Shield starts to break, youre leaning all around, acting…

  • ……like a clown.
    arent i a poet?
    Now the questions.

    1. WIll shield be destructible?
    2. will there be leaning left right and back to evade blows?
    3. will turning around be at a limited speed rather than instant (aka “slash, turn around run away” - Man at arms)
      thanks for answering

  • Developer

    Shields are not currently planned to be destructible, instead when you absorb damage it will consume stamina, so you won’t be able to hold them up forever. Kicks and shield bashes also cannot be blocked and are great for opening your opponent up.

    There is no “leaning” largely because it would be rather ineffective in combat unless it was very exaggerated. Instead there is the ability to dodge, which can be done in all 4 directions.

    Yes, movement will be limited to more realistic restrictions including gradual turning while at higher speeds.

  • Cool. Well i cant blame you because the mechanics for age of chivalry seemed to work quite well.

  • Sounds great to me.

  • Nice.

  • One thing about shields that bothered me in AoC was that you had a speed penalty and a stamina drain for simply holding your shield up (neither makes sense, tbh), so if you wanted to close in on an archer, you had to zigzag and hope he misses. Any chance that’ll be different now?

  • No stamina drain and no movement penalty? I hope not, shieldwallers are already hard to kill. The stamina draining is so you cant just shieldwall forever (while pushing the bomb cart on Battlegrounds or something similar) against archers. Also, this way, you’ll be out of stamina earlier than the opponent you’re shieldwalling. The movement penalty is so that you can risk extra speed/can’t get away from your opponent while shieldwalling. You can overtake somebody who is shieldwalling and block their escape path, for example, when they’re carrying an objective.

  • Well, I don’t necessarily want to see them both removed. I can see the point with the stamina drain, but I don’t see why there should be a movement penalty. Not when the movement system redesign has done it’s work, anyway.

    In the situation you describe, a backpedalling speed penalty would do the trick on its own.

  • Admin you should post a video up with the “dodge” feature up. Im REALLY REALLY interested in this on how it will work and how it will look

  • @Mr.Whippy:

    Admin you should post a video up with the “dodge” feature up. Im REALLY REALLY interested in this on how it will work and how it will look

    Who isnt :P:P

  • Developer

    Such a video will be released shortly.

  • One more question how will the shields effective area be handled? is it still a certain degree in front of you?

  • mabye instead of the shield breaking it takes cosmetic damage as in if the shield was raised during a certain amount of over head swings the shield will have some nick and notches on the top of the shield or a slash across it and some flaking paint from a horizontal strike mabye a small chunk missing from a mace or flail of course it would look shiny and pretty before it sees combat and mabye the same for weapons after some parrys or two strikes meeting each other. all this would be like how you could tell a players health by the look of thier player closer to death real bloody and a handprint on their back.

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