Saint Wynne Tyr's Chapeau

  • I am shaken to my core. I have worn my Chapeau since the first winter this game saw. For most of the years this game has been around, the Chapeau, or Santa Hat as you may think of it, disappeared from the customization screen around this time, a couple weeks into January. However, if you did not mess with your customization, you were able to keep it on. My complete identity in Chiv has been formed around this Chapeau, bestowed upon me as Saint Wynne Tyr’s most holy representative on Earth. I have run several servers, and have worked hard to keep this game alive in North America. I have hundreds of Chivalry players on my friends list, whom I encourage to play regularly, often with lengthy RP messages that overall I have spent many, many hours on. I run the biggest clan in the game (although it is not a serious one). I have about 6500 hours in the game, and for around 6300 of them, I have had my Chapeau. This is the first time my Chapeau has been taken away. Please give my Chapeau back, I humbly beg of you.


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    I tried to add you on Steam to reply.

  • Oh man. Someone at TB messed up.

  • PLEASE give LongHorse his Chapeau back. His identity is lost without it, he needs it to survive. The Chiv community is suffering under this new regime. It feels wrong to play this game without that red cap in the midst of the chaos. All we want is our holy hat back :(

  • I have the same issue

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