Racism in game

  • I was playing on a TO server (UsCentral maybe?), and people were saying the N word. I tried to votekick them but they called med a faggot and kicked me. This community is so toxic, and I don’t know what to do. Every other game has these racists ruining the experience. Is there a way to report these people?

    The devs need to address this problem, has anyone told them about this?

  • Don’t go to servers with those idiots. Or when you do, just tell them they are edge lords who will probably die virgins. And these people aren’t only playing Chivalry. It’s not Torn Banner’s fault that these morons infect their game. But you’ll find them all over the internet, where sexually frustrated, forever alone virgins who are balding prematurely will spam such idiocy with their fellow moron friends simply because it makes them feel like unique snowflakes.

  • In other words, basically you have two options: utilize the mute function, or start being far more offensive and rude than they are (without using racist language or other hate speech), and PROVE to them that they are intellectually inferior to you (and, of course, make fun of them for it). It’s usually easy to do, because these dips hits are the type who get spoon-fed their worldview from the likes of Sean Hannity. Unless, of course, you’re an <insert marginalized group> studies major, in which case you’re probably not any smarter than they are, so it will be difficult. But if you’re fortunate to be a STEM major, you can utilize your superior knowledge and intellect to make them feel stupid, which makes the kick worth it.

    But my experience is that when you call them on their stupidity and actually prove you are smarter than they are, they no longer have the testicular fortitude to kick you.

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    @stevejock1 You may also report naughty player(s) with any relevant evidence here https://s.team/chat/OOI7tBfJ and an official server admin will take appropriate action. Screenshots and a steam profile are helpful.

  • Pay no attention to those idiots. When you see they say the N word or being a racism, captured it and send to the mod.
    Best regards.

  • Yes . But not doing

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