Combo Appreciation Thread

  • In this thread I will attempt to lay out an argument on why I think having a full range of combos available is fundamental to any serious/competitive/next gen melee genre/game. In order to increase the skill ceiling, & fluidity of combat/gameplay. Especially with regard to team fights & 1vX.

    In Chivalry, combos are limited to either the same-side, or opposite-side—depending on the weapon. This means that if you perform a (right) overhead attack, you can not combo/follow it up with a (left) alt-slash. & vice-versa. You are stuck to either one side, or the other.

    Why is this a problem?

    1vX & team fights are where the high skill ceiling is. As 1vX is obviously harder than 1v1.
    In team fights & 1vX scenarios, it is imperative to be able to perform the appropriate next attack for the unfolding situation around you. If you overhead someone (as that was the most obvious shot selection) & there is a second enemy to your left side—you can not combo it. You have to wait for the first attack to wind down, then wind up a (left) alt-slash. By that time… that specific shot selection might not even be the best one.

    Plus it is unintuitive to cue up an attack to combo, for it to only perform a completely different one.

    I think only having opposite-side combos is worse than only having same-side combos. As opposite-side combos tend to be more telegraphed & predictable—like figures of eights. Same-side combos also have exceptions to the rule, as can still usually opposite-side combo the same attack (such as (right) slash into (left) alt-slash, or (right) overhead into (left) alt-overhead).

    I think this is one of the biggest reasons why team fights in Mordhau are it’s weak point. You are restricted to only opposite-side combos, that are quite weak/predictable. It slows down the pacing of the gameplay/combat, & makes it feel rather clunky. I think it is fair to say that the combos in Mordhau aren’t that great. & that you can pull off some sick combos in Chiv, in comparison.

    Meta. Without decent combos, the meta shifts to being more just feint/drag orientated. Which is not that fun to play against. Opposed to using spatial awareness & footwork to out maneuver your opponents. Which is fun to play against, nor feels cheap. As it’s organic/natural. Which is really where the genre really shines (& why people play), not for the technical. (That would be Street Fighter.)

    Why is drag (animation manipulation) meta not healthy for the genre. If the meta just revolves around how can I make my swing animation look as aids/cancer as possible. Then who would want to play that game? I needn’t comment on feint meta.

    I don’t have a problem with drags, nor feints—quite the opposite. I just don’t think they should be sole meta in game/genre. As it’s not fun to play against.

    With animation improvements, readability/defence will naturally become easier. Which is obviously a positive thing. But then how to balance attack/defence without artificial ban-aids/buff. Food for thought.

    I think better combos help naturally buff attack, & also serve to keep feint/drag meta in its place. As you have more natural options for attack—so don’t have to rely as much on feints/drags to get kills.

    I can’t really think of any negatives to having both same-side & opposite-side combos available. Only positives. I would even go so far as to say, to properly balance the game they are needed. It would only increase the skill ceiling, & make the gameplay/combat feel more fluid. As they are like the glue that bind the rest together.

    I would like to open a serious discussion about this, as I think combos are the most unappreciated mechanic. If anyone can think of any negative reasons against having a full range of combos available, please state them below.

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    I’ve already suggested this to the devs as I would also love to see either-side combos. The main problem I can see is the amount of extra work it would need to implement all the animations.

  • I agree this should be considered I’m pretty sure you could definitely do this in HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts so it wouldn’t be too unrealistic and I definitely agree this would increase the skill ceiling and add for more fluid game-play

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