Epic to Steam in the long run!

  • Will we be able to transfer our items from our Epic account to our Steam account if we purchase the game on both? I’ve asked this same question in an email to Torn Banner, but they said they were ‘looking in to it.’ This was around five months ago. Has any new information been revealed on whether our cosmetics, levels, weapon unlocks, customizations, etc. will be transferable?

  • Also, if I purchase the game on launch will it be possible to get a steam key when it launches on steam? I don’t really want to use epics launcher for longer than I have to or start a new friends list on another platform.

  • As I understand it, the game will cross platform, so in the least you’ll be able to play with people from Steam. As for me, I had planned on buying it twice anyway, since I’m not some filthy peasant.

  • I don’t see how that would be possible

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