Epic store exclusive, seriously?

  • I have never seen a dev team so eagerly sending their game to the graveyard even before it releases.

    Chivalry is not a RPG like Division or Metro. The player base’s loyalty does not belong to a certain game series. Any same type of game with good quality can be as competitive in the market. Releasing their game on a shitty platform and expecting all their vets would leave steam for it is just realistic.

    I mean I could just stick with the other 1 million Mordhau owners on steam right? Who needs a Chivalry 2 anyway? Especially when it’s at a cost that I will have to play on a crappy platform.

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    @AndersonGarcia said in Epic store exclusive, seriously?:

    Who said you have to leave steam, you are just logging onto another platform. Many people are as angered as you, but many have seen the light and the incentives Epic has for developers to make content, creating the stuff you love. IF you choose not to play with the legion of players who ARE getting the game on EPIC, it will be released on steam 12 months later and you can join up with your friends then.

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    @AndersonGarcia You can add a game from the Epic store as a non-Steam game and still use the overlay, etc, so you’re not cutting yourself off. When the game launches on Steam after 12 months, cross-play will also be enabled so it won’t matter if you’re on Steam or Epic once you’re in game.

    Please remember that TBS has to finance their game development for at least 3 years before they receive any money from sales if they only launched on Steam. Epic helps the devs by giving some of the money upfront but Valve isn’t willing to do that for small dev teams. A small team working from home or a huge company with multiple games might be OK, but TBS is only large enough to make one game at a time, but still has a studio and almost 30 employees to pay for. Valve makes so much profit, they could offer a similar deal if they cared to match Epic.

    Final point, even if you buy certain games on Steam, like the Far Cry series, you still have to use the uPlay launcher anyway - except now you also have to link it to Steam which is even more steps and complications. Epic is just another launcher like battle .net, Origin, uPlay, GOG, etc

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