Has team chivalry played these games?

  • Severance; Blade of darkness - best single player fighting game ever
    Enclave - good fantasy fightning game

    these are some games you ought to play for good inspiration

  • AOC have 100% better core combat then both so i don’t see any reason they would.

  • The guy makes a point with Severance, It is a very good single player game. The mechanics work very well, however getting it to run properly no modern systems is virtually impossible. It is, though, only single player and falls into the usual category of “You block first you win” systems similar to Oblivion for example. There are lessons to be learned from these older games, but you do not want to repeat the mistakes.

  • yea severance is coolio

  • Severance was great, an awesome game (it was also released about 2 years later than scheduled, so its technology wasnt as cutting edge at the moment. Had the dev team not encountered any problem when making it, it would have been a technological milestone in gaming graphics) but it was more like “spam your weapon´s combo to victory”.

    Get new weapon, learn new combo, repeat.

    Get the magical blade, use magical proyectile to defeat enemies at a distance, and if the enemy got close, get your best weapon and repeat combo.

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