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    hi everybody,

    i have an idea for a new map. in my concept it would be a clan- and duellmap in the form of
    a medievil fair with many little pits and arenas and little fun games in a festive atmosphere.
    You could walk around, register for the arenas or only spectate at the fights or try some of the games and sign up for the regular multiplayer matches like in the serverlist, but also as team.

    This map:

    1. would be able to be hosted on local computers, as well as on clanservers etc. so you can meet for duells and having fun in the community and sign up as team

    2. would have a couple of arenas and pits for 1vs1 up to 3vs3 fights

    3. would have arenas, where you are able to adjust available classes and weapons (for only fistfights, only axes, only short weapons, etc.)

    4. would have some kind of ranked fights so you can calculate an evening-champ or “best of guild” in 1vs1

    5. would have a place where you can log in yourself and your team / clan for multiplayer servermatches

    6. could have several medievil instruments of torture ^^ (useable!!)

    7. could have some fungames with the mechanics of the game (shoot at moving targets, hit balls like in baseball, etc.)

    8. would be updated for sesional decoration in medievil way (winter, summer, crop-celebration, new year, etc., )

    9. would have a castle and a village next door, so that you could be able to enter them in future updates, perhaps to craft new weapons in a forge or furnish a clanroom in the castle


    what do you think of these ideas and pls excuse my bad english.


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