Why I think 64p servers are a bad idea.

  • I should preface this by saying that I regularly play on 24/32/64p servers.

    I think 64p servers are a nice option to have, but I personally recommend against basing the entire game around them. Here’s why.

    64p servers are a laggy cluster-fuck, basically (sorry, that is the best way to put it). This is due to several factors.

    First, having 64 players on a server increase everyone’s ping. In a genre where latency is probably more important than in any other genre.

    64p servers also tend to have very little effective regulation. This often results in players with very high ping not being kicked.

    The performance you get on a 64p server is going to be bad, even with intelligent map design. Even a fairly decent computer struggles with high FPS on 64p servers.

    On a 64p server you have less of an overall impact on the match.

    Combat is often a mess, & you get hit from behind a lot.

    I personally dread having to play on a 64p server. I often find it unplayable at worst, & unenjoyable at best. Skill goes down; RDM goes up. 24/32p servers are where it is at. I would much prefer to play on a 24/32p server, with low ping, high FPS & tickrate, with decent combat. Quality over quantity.

  • @K579 most of those issues are software and hardware performance related. Since we haven’t seen the software nor the hardware I don’t think you can say “64 players is going to be laggy” or “the perfomance is going to be bad”.

    Exactly how much you “get hit from behind” or “combat is a mess” will depend on the map and how the combat was implemented.

  • Mod

    @K579 Chiv 1 was designed around 24 players so it breaks down when the numbers rise too much above the original spec. Chiv 2 is being specifically designed around 64p with the extra optimisation needed to make it work properly (plus UE4 instead of UE3, etc).

    Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see real servers with 64 players before finding out how well they succeeded, but it sounds like their maps are mostly finished and they’re definitely sticking with 64p.

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