Deadliest Warrior is better than Mirage

  • AM I RIGHT? Mirage should have been a DLC like DW. HAAAAAAAH! Seriously though, high pings aside, Deadliest Warrior is still pretty fucking fun, with enough players of variety to have a good game. Its faster than MW basically. There’s a lot less insane body manipulation, and its just more “whoever has the better reflexes and situational awareness wins.”

    All classes are capable of defeating any other class one on one; the balance is actually pretty decent. The Spartans are definitely a little over played (because they are the easiest class to play as and are quite powerful in their own right) but they can still be beaten, even by a pirate!

    I’d love to see more MW players in 2017 to at least check DW out a bit. As long as you don’t pussy out, DW is a fun change of pace from normal Chivalry. Sometimes you have to join a server far off from your local, and that results in high pings. But! If there were more players, then there would be more servers in more regions being filled up.

  • @wolfkinara Nice to see such enthusiasm, but DW has been dead for some years now and I don’t see that changing. Stay tuned for Chiv2 in 2020 :)

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