Why is my appeal denied?

  • It has been several years now. Why not?

    For context: My account has been locked out of ALL of Torn Banner’s games. I was never given a reason. I do not cheat. I don’t have any VAC bans or warnings. I’m an honest gamer like everyone else.

    Let’s keep the answer public, please, so the rest of the internet can see how you treat your customers.

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    Post a decent ban appeal on the correct thread and we will review your case.

  • What is a “decent” ban appeal? Is the one I posted from Jan 15, 2018 not “decent” enough? Could you please clarify what was not “decent” about it?

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    If you don’t want to that will be your choice

  • I’m just asking for some clarification. My last appeal request seemed decent enough to me. Could you be more specific?

    If you can’t explain, how am I expected to post a “decent” appeal if I don’t know what that is?

  • So to re-evaluate the situation, Torn Banner - a video game development company I have given money to in exchange for entertainment - has:

    • banned my access to playing any of their games online. When attempting to join any server, even a private one, a message appears: “You have been banned” and I am promptly removed from the server.

    • not given me any explanation, in private or public, as to why I received this ban.

    • told me that if I want the ban lifted, I must submit a “decent” ban appeal. I submitted an appeal on January 15th, 2018 (almost 2 years ago), and nothing has changed.

    • not yet explained what qualifies as a “decent” ban appeal. At this point, since they won’t explain, I invite anyone else to describe what a “decent” ban appeal post looks like.

    I’m grabbing an internet archive snap of this thread to provide as a warning to anyone that is considering becoming a customer of Torn Banner so they can know what to expect.

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    You may have forgotten the rules on official servers :

    Read them again and adjust a ban appeal on our thread:

  • @Valind I did not forget the rules. I am aware of them. I already posted a ban appeal 2 years ago in that ban appeal thread. Please check in case you haven’t.

    You still have not explained the exact reason I was banned or what was wrong with my previous appeal. Which rule did I violate? What do I need to do differently than my last appeal since it was denied?

    You are giving me no options here. You’re avoiding answering the question and not providing any of the necessary information. Ultimately, this sets the precedent that Torn Banner will restrict anyone’s access to their games arbitrarily without any decent acceptable means of restoring their access. Is that the case here?

  • You were banned from Mirage for toxic behavior, you continued this behavior on Chivalry and channels outside Chivalry. However you were solely banned for toxic behavior in Chivalry, more specific:

    General Toxicity and overwhelming rudeness:
    A person who constantly insults others, is being unwelcoming to new players, is actively looking for trouble, deliberately trying to escalate ingame chat and trying to get players riled up through inflammatory remarks.

    You went on to try to evade the ban breaking another rule:

    Ban Circumvention
    Circumventing local bans by use of family share or alt accounts on official server or circumvention of global bans by alt accounts may result in those alt accounts being banned.

    Now you are here pretending to be innocent telling us you have done nothing wrong. Dishonest appeals do not get accepted, if your appeal does not show any improvement in behavior we cannot accept your appeal. If you show any self-reflection and improvement in your behavior we will accept your newly written appeal, you may do so on the previously mentioned thread in the right format.

    Closing this thread as we have already answered your question and this is not the right place to discuss your ban. PM me if you have any other questions about this topic.

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