Different Helmets

  • There is a Customization menu where you can select helmets for the different classes. But how does these get unlocked ? I remember in beta there were 2 different ones available but i couldnt see ANY difference by changing them.

    I have seen (in beta) some guys running around with helmets with horns sticking out.
    Is that something you get with high level or what ? It isnt explained anywhere.

  • AFAIK, the helmet leveling thing isnt working properly yet. Ive seen complaints from people unlocking every weapon and still they arent getting any helmets.

  • You’ve seen other helmets because they are the exclusive Kickstarter ones for people that paid above and beyond (the devs also wear them). These are not and will not be available to anybody else. In terms of the weapon unlocks/veteran helmets… these are simply not implemented into the game yet.

  • What Eek! said.

  • I guess I missed the boat. But how do you get veteran helmets when they do become available? Or have those details not been released yet.

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