

    A: It is an arduous, enjoyable and ongoing process. I have ~8 done so far!


    Q: Will voice commands like “come hither” be bindable again so we can spam it incessantly?

    A: Come hither will be available, to what extent we shall see…


    Q: lore/map related voicelines like in Chiv?

    A: Yesss. Yes.


    Q: Does the new knight sound as decrepit, old and ugly as he looks? I mean, he’s not the old handsome Knight from 2012 you know…

    A: Not sure how to answer this, but I will say that I’ve been wanting an older voice actor to be involved in Chivalry for some time, and he is. Also, youth is wasted on the young. :sunglasses:

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