Please help to make local or dedicate server for friend

  • Hello! I tried this 2 guides, but there’s still a problem I can’t resolve:
    Others, or my friend, or someone else who searched for my server from the list of game servers or using a LAN cable to my router, can’t see the server. I have 2 PCs (main and my friend PC) we tried to connect the LAN cable inside the LAN port of our laptops, tried to connect to the router with the used cables, tried to open the ports, tried to make the server at different times and on different computers, but nothing works. Only the server Creator can see it and connect to the console or use the in game. How can i resolve it or made working server? Thx for any of your advices=)

  • not sure nowdays but didn’t you have to have a twisted cable before linking pc’s on lans.
    also have you tried just typing join server ip at the console of your other machine that used to work for me
    regardless if server was seen online, esp useful for steam where private players servers could take 36 hours
    to even show up on the private servers lists. tbh