Anti Hack Idea

  • Just a though on hacking. Most hack detection is based on detecting hacks and then kicking or banning people. As you well know this tells the hacker their hack has been detected and they go back and create a new one.

    What about a hack detection that doesn’t notify the hacker/player theyve been detected? Rather than just boot them have the game mechanics change adversly for them. Maybe their hit box is HUGE, maybe their hits only do %1 damage? Maybe they just randomly die to an arrow they never saw? This way they can’t know if theyve been detected and their game experience is terrible.
    One aspect of a hack is to be undetected. Wouldnt the consequences of hacking be undetecable too? It would make it harder for people to test their hacks and actually know if theyve been detected.

    I know there’s holes in my theory but we’ve got to think of a better way to deal with hacks.

  • @Worlock Hack detection is implemented by Valve using VAC, it isn’t a custom anti-cheat. Almost all cheats get detected by VAC within 74 hours and any that don’t can be reported to VAC to be added.

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    Also, Like you said. They will go back and create a ‘hack’ that will counter your ideas. Eventually rendering them ineffective.

  • While this might be hilarious, it would be difficult to code, and would take time away from things we actually want in the game. Honestly I’m sick of hackers, especially the ones who barely raise their speed.

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